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These shemale porn reviews are for all you ladyboy lovers out there, tranny porn at its best! That's right sexy shemales doing just about every sex thing that you could imagine! These transsexuals sure know how to cross dress thats for sure, you wouldn't even know they were tgirls they do it that well! It's all action shemale sex action all the time!!

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  1. Raw Tranny Fisting
    Raw Tranny Fisting is one hot site, that is if you are into anal fisting! The site profiles some incredible and very attractive shemales who meet up to get a fist shoved up their tight little assholes! No one knows what they are going to find deep in the ass cavity of a sexy tranny slut, but it's a treasure hunt enjoyed by many! Join now and gain access to a site offering unique content and tons of extra perks too!
    Trial: 4.99 Monthly: 24.95
  2. Sexxxy Jade
    Sexxxy Jade is a gorgeous, extremely feminine ebony transsexual pornstar with her very own official site. The collection here focuses on hardcore action shot in an amateur style but also includes a touch of fetish fun, some glamour style photos, and some professional style hardcore action. Does Sexxxy Jade have what it takes to pull off a solo model site of her very own? Let's take a look and find out together!
    Trial: N/A Monthly: 24.95
  3. Ladyboy Candy Shop
    Ladyboy Candy Shop is a destination for sweet, sexy lady boys that has been around for over a year now. The site offers a 100% exclusive collection of video/photo combo episodes featuring super sexy and extra horny lady boys from Asia. It's a bit unclear from the tour pages whether this site offers a collection of its own or if it's just a network site offering access to multiple collections under one umbrella, so let's go inside the members area and find out exactly what this one is all about!
    Trial: 19.95 Monthly: 34.95
  4. Ladyboys Fucked Bareback
    Ladyboys Fucked Bareback, a pretty accurate title, is part of a network of Ladyboy sites, Ladyboy Gold. There are six sites within this network and your membership gives you access to them all. They contain exclusive scenes with young and exotic Tgirls, there are HD movies to be had, an active update schedule, some neat extras and a forum to get involved in. With the bonus sites covering different aspects of shemale porn you get a great deal of variety within this hot genre.
    Trial: N/A Monthly: 29.94
  5. Pinko Shemales
    This site gives you a selection of Italian and European shemales in hardcore action, as taken from DVDs, presented well in a fun and friendly site that comes from the Stiffia network. If you think that's a lot to take in, wait until you see the action that unfolds inside. You've got it all here from Tgirls with Tgirls to trannies with guys and from solos to hardcore. It's decent quality, there are galleries to view, the member area has a good set up and the price is pretty low.
    Trial: N/A Monthly: 19.95
  6. Shemale Chaser
    Sure, you've seen masturbating trannies and trannies with guys, but here at Shemale Chaser, you can see chicks with dicks in all kinds of kinky group scenes and more. Dickless chicks don strap-ons, tranny girlfriends fuck guys and just about every possible combination of trannies, men and women can be seen fucking here. The site is part of the Fetish Network, a mostly bondage and fetish related collection of sites that all come together as a package for one price.
    Trial: 1.00 Monthly: 39.95
  7. Tranny Seducers
    Tranny Seducers showcases some of the sexiest and sluttiest Brazilian shemales that set out to lay on the charm on some horny studs. These daring ladies with bodies that rival the real thing go out there searching for cock and convincing guys that a pussy is not needed for a mind blowing fuck. The end result is some hot ass ramming action with plenty of cock sucking on both sides. All this in HD!
    Trial: 1.95 Monthly: 33.95
  8. Fuck This Tranny
    Fuck This Tranny is a very small site on its own, as it only has a moderately sized archive of still images, but it is still a decent little section of a much larger site network that you get all for one price. The network includes a lot of great niche content including more tranny porn, mature and larger women, pissing and some young babes as well.
    Trial: N/A Monthly: 29.95
  9. Ladyboy Glory Hole
    Its all about anonymous, interracial cock sucking at Ladyboy Gloryhole, a site that offers access to several ladyboy sites with one membership. You will find original videos, galleries, and extras here and although not all of the action takes place in a stall, or through the hole in the wall, it does all concern itself with horny young ladyboys. You are able to stream the movies, or download them and the quality is fine, the Tgirls are cute and the action is mainly hardcore.
