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Deep down she's knows she's been a very bad girl and wants a spanking. Check the reviews of the hottest spanking porn sites on the net. Out comes the paddle and spanks the softest part of her ass. She's not whimpering? Multiple open-handed sexy spankings are in order for the young lass. Measured punishment makes for a good girl (and it's fun to make welts. The time to fuck her is when tears wet her cheeks. Spanking porn is righteous work. Prepared to lend a hand?

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  1. Kink On Demand is one of the worlds top hardcore fetish networks, and their Kink On Demand site is a great way of accessing their amazing exclusive content on a scene-by-scene network. Choose from any one of their crazy categories including great bdsm, leather, latex, electricity, machines and even some pissing content and grab only the scenes you're actually going to watch. Check out the tour and compare this to their monthly options to get a good idea of whats best for you.
    Trial: N/A Monthly: 19.99
  2. Disgraced 18
    Disgraced 18 is the hottest TEEN BDSM porn site on the internet. It features high definition content of gorgeous teenager babes getting tied up, gagged, tortured outdoors and indoors. If you love to see beautiful submissive teen girls Disgraced 18 is the one to sign up for, it has exclusive content and some of the hottest young girls! With your pass you also get access to the entire Porn Pros Network, that's 19 sites for the price of 1! This site is worth every penny!
    Trial: 0.95 Monthly: 24.95
  3. House of Taboo
    House of Taboo is part of the DDF Prod network, and this one is all about kinky fetishes and BDSM sessions. With categories covering spanking, bondage, medical fetish, latex, and pissing, this is a pretty diverse collection. The site updates regularly with you freaky action starring gorgeous European models, and all of the materials are 100% exclusive.
    Trial: N/A Monthly: 24.95
  4. Punished Angels
    Punished Angels is all about girl on girl spanking. Chelsea Pfeiffer is the personality behind the action, and she just loves to put sexy fetish models and amateurs over her knee for a good spank session! These bottoms get spanked bare and with panties on, and some of the spankees even masturbate or have toys stuffed into their pussies and cum like crazy while being spanked! Membership includes bonus access to the entire Fetish Network collection which is made up of 25 additional sites!
    Trial: 1.00 Monthly: 39.95
  5. Spanking Pass
    Spanking Pass offers full, unrestricted access to three separate collections dedicated to sexy spanking. These collections feature amateur models ranging from trim and thin to plump and curvy. This is a pretty general spanking collection which, for the most part, doesn't have any specific themes beyond spanking and corporal punishment. There are hundreds of scenes available in this package, so let's get inside and take a closer look at what they have to offer.
    Trial: N/A Monthly: 44.95
  6. Spanking Experience
    Spanking Experience offers a 100% exclusive collection of amateur video clips featuring naughty young Eastern European gals of all shapes and sizes getting spanked, paddled, and caned. Each clip offers a kinky scenario to set the stage for spanking fine, and new video clips are added on a regular basis. Let's take a peek inside the members area and get all of the details on this corporal punishment themed site.
    Trial: 12.95 Monthly: 14.95
  7. Perfect Spanking
    Perfect Spanking features spanking, paddling, caning, and other corporal punishment, all with a British twist. All the models here appear to be British, and it looks like the scenes are probably filmed in Britain, as well. The site is part of the Fetish Network which features at least three other collections specifically dedicated to spanking as well as nearly 40 other sites in various kinky BDSM and fetish categories.
    Trial: Free Monthly: 39.95
  8. Sinful Spanking
    Sinful Spanking offers a collection of nonexclusive videos and photos featuring both men and women getting spanked in various situations as well as other BDSM related activities. You'll see fairly tame lesbian spanking, spanking in the context of sex, and more extreme punishments with paddles, whips, and clamps. Membership to the site includes free bonus access to a huge network filled with more nonexclusive materials in a myriad of categories.
    Trial: 1.95 Monthly: 29.95
  9. Bad Tushy
    If nothing gets you going faster than the sight of a sexy round female ass jiggling after a hard slap, then you simply must check out Bad Tushy! In mostly girl-girl scenes, this erotic spanking collection shows you just how good it can be to be bad! When secretaries forget their bosses morning coffee or a cheating girlfriend gets caught, the spanking starts, and it doesn't stop until these rear ends are a bright shade of red!
