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You've seen hot sex in the Teenburg, but now it's time to move it outdoors, to check the innocent looking village girls that can't get enough of the pussy action. that's right, Teendorf is active, and here you can see great outdoor sex scenes with gorgeous European chicks that just love getting fucked, harder the fuck, more the pleasure they get from their hardcore pussy adventure.
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Detailed Review:


If you prefer them fresh and completely natural, then Teendorf is the right place for you, you don't get any younger without it being illegal, and you don't get any more natural then these sexy top class teen girls. They are tall, slim, with firm asses, shaved pussies, and if there's one thing they want to do it's to mount a big cock and to ride it hard. All of the scenes in Teendorf are of the outdoor natural teen sex, these babes get off on the thrill of someone being able to walk in on them while they are getting fucked. There's not much chance for that, after all, they are outdoors in the villdage, having sex in the secluded fields and woods, but the thrill is still there and it makes them cum as hard as they never came before! Their young lovers feel how horny their chicks have became just because it's an outdoor teen sex, and they are going all out on them just to make their pleasure even more intense!

Features & Navigation:

The site itself doesn't look that fancy, it could use a bit of work, the navigation options are really basic. From the moment you log in you find yourself face to face with a list of posts, each post representing one video or picture scene. Default setting has you looking at 12 scenes per page, but you can use drop down menu in the upper right corner of the page to set it to several different setting - 4, 8, 12, 64 or all. I wouldn't recommend pressing all - there's quite a bit of scenes and you need a strong PC for it to be able to show all of the content at once. The good side of this site is that there party adds are between posts and they do not get in the way of the regular scene browsing, there's also a link on the basic navigation bar that takes you to third party options, but all in all, adds are not invasive and do not get in the way of regular navigation.

Speaking of the basic bar, other then the pages interface, that's the only element of the page that's clearly marked down. From there you can access most viewed scenes, best rated scenes as well as the basic search function. Search function leaves much to be desired, you can only browse scenes by model names, and while there is auto complete and suggest button, you have to know what you are looking for to be able to find it. The most viewed scenes for day/week/month/ever and top ranked scenes navigation is much more useful then this incomplete search.

Picture section is pretty well done, only thing lacking is a slide show option, but they do offer zip file downloads for the high quality pictures so that you can enjoy them offline whenever you want. The pictures are in high quality, lowest I've sen are 1900x1700, but most are much bigger then those, you should be happy with the picture quality on Teendorf.

Video section is also pretty impressive, but before I start praising it, let's get to down sides out of the way. There are no smaller clips for download nor are there screen caps so you can pick a specific part of the scene when you are live streaming. Another major con is lack of advanced flash player - when you pick a link that represents the quality of the video you want to see the scene in, you get the basic browser scene, with no navigation bar, no sound bar, nothing to adjust the viewing pleasure - not something I was happy about. On the up side, the scenes really are high quality, hell, even low quality scenes are bigger then half a GB, and the scenes are pretty long, most are over 45 minutes. If you have strong internet connection or if you can wait for scenes to download, you will enjoy this porn to it's fullest, especially if you have big TV, there are no artifacts while viewing at all.


All in all, I liked Teendorf just for it's content. I was not so impressed with features and navigation, althought there are plenty of movie formats to pick from when you download, but it's the sexy European babes fucking outdoors that tipped the grade for this site from average porn site to pretty good porn site. I can recommend it, it's a breath of fresh air compared to all of the fake sex scenes that have been dominating the porn world lately.

Pros & Cons

+Hot EU models
+High quality videos
+Nice scene collection
+No invasive third party adds
-Odd site design
-Lacking search options
-No small video clips
-Lacking flash player for live streaming
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