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Do you get sick of seeing the same porn stars in every site? Well we review the best amateur sex sites on the net! These sites specialize in amateur porn so that you get fresh new girls! Watch as these hot young wives cheat with their neighbours in these homemade fuck tapes! You might just see your buddy's wife because these hot amateur pussies are just begging to get pounded! It's every swingers dream come true!

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  1. Limited Audience
    Limited Audience offers a 100% exclusive collection of "damsel in distress" style bondage materials featuring amateur models. This is a softcore site that focuses on bondage only, not sex or other BDSM activities. The site has been around for about 11 years now and has amassed quite a collection. Does it still have what it takes? Let's take an exclusive look inside and find out.
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  2. 18 Stream
    Its very easy to see if 18 stream site is for you. Do you love hardcore hot teen porn? With natural real teen chicks and guys that are learning all there is to know about erotica and pleasure? If that sounds fun, then this site is perfect for you, because thats all that its all about! With well over 600 teen sex movies, this is one of the biggest high quality teen porn sites Ive seen in quite some time. Also, just to spice things up, these are not your regular American teens with fake tits a
    Trial: 4.95 Monthly: 34.95
  3. Spring Time Beauties
    If you love them fresh and sex, Spring Time Beauties is a site that will let you get your kink on with gorgeous teen models that just cant wait to get their clothes off, tits out and to get frisky. With those delicious fresh bodies on a parade, you will have lot of stuff to look at, they enjoy wearing kinky clothes and slowly stripping down, revealing bits and pieces of themselves to the camera until they are left standing in nothing but their skin.
    Trial: 2.95 Monthly: 29.95
  4. Spunky Bee
    Spunky Bee is a sexy looking teen brunette with great body and lust for sex, shes a regular cock addict and doesn't let a day pass without her getting her daily dose of fucking. She loves all kinds of kinky things, but fucking in front of the camera sets her right off, shes an exhibitionist and her personal site lets her get her kink on while making some cash in the process. If you are interested to see what Spunky Bee is up to, then her porn site has lot of content you can enjoy!
    Trial: N/A Monthly: 29.95
  5. Teen Burg
    Welcome to Teenburg, place where horny teens come together so they can have some hot fun! If hot teen fucking is on your mind, then residents of Teenburg will show you something you haven't seen in quite some time, sensual erotic teen babes in hot lesbian action, or playing with their horny cunts, or get fucked by their young lovers, that's the kind of hot teen sex scene collection that Teenburg has.
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  6. Teen Dorf
    You've seen hot sex in the Teenburg, but now it's time to move it outdoors, to check the innocent looking village girls that can't get enough of the pussy action. that's right, Teendorf is active, and here you can see great outdoor sex scenes with gorgeous European chicks that just love getting fucked, harder the fuck, more the pleasure they get from their hardcore pussy adventure.
    Trial: N/A Monthly: 29.95
  7. Teen Sex Fusion
    At TeenSexFusion you can see the most enthusiastic teen chicks and guys fuck the brains out of each other. What makes this site different then the rest in this hot European teen sex network is that while most of the other sites fall more under the subcategory of erotica, here you can see hot hardcore teen fucking.
    Trial: N/A Monthly: 29.95
  8. Teen Sex Reality
    TeenSexReality is an unique part of the Teen Sex network, here you can see real life homemade sex scenes with gorgeous teen chicks that decided to see if they can do well as porn models! See for yourself how well did their do on their first time in front of the cameras!
    Trial: N/A Monthly: 29.95
  9. Tin Seks
    These sexy European teen chicks didnt pay attention during their English classes, and they do not more then just a few phrases, but they are more then capable of letting us know that seks is the only thing on their mind! Tin Seks is a collection of hot erotic sex scenes with drop dead sexy natural teen beauties getting face to face with a cock. Both female and male models are spunky teens that love taking their time fucking the brains out of each other in all kinds of situations!
    Trial: N/A Monthly: 29.95
  10. Blowjob Races
    If blowjobs are your thing, check Blowjob Races out, while finding sites dedicated to cock sucking aren't that rare online, this site actually has a reality background that makes the scenes much more interesting to watch. The setting is this - babes get experienced studs with big cocks to work on, and the one that manages to make the guy blow his load in the least amount of time gets a nice cash bonus for making the scene!
