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So you want to see fresh faced teens taking on massive dongs in some of the most erotic scenes available right? Well you could not have come to a better place as Teen Like it Big provide some of the most attractive teens teamed up with well hung dudes to give them a sexual experience they will never forget. The site is fresh off the designers table and is still quite new, and being a part of the well renowned Brazzers network it is pretty much a guarantee that the content looks fantastic!
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Our total rating: 75/100

Detailed Review:


I don't think there's a single red blooded man in the world who could turn down a cute and innocent teen who has just turned of age. Still in their prime with pussies so tight and juicy it will take you back to those binge drinking days of your high school years. So what why are men always so attracted to barely legal teens? Well for their soft supple bodies of course, not to mention the fact that they're energetic, and their curiosity makes them want to experiment with their sexuality. Lucky for us this site teams up curious teens with dudes who are quite familiar with pussy. So even if the teens aren't too experienced with the ancient art of fucking, the guys will certainly hold their hands to show them the way.

Teens Like It Big is one of the newest site on the awesome Bazzers network. That being said the list of exclusive episodes is a little short. As of now there's a current total of only 14 episodes. I know that number may not seem to impressive but we should keep in mind that the site has been up and running for less than a month since I completed this review, add the fact that they're all 100% exclusive to the site and things don't seem too bad after all. Besides, by the looks of things there's a new episode uploaded every 2 to 5 days so I'm sure we'll see this great collection of episodes grow to a much more decent size in no time.

Even though there is only a handful of episodes the site producers have done well on keeping the cast of saucy teens diverse. Not only is the cast varied but every single one of the teen stars are so damn gorgeous. As far as the fucking goes it's all very standard stuff, some of the teens endure a hard anal fucking, and there's also a steamy threesome in the mix but if you're looking for no holes barred kinky fucking then the content might not be your cup of tea. Most of the scenes start off with a little bit of back story so you can say that the episodes also fall under the reality niche. Even though I mentioned that the fucking is pretty run of the mill, it's the teen models which make the scenes incredibly hot to watch because like I said earlier they are gorgeous.

The episodes are full length and run for a good 30 minutes each. There's a nice array of video options to keep most internet connections in the picture. Members have the luxury of streaming the videos straight off the site or download the vids to keep forever as they aren't tied back by any DRM restrictions. Episodes are available in full scenes and if you want to skip out on the foreplay segments and go straight to the hardcore fucking to save chunks on your bandwidth then you can as the episodes are also available in short chapters. Quality wise the episodes look spectacular, and even the lower quality videos look decent as well. Here's a list of the encoding rates to give you a better insight of just how great the videos look.

Wmv: (1000kbps @ 640x480) download
Mpeg:(2000kbps @ 640x480) download
Flv: (1800kbps @ 640x480) Streamed

So that's pretty much it as far as the content goes on this site. But there's plenty more which the membership you gain on sign up gives you. That's right don't think that the site developers are going to leave you hanging with only 14 episodes to keep you entertained. With this golden membership you get access to every thing the Bazzers network has on offer. All up there's a grand total of 19 sites which you'll have at your finger tips, some sites with archives including over 190 exclusive episodes and daily updates so all in all members do have access to a decent amount of porn, and quite the diverse collection as well.

Features & Navigation:

When I first feasted my eyes on the tantalizing pictures strewn across the tours of Teens Like It Big, I knew I was in for a buffet of eye candy. The teens on show are so damn delicious and as the site title promises the cocks are huge. Scrolling down the tours you'll come across a drool worthy collection of sample pictures taken from the various exclusive episodes, and if you want to get a better idea on just how steamy the videos are, there's a decent amount of free trailers to delve into. Overall the tours will certainly draw in fans of teen porn and big cock fans.

Once you've made it to the members area it's pretty obvious that you gain access to the entire Bazzers network as there's a heap of links stating so. However lets focus on this site for the mean time I'll get in to the rest of the network a little later on. Anyway the latest uploaded episode can be found towards the top of the members area. This is presented in a large thumbnail taken from the episode along with a short description, the date on which the episode was uploaded, the pornstar names, and which categories the scene falls under. Below the latest update are the latest three updates before hand. The rest of the episodes can be viewed by clicking on the link found below the updates. Other things found on the main members area are the most popular pornstars, and a members poll.

The episode archive currently spans over two pages which consist of up to 10 episodes each. These pages are made up of multiple sections, each one dedicated to a specific episode. Within this section is a large thumbnailed screen shot taken from the episode. A rating based on the members community, a short description on what the scene involves, and links to the video files. The first thing you'll notice when you make it to the videos section is a large media player, clicking on this will automatically start streaming the chosen episode. A little further down is where the download links are situated, these include the full scene, and short chapter links.

So that's all that can be said as far as navigation goes for this site in particular, but lets look in to the Brazzers network as a whole. So you'll notice that the top banner doesn't include the URL title Teens Like It Big. Instead it dons the Brazzers logo with three hot looking babes. Both the top and side menus will allow you easy access to what the network has to offer, as all the content on Teens Like It Big can pretty much be navigated without the use of said menus.

The links within the menus I mentioned above will take you to areas which are related to the network as a whole. You can browse through the entire archive of episodes available on the Brazzers network, check out the most viewed and highest rated scenes, and keep an eye on upcoming episodes. Within the top menu you'll find the Our Sites link. Clicking on this will take you to an area which includes all the links to the exclusive bonus sites you gain access to. This page includes small sample pictures taken from the various episodes, and information on how many episodes the site provides. This makes site hopping a breeze as you don't have to re-enter your password every time you switch sites.


As of now members may be a little weary of the small content numbers but like I said earlier in the review there's plenty more to come and with a slew of outstanding bonus sites there's really not much reason to complain. Also the fact that uploads are coming in at a fast rate makes the light at the end of the tunnel a lot brighter. So anyway the fact is the teens are damn hot, and the cocks are huge. The guys behind Brazzers have yet again done a great job on providing awesome looking content.

Pros & Cons

+ Very attractive teen models
+ Awesome video quality 2000kbps
+ Consistent updates
+ Access to all Brazzers sites
+ Site looks great
+ Easy network navigation
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