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Bored with regular sex? You need fetish porn. Whips, chains, nipple clips, hot wax, electrocution, enemas, latex...If it's fetish sex that's left of center, you'll find it in the fetish category. More practices include dunking, ball pumping, leather, submission, and strap-on. It's sex's dark side, where participants are cultish and fanatical. This extreme fetish world also produces movies that are like a train wreck because you can't take your eyes off them.

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  1. Doctor Adventures
    Ever wonder what doctors get up to, when they close the doors to their office, they could get up to anything you know, and I'm sure many doctors, have patients, that look cut out to be pornstars, and women are usually attracted to doctors, cause they're smart, and have a good paying job, so there's bound to be some chemistry right! Well there sure was! and they've got it all on tape, on this steaming hot site, watch as doctors get up to no good, and fuck their horny patients!
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  2. Secretary Porn
    What is it about secretaries that make them so sexually arousing? Is it the fact that they work for you and will do just about anything to impress you? Or is it because they seem so sophisticated, and intelligent in their cute power suits and can be so easily bribed with a pay rise or free dinners to suck, and fuck your cock...all I know is I can't get enough of these steaming hot secretaries, keep 'em coming boys!
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  3. Sexy Legs And Feet
    Well if you know me there is nothing i like more then a young babe with legs legs and with killer feet. Thats why i was so pumped when i saw that i was going to get to review this website. Then after i entered the site i was pretty bummed out. The site had no content. Well it does have content but it only have video feeds and bonus websites. The site have none of its own content expect for acouple of image galleries. I hope these guys add some of there own content to the site soon.
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  4. X Rated Midgets
    Now if you have a fetish for these cute little midgets then this is the site you've been looking for, Xrated Midgets brings you the horniest little midgets they could find to bring you some hardcore midget fucking, cum see the mini guys and girls on this site fuck like there's no tomorrow.
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  5. Atm Lovers
    No this site isn't about horny guys shoving their wangs up automatic telling machines! in porn slang the abbreviation of ATM stands for ass to mouth, ATM lovers brings you some of the most steamiest ATM scenes to date, so if you like good hard anal action with a bit of a twist then come see what this site has in store.
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  6. Insane Bondage
    If leather, chains and whips are your thing, Insane Bondage might be what youre looking for. You get a couple hundred videos featuring bad boys and girls getting punished and it hurts oh so good. Its all non-exclusive, so try before you buy, but if you havent already seen it you better check it out. Right now, you worthless bitch! Get on your knees!
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  7. Latina Abuse
    Now most people would think that a spicy Latina babe wouldn't take getting abused lightly, but it just so happens that the Latina sluts on this site have themselves a fetish of getting abused in the most sexual ways possible so you can be sure to see some hardcore brutal sex on this site, this is Latina porn at it's roughest!
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  8. Sperm Suckers
    If the thought of a girl sucking up every last bit of your man juice makes you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside then you'll love the cum hungry girls at Sperm Suckers cause these ladies sure can suck cum with the best of them. So if you've got yourself a cum guzzling fetish then definately give this site a shot!
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  9. Extreme Porn Pass
    The Extreme Porn Pass is for those of you who are not in to timid porn where the couples fuck and get it over with as quick as they can. Within the 17 sites on this crazy network you'll come across some of the most kinkiest and insane acts of sex available in full exclusive episodes for members to download. So if you're sexual agenda is on the kinkier side of things then definitely check out what the Extreme Porn Pass has up it's long deep sleeves.
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  10. Stretching Sessions
    Stretching Sessions is a site dedicated to women who want nothing more than to get their tight little twats stretched to the absolute limits, till all you can see is a gaping pink hole staring right back at ya! Not only do the ladies get their pussies stretched but they also get anal gaped! So if your after some porn which is a little more extreme then definately check out what this site has to offer.
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  11. Ass 2 Mouth Sluts
    Ass to mouth is the dirty act of where a women sucks on a cock which has just been sliding up and down her asshole! In other words it's more or less a shit covered cock. This is exactly the kind of content Ass 2 Mouth Sluts provides, and promises it in DVD quality. So if your after some good hard anal content with a twist, then by all means cum check this site out.
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  12. Black Crack Addicts
    Watch these prissy white girls get the surprise of their lives when they are asked to insert their precious little tongues up a very black crack. BlackCrackAddicts.com an interracial ass licking site that is part of the Meat Members collection, members are given free access to 45+ Adult Sites with loads of additional content for you to browse through. All of the dirty whores featured on this site are turned into Black Crack Addicts and you know what they say, once you go black you never go back.
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  13. Rusty Trombone
    On Rusty Trombones, you'll find some of the most talented musicians in the porn industry. Their instrument of choice, is a dude's smelly butthole! Yup this one's definately one of the more kinkier sites out there, and if you aren't too familiar with this type of content, then you better prepare yourself, because it's some damn weird shit! The site offers exclusive content, starring some big name pornstars, and hot amateurs. Members also gain access to the entire Meat Members network!
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  14. Kinky Zee
    Kinky Zee is a cute young woman that has a fetish for Spandex and Lycra. Her site features a decent number of photos and videos that have her posing in tights, fingering herself, playing with food and showcasing her sexy feet. Unfortunately, it doesnt get my full recommendation because theres just not enough material here yet.
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  15. Rope Rookie
    Don't let the word rookie deceive you into thinking this site is all about strawberries, rainbows, and baby rabbits. No this site is the polar opposite, you'll be see ladies bounded up with ropes in the most awkward of positions, the images members are treated to can only be described as a disturbing, yet somewhat erotic, especially if you're into the whole bondage scene. Rope Rookie is a picture orientated site, no videos abound but I'm sure the fans will love what's on offer.
