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Teenamite is a big collection of hot teen only porn scenes featuring super hot European chicks that know what men around the world want to see them do - we want to see them masturbate, we want to see them fucked and we want to see them cum like petite sluts they are, that's the kind of hot kinky teen show you will be able to see on teenamite.
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With more then 150 scenes of hot teen fucking, there is all kinds of hot sex to be seen here. Nothing too extreme, of course, this site is dedicated to regular fucking, so don't expect to see bondage or BDSM action, but these babes are willing to try out all kinds of hot poses where they get fucked hard. Cock riding, fingering, pussy licking, even anal fucking, that's all on the menu for the members of Teenamite porn site. I already said that there are over 150 scenes, but I do have to mention that number is probably lower by a fair margin, because, for some reason, the site lists picture and video scenes from the same sets as separate inputs, that's something that is not so good, but hey, no porn site is perfect. Update pace could be a bit better too, as it is now, we get one scene every fifteen days, to be more precise, there's one porn scene on the 1st and on the 15th every month. True, they are in top quality, but still, this could be a bit faster.

Features & Navigation:

It's time to check out features and navigation of the Teenamite porn site, and again, just like in the content section, there is a bit of the good thing and bit of the bad. The site loads pretty quickly, it's not encumbered by tons and tons of adds or flash additions to the site, but the style of the site itself is not that hot, it looks like one long string of blog posts. Sure, you can pick how many entries per page you see, but it could still be done a bit better.

Picture section gets all praises from me, it passes with the flying marks, the pictures are about 2400x1700 pixels or even bigger, this will be razor sharp on even the biggest screens. For some reason, there are no slide show options, but there are zip file archives that you can download so you can enjoy the photos offline. The sets are pretty big, with 70-100 pictures per set, which is pretty good.

There is one form of flash player for videos present, but it's very basic, it doesn't even let you browse through the content through the use of a slider bar, you'd have to watch the full porn movie if you were to use it, but you can grab the links with several clicks and paste them in your regular movie player if you can stream the movies live, and that will let you have all the comfort of navigating the scenes. There are three different settings to pick from, low, medium and high, and even the low setting could pass as medium on most of the other porn sites. The down side of that is the fact that the files are pretty big, and it takes very good internet connection to stream, or you need to wait for file do download fully before watching the porn. There are no smaller video clips to be watched or downloaded, only full scenes and that's it.

Another thing that should be mentioned is bonus content available to the members of teenamie, by joining here you get access to several similar themed teen sex sites, all with same top quality movie and picture content, and with gorgeous European teen models, only thing that changes is the theme, and you get full access and membership to all of these sites once you join teenamite.


Even with all it's faults, I think that I'll keep my account on teenamite, for one simple reason. The models, chicks that star in Teenamite porn scenes are fucking hot, they are real teens with real natural bodies, something that's pretty rare these days in the world of porn. Great site, I enjoyed it.

Pros & Cons

+Exclusive collection
+Hot teen models
+Affordable membership deal with bonus content
+No agressive third party adds
-Slow download speeds, big file sizes
-No advanced search fun
-No flash player
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