    Trial: N/A Monthly: 29.95
  10. Pure Spanking
    Pure Spanking is a fairly long running spanking themed site that is part of the Fetish Network. The models and movies here seem to be mostly British, and they cover a fairly wide range of action within the general spanking and corporal punishment themes. Does this one have what it takes to compete with other spanking and fetish sites out there? Let's go inside together and find out!
    Trial: Free Monthly: 39.95
  11. Spank Hut
    As kids we all hated and dreaded the thought of getting spanked for doing something naughty, isn't it strange how as adults we jump at the chance of being spanked and find it a sexual and arousing gesture, the ladies on show at spankhut love getting their asses spanked so much that they had to have footage of themselves being spanked red raw for all humanity to see!
    Trial: 0 Monthly: 0.00
  12. Girl Girl Spank
    We just can't seem to get enough of those horny raging lesbians can we? I mean every one can appreciate the beauty of lesbianism, I'm sure everyone would agree with me that a womans body is an exquisite thing, like a work of art, anyway before I get too philosophical, I should tell you what the site is actually about, Girl Girl Spank is all about.....well girls spanking each other as the title implies, so if you like lesbians and spanking you'll love this site.
    Trial: 0 Monthly: 0.00
  13. Spank A Bitch
    You like red bums, and lots of them? Then this is the spanking site for you. With more red asses then you put poke a stick at sure lives up to its name as a spanking site. While this site is only still quite new, it has over 35 videos, and close to 800 spanking photos to go with each video they have. While there isn't as much video as I would like to see they are updating the site 2-3 times per week.
    Trial: 0 Monthly: 0.00
  14. Spank Him Hard
    I must say I didn't know what to expect when I was going to review a website where naughty boys get spanked. But this site is a great new concept. Normally you see the girls getting spanked, But with the roles reversed you have to see the end result. I am not sure who this site would really appeal to. I am guessing it could appeal to both males, and females of the spanking fanbase. This site sure does offer everything that a spanking fan could want.
    Trial: 0 Monthly: 0.00
  15. Spank My Daughter
    Spank My Daughter comes from the same guys who brought you Spank A Bitch and Spank Him Hard You will get access to all 3 of these spanking websites if you join one, they are all part of the SSP (SuperSitePass) These guys are at the forefront of spanking websites. Spank My Daughter is one killer of a spanking website. You get all the 18 and 19 year old with rosey red ass cheeks. Spank My Daughter has a little over 30 Videos, and around 1500 high res photos to go with the Videos
    Trial: 0 Monthly: 0.00
  16. Red Ass Babes
    Red Ass Babes is a site you will visit if you love your spanking. These young girls have red, bruised asses, and I am not just talking about a little red bum, I am talking like bloody red bums, and black and blue bruises. This site will really blow your mind, I was going to say that this site might not be for all spanking fans because it's really hardcore stuff, but I really think that spanking fans will enjoy the new hardcore approach of this site.
    Trial: 0 Monthly: 0.00
  17. Red Ass Models is where the girls are sizzling hot and their asses are the color of cherries! All these babes came to this site claiming to be into spanking and daring these guys to turn their tails stoplight red, they accepted their challenge and soon had them eating their words. Without a doubt these pretty young things will think twice before claiming to be into spankings in the future, and best of all you can watch their ass tingling initiations here at
    Trial: 0 Monthly: 0.00
  18. Smack That Slut
    We all know that if you have been a bad slut you need to be smacked! The guys on this site will take care of smacking any of these dirty little sluts that have been naughty, and need to be put in line. There's always fresh content being loaded to this site each, and every week. The models are all 18-30yo, and are very fresh, and I have really seen them before. This site is 100% exclusive so you will not find this content anywhere else on the net. Its a highly recommend site.
    Trial: 0 Monthly: 0.00
  19. Spanked And Abused
    Here's a site for those of you who have a penchant on spanking naughty babes with large, round asses. Spanked and Abused offers exclusive videos and picture galleries, starring mischievous ladies who deserve a good hard spanking. This site is brought to you by the Inclusive network, which the lucky members also get full access to. Check it out, and let the spanking begin!
    Trial: 0 Monthly: 0