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  16. Cummy Pantyhose
    Cummy Pantyhose brings you kinky content which is a quirky combination of Cum shot, and pantyhose fetishes. The lovely models get drilled while in their sexy lingerie, then get doused in white hot cum for an unbelievably stick finish. The site currently boasts 30 exclusive scenes, all accompanied with gorgeous photo content. The lucky members are also granted full access to all 10 sites available on the All Inclusive Pass network!
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  17. Penetration Tease
    The Inclusive porn network brings to you Penetration Tease. A site based on women who love nothing more than to tease the fuck out of men until they're begging. The site offers exclusive videos and picture galleries available in high quality, starring some well known pornstars and fresh new faces. So if your the type who loves getting teased then you'll feel right at home with the content in store.
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  18. Pvc And Latex
    PVC and Latex is a decent little fetish site featuring cute 18 and 19 year old girls wearing leather, Latex and plastic clothing, posing and getting fucked. Theres a lot of good exclusive material here in high quality and you also get access to a network of 9 other slightly bizarre fetish sites. If you have a love for Latex and a variety of fetishes, this is a good site package to look at.
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  19. Spanked And Abused
    Here's a site for those of you who have a penchant on spanking naughty babes with large, round asses. Spanked and Abused offers exclusive videos and picture galleries, starring mischievous ladies who deserve a good hard spanking. This site is brought to you by the Inclusive network, which the lucky members also get full access to. Check it out, and let the spanking begin!
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  20. She Talks Dirty
    Ever found yourself sexually aroused when a women screams out the most vile things as your giving her your hardest. If you answered yes, then you'll go nuts over the girls on this site, because they have the sexiest potty mouths you'll ever come across. She Talks Dirty offers a mix of exclusive, and nonexclusive episodes filled with intense fucking, dirty talk, and all things hardcore!
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  21. Ass Licking Club
    You'll want to be joining this club if you've a thing for horny young adults who love licking on a male's furry asshole as though it's going out of fashion. Ass Licking Club is a brand new site based on one of the more kinkier niches fetish porn has to offer. You'll be treated with high quality videos, and picture sets which are all 100% exclusive to the site, mmmm finger licking goodness! ReviewPorn.com visitors get a special price of just $19.95 per month instead of the regular $29.95!
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  22. 18 To 19 Violations
    At 18-19 Violations you'll get an eye full of hot young adults getting banged by horny older dudes. This fresh new site offers a handful of exclusive episodes which fall under the young adult vs old dude niche, so you can be sure to see some crazy episodes on this site. Members are also treated with a ton of extras in the form of great bonus sites, and a huge library of extra scenes. Our lucky readers also get the privilege of a marked down membership price from $29.95, down to $19.95!
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  23. Erotic Movie Station
    The Erotic Movie Station provides hardcore content under a myriad of popular mainstream niches. The full length scenes provided derive from retail DVD titles, so you can be sure to see some lengthy fuck fests, in high quality videos. Updates come on a daily basis, with plenty of information on upcoming scenes, so members are guaranteed they won't run out of steamy porn to view.
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  24. Porn Movie Spot
    Porn Movie Spot is the place to go, to enjoy a variety of porn under one roof. The site covers a mix of popular mainstream categories, providing scenes ripped straight out of retail DVDs. So you can expect to see some quality content, and lengthy scenes within the site. Pornstar fans will also be glad to know, the site boasts an eye pleasing line up of gorgeous big name stars.
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  25. Females On Shemales
    Just when you thought shemale content couldn't get any weirder. This site comes along and totally turns things around. Content on offer involves shemales getting pleasured by females, which is quite different from the normal, because these horny lady boys are usually on the look out for other men. This relatively new site currently has a humble collection of 9 exclusive videos, and 12 photo galleries. Members also get access to 4 great bonus sites.
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  26. Dirty Smokers
    If you've a soft spot for ladies who love to suck on a cigarette just as much as they lock to suck cock then the gorgeous models on Dirty Smokers will have you by the balls. Episodes involve the girls getting ploughed all the while sucking on a smoke, it does sound a little weird I know, but for those of you with a smoking fetish you'll find these episodes to be right up your alley!
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  27. Femdom Reality
    Here is a site for those of you who love girls who are a little more violent than usual! Currently the site has a humble collection of 6 exclusive episodes and 28 picture galleries. Though the archive to choose from may not be huge, it is the brutality and kinkiness of the episodes which will get people interested! So if you get off on girls laying the smack down on poor helpless sods, then you will feel right at home here!
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  28. Nylon Butterfly
    Nylon Butterfly is a very cleverly named site catering to those who love to see hot women in nylon stockings getting fucked. All of the material on the site is very high quality and exclusive, and while there isn't a whole lot of it yet, updates seem to be coming in frequently. With your membership, you also get access to 4 additional premium sites, which makes this package worthy of a purchase for at least a month.
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  29. Fetish Movie Vault
    If you are itching to scratch that fetish bug that has been bothering you what ever it may be then you will want to dive in to the deep depths of the Fetish Movie Vault to see what they have in store for kinky fetish lovers like yourself. The Fetish Movie Vault provides hour after hour of nasty fetish content all provided in high quality videos which will have your eyes rotting from all the sweet sweet eye candy!
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  30. Leg Seeker
    I see plenty of sites focusing on tits and ass, but for you leg men out there, it can be a challenge to find a collection which truly caters to your leg-lust. Legseeker.com is a site dedicated just to long, beautiful stems on world class hotties. This softcore site offers videos and photos of some of the most gorgeous women showing off their legs bare, in stockings or pantyhose, or even in thigh high boots.
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