    Trial: 2.86 Monthly: 29.87
  11. CFNM Gold
    There girls want to have some fun, but they prefer to tease and make the guys they are having fun with go completely blue balled before they decide to grace them with their nude bodies. The scenes here are usually group sex scenes with the girls hiring a male stripper or just getting one of their boyfriends to strip down so they can tease him to their hearts content. If you like CFNM check out this site for sure!
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  12. Cum Challange
    The name of this site should be pretty much self explanatory, these girls take a cum challenge on, they want to see just how much of that delicious white juicy cream they can take down their throats before they hit their limits. Good news is - they don't seem to have a limit, these chicks take on gallons of the stuff, and I mean gallons, you cant believe the amount of the stuff they drink down without gagging! See for yourself!
    Trial: 2.86 Monthly: 29.87
  13. Extreme Alex
    Alex is one extreme bitch that's into all kinds of hot kinks, ranging from all girl orgies to hardcore fucks that she ends by drinking down every drop of cum her lover is able to deliver to her. Shes in her twenties, shes got a great body and a whole range of fetishes shes in the mood to explore. If you are up for some extreme sex action, then Extreme Alex and her nasty sex scenes are just right for you, shes up for any challenge, and she is not camera shy at all!
    Trial: 2.86 Monthly: 29.87
  14. Extreme Girl Netowrk
    I sure hope you are in the mood for something extreme, because it doesn't get any more extreme then what you will see on Extreme Girl network. Here you can check out half a dozen of horny amateur chicks that decided to show off their extreme skills to the world, and so far, they are doing a great job of it. These chicks are all top class fuck material, and they know it, but they don't enjoy regular sex, there are all kinds of nasty things they enjoy doing more!
    Trial: 2.86 Monthly: 29.87
  15. Extreme Holly
    Holly does porn, sure, but this is not your regular porn site, Holly is the type of bitch that is willing to try anything and everything at least once, and what she's got in mind for this porn site of hers is showing us the nastiest scenes she ever did. There's quite a number of them, and in them Holly did all kinds of hardcore stuff, from getting laid in public toilets, over cum swapping to getting her big lush ass ravaged by a huge cucumber.
    Trial: 2.86 Monthly: 29.87
  16. Extreme Sophia
    Sophia is another extreme lady in this hot nasty model porn network, but unlike her friends that go for all kinds of nasty fetishes, Sophia has a specific fetish, threesomes, foursomes and hot orgies are what set her off and she tries out as many partners as she can handle in her bedroom, and she can handle quite a lot. She doesn't mind if she's getting her pussy screwed or of she gets to munch on a cunt, she loves both males and females, you gotta see this horny slut in action!
    Trial: 2.86 Monthly: 29.86
  17. Private Members Area
    Private Members Area is a portal site that links together all of the extreme girls you can see in the Wild West Cash porn network as well as ton of the bonus content. The portal gives you access to 10 hot single model sites, with most of them trying out a specific porn niche, some enjoying group sex only, some doing all kinds of hardcore fetishes and some just acting solo for the camera in their bedrooms. The site offers quick and easy access to all of that content. all links and notifications
    Trial: 2.86 Monthly: 29.87
  18. Sexy Solo Sluts
    Gorgeous and drop dead sexy models masturbate themselves silly just for you! That's the kind of hot and sexy action you can see on Sexy Solo Sluts, and the girls here really are sexy. You can see amateur girls here as well as top class professional nude models that know all there is to be known about female masturbation. They use their knowing fingers as well as their favorite sex toys on their love holes, and they get very loud once they hit the right spots!
    Trial: 2.86 Monthly: 29.87
  19. Spit Swappers
    This site is all about a pretty uncommon porn niche, and it will really get you going if you are into this sort of fetish. Exchanging fluids during sex is nothing new, but these hot sexy lesbians exchange something that's not so common in the bedroom, they are spit swappers and the action is sizzling hot, they just love opening their mouths and letting that white bubbly stuff pour out and make each other wet. They do not do mouth to mouth only, they do ass to mouth too, and if you haven't seen a
    Trial: 2.86 Monthly: 29.87
  20. Warm Kiss
    Warm Kiss is a unique site featuring amateur sex and creampies. With a focus on real women, real sex, kissing, and romance, this collection is significantly different than most I see. The site seems to be primarily run by two guys, Ryan and Kyle, who also feature prominently in the sites videos. Ryan and Kyle have been at it since 2008 and have built a modestly sized collection so far. Want to know more? Let's get inside the site and get all of the details together.