    Trial: 19.95 Monthly: 39.95
  10. Ladyboy Feet Wank
    Ladyboy Feet Wank is actually what I'd call a clone site of Ladyboy Gloryhole. Although the tour promises mega ladyboy feet and tempts us towards the sign up page with the allure of foot fetish content played out by ladyboys, when you arrive inside you find a slightly disappointing experience. Only eight galleries and videos where some pretty cute Tgirls show their feet and jerk off, but that's it. The rest of the content is Ladyboy Glory hole content and not all of that takes place in or ar
    Trial: 19.95 Monthly: 34.95
  11. Ladyboy Solo Fun
    Ladyboy Solo Fun is an odd little site. I couldn't quite get to grips with it for various reasons as you will see if you read on. But what it does have is, we are told, exclusive and it is certainly all ladyboy content. When you sign up you get to access seven hot sites all on the same theme with variations, and throughout what you see there are promises of things coming soon. What you dont see is that this site is actually only eight videos and lots of confusing links.
    Trial: 19.95 Monthly: 29.95
  12. Arab Ladyboys
    Every now and then it falls to me to report bad news and sadly that is what I feel I must do with Arab Lady Boys. This is basically a clone site of Lady Boy Glory Hole and although the tour promises us that lots of hard work has gone into finding and filming some very rare Ladyboys from Arabian countries, when you get inside you find that you are in the Glory Hole site and there are only eight galleries of veiled LBs. There are video clips as well, but that's it.
    Trial: 19.95 Monthly: 34.95
  13. Mega Cock Ladyboys
    Sadly this is another Ladyboy site where I have to say proceed with caution. You're being sold the idea of exclusive content, which you get I assume, and sexy ladyboys, which you will see, but not necessarily with mega cocks, and you are also told that you can access seven bonus sites with your membership. You cant. At least I couldn't. I got eight 15 minute videos, solos and hardcore, with Asian Ladyboys with medium sized cocks, to download and stream, plus galleries. Thats it.
    Trial: 19.95 Monthly: 34.95
  14. Shemale Tushy
    Do you love shemales? Well here at Shemale Tushy, you are not alone! This 100% exclusive website is dedicated to sexy shemales strutting their tushies and features naughty hardcore action including shemales on shemales, shemales with men, shemales with women and even some group tranny fun! With weekly updates and a large archive to peruse, this one is a must-see!
    Trial: N/A Monthly: 29.95
  15. Lady Boy Shag
    The tour to this site is a lot more alluring and outstanding than the members' area. The members' area of Ladyboy Shag is actually the members' area of Ladyboy Gloryhole and all the seven other sites included in the network. You're getting a clone site here and actually, I couldn't find any Ladyboy Shag content when I signed in. if you want LB content with guys and Tgirls, then fine, but if you're after the specialist stuff that's actually advertised, then you're not going to find it.
    Trial: 19.95 Monthly: 34.95
  16. Real Trannies
    Are you sick and tired of seeing transvestites that still look very manly? Well the people behind real were, so they've decided to gather all of the HOT looking shemales and put them all into one trantastic site! They've promised to provide over 200,000 photos and over 1,500 hours worth of videos, plus tonnes of extras, so all you tranny lovers out there, come check this review out to see if this site is for you.
    Trial: 0 Monthly: 0.00
  17. ShemalesEduction
    Well this is my first shemale review so bare with me as I try and get through this. If shemales are your thing then this site is right up your ally, with high quality full length videos, and high res image galleries you will have more than enough shemale content to last you a life time. I am not to sure what sort of people are into this shemale websites at all so I cant say if gays or straights would like this sort of thing, but I will tell you now there is loads of content up in here.
    Trial: 0 Monthly: 0.00
  18. My Shemale Tale
    I met this girl in the new town I moved into. She came over offering help. I told her I had it under control. I kept seeing her since then. One day I invited her over for some coffee. And o boy did I get more than coffee! She came over to my place, and asked me if I wanted a blowjob! Suddenly, she dropped her pants and let me ass fuck her! Geez, she was a shemale!Nonetheless, I still liked it!
    Trial: 0 Monthly: 0.00
  19. Shemale Mov
    Are you on the look out for some high quality shemale fucking? Are you tired of seeing those shemales, which still look very manly, well than this site won't disappoint, cause all the trannies on this site, are so feminine in stature, that even I could see myself waking up next to one of these feminine men, after a big night out on the grog.
    Trial: 0 Monthly: 0.00
  20. Exotic Transsexuals
    These transsexuals are the best lovers you could possibly imagine! Not only do they have nice firm titties and tight asses just begging to be crammed full of cock, but they also have hard rods of their own. These hotties know how to handle a cock 'cause they've got one! The above statement is what was written on the website. So I thought I would post it here as it best describes what you will find inside the members area.
    Trial: 0 Monthly: 0.00
  21. Shemale Beach
    Come down to the beach where the water is warm, the breeze is cool, and the women are half men! That's right this is Shemale Beach a paradise where all the pretty boys. can be themselves and live out their wildest fantasies, of all shemale orgies, and threesomes, so get your one way ticket to shemale beach, where the trannies are pretty, and plenty!
    Trial: 0 Monthly: 0.00
  22. Shemale Hookups
    Do you ever have trouble looking for a transsexual partner? I don't blame, you cause they don't exactly strut down main street, holding up a big sign saying I'm a raging Transsexual!! Well then you might want to check this site out, cause you might learn a thing or two about how to pick up trannies, and where to find them, that's right Shemale Hookups will show you how it's meant to be done!
    Trial: 0 Monthly: 0.00
  23. Tranny Ranch
    The tranny ranch is where all the hottest shemales go to kick back, relax, and indulge in the most hardcore sexual acts, they can muster up, if your a big fan of these lady boys, then by all means pop in for a visit, and see what kind of naughty things these sensual transexuals get up to.
    Trial: 0 Monthly: 0.00
  24. Tranny Trouble
    Ever thought a chick was hot and you wanted to take her home, but when you get there you discover she is in fact a HE and didnt care anyway? Well that is exactly what the TrannyTrouble is all about! These chicks have beautiful breasts, great arses and a dick, surprise surprise they know how to use it too. This site has good quality transsexual content and hi resolution picture sets. Monthly members receive free access to 65+ other Adult sites as a bonus for signing up to
    Trial: 0 Monthly: 0.00
  25. All Shemale Access
    Ever offered a gorgeous lady a drink, invited her back to your house, took off her clothes and found that she was packing more heat then you originally thought? Then thought fuck it I bought him/her all those expensive drinks might as well fuck it! Well now you can save a little extra money while checking out these she men as the All Shemale Access will quench all your shemale needs with 4 equally arousing sites!
    Trial: 0 Monthly: 0.00
  26. Nuts On Sluts
    Never the ones to shy away, these Trannies volunteer to satisfy any man with a number of their wicked services. This site is Part of the Meat Member Network, this means that members have access to over 45 Adult websites that are in the MMNetwork collection. All of the hot sluts featured in this site have been plucked straight from the streets of Rio de Janeiro, altogether there are over 60 horny Trannies with huge cocks who only just crave cock in their asshole.
    Trial: 0.00 Monthly: 29.95
  27. Exclusive T Girls
    If you're one who won't turn down a saucy gender bending experience, then come on in to Exclusive T Girls where the girls are packing some extra equipment. All up there are 42 episodes starring sexy transsexuals you'll only ever find on this very site. The site also features a tasty buffet of picture content, and a ball busting network of awesome bonus sites for members to sink their gender bending paws in.
    Trial: 0 Monthly: 0.00
  28. Tranny Sex Nation
    Tranny Sex Nation is the destination for tranny lovers, and swingers alike. On this site you will find a number of sexy she boy models, offering the best of both worlds. Tranny fans can sink their teeth into a number of great exclusive episodes, and awesome quality picture content. So get your tickets ready, as the next stop is Tranny Sex Nation, the land of chicks with dicks.
    Trial: 0 Monthly: 0.00
  29. Sexy Shemales From Brazil
    Here's an outrageous gender bending site for you horny shemale lovers. Watch as the sexiest type of shemales from the land of Brazil show off their goods, then get ass slammed in 11 exclusive episodes, featuring some of the steamiest transsexual fucking you'll ever witness. The episodes come complete with picture content, and as a bonus, members get access to over 30 great bonus sites.
    Trial: 0 Monthly: 0.00
  30. Girls Who Are Boys
    If the title doesn't give it away for you Girls Who Are Boys is a site which focuses on kinky shemales. The site provides over hundreds of gender bending tranny scenes taken straight out from retail DVD titles, so you can expect to view some decent quality videos and lengthy shemale romps. The site also comes complete with truck loads of picture content and a myriad of extras for members to enjoy!
    Trial: 0 Monthly: 0.00