    Trial: N/A Monthly: 29.95
  21. Our Home Clips
    Our Home Clips offers a massive collection of amateur, home made style porn videos featuring just about every kind of hardcore action you can imagine. Unlike many similar "homemade" style sites I've reviewed recently, this one makes no pretense about the materials being user submitted or stolen and is a bit more straightforward because of this. Interested in finding out more about this amateur sex collection? I've got full access so come on in with me and let's take a look around.
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  22. Home Porn Bay
    Home Porn Bay claims to offer the biggest collection of homemade videos on the net, and with it the social media style set up, it's obvious that the implication here is that the amateurs who filmed these videos in their own homes are the ones submitting it to the site. In reality, this is more of a general porno collection that features both amateur and professional models and a variety of softcore and hardcore scenarios. Let's take a peek inside for the full story.
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  23. Bad Ex GFs
    Bad Ex-GFs claims to be the world's biggest user submitted girlfriend archive and features some pretty convincing looking samples on its tour pages, but the reality here is that the materials are simply a nonexclusive mix of amateur and pro seems that are sometimes edited to make them appear to fit the theme a bit better. Many sites have this kind of fantasy aspect and it doesn't necessarily have to detract from the enjoyment, so let's take a look inside and see how this one stacks up.
    Trial: 0 Monthly: 0.00
  24. Wet Wanda Films
    Wet Wanda is hot ebony babe who likes getting down and dirty and enjoys to know that people are watching her in action. No matter if she fingers her wet, black pussy or some horny stud is ravaging it, all that matters is that she enjoys all the action you can watch in great looking videos and high quality pictures.
    Trial: 1.65 Monthly: 25.00
  25. World Wide Wives
    World Wide Wives is one of the most authentic user submitted amateur sites I have ever reviewed and has one of the largest collections I have ever seen. This is a truly interactive site where the community features like chat rooms and profiles are just as important as the videos and photos. The beautiful wives you'll be admiring may well be available for you to talk with on the site at any given time. This is a very exciting site!
    Trial: Free Monthly: 24.67
  26. Body Parts
    Body Parts is a unique site that focuses on close-ups of female models and sex acts like blow jobs. The site is the only online spot to see the pictures and videos shot by popular close-up photographer Frannie Adams. The site features both amateur gals as well as professional porn models showing off their pussies, breasts, mouths, and other body parts close-up. You'll see lots of posing and spread shots and a little bit of hardcore action here. Let's take a look inside for the full story!
    Trial: N/A Monthly: 19.95
  27. Figure Baby
    Figure Baby is run by photographer Tony, an amateur loving guy with excellent camera skills and the uncanny ability to get average girl next door types take off their clothes. In the site's own words, Figure Baby is the spot to find natural, everyday women, the same as you might see at the bus, at the mall, or in the park, except that here the women are naked! You'll see no silicone, no airbrushing, and no gimmicks, just nude amateurs posing for the camera.
    Trial: N/A Monthly: 19.95
  28. East Coast Cuties
    East Coast Cuties XXX is a 100% exclusive site with a theme that specifically focuses on, you guessed it, sexy babes from the East Coast! What may not be as obvious is the fact that this collection also focuses on POV style porn. This is a hardcore site that offers a small collection of video and photo combo scenes. The tour pages preview some familiar faces as well as some gals I've never seen before, so let's get inside and find out just how amateur this collection truly is!
    Trial: N/A Monthly: 20.95
  29. Naughty Amateur Home Videos
    Naughty Amateur Home Videos is brought to you by Playboy, and it doesn't get much bigger than that! This collection, at least ostensibly, is dedicated to homemade smut by real couples and sent into the site for your viewing entertainment. In reality, this is a mixed bag of materials that includes everything from amateur masturbation and fucking to obvious professional porn shoots. Curious? Let's go inside the members' area and get all of the info!
    Trial: 0 Monthly: 0.00
  30. Inexperienced Amateurs
    Inexperienced Amateurs offers reality style hardcore action featuring a mixture of unknowns and well-known porn performers. The collection is part of the Reality Gang network and comes with dozens of bonus sites to help add some value to its small collection. Does Inexperienced Amateurs have what it takes to make it to the top in this highly competitive category? Let's go inside the members area and find out together!
    Trial: 1.00 Monthly: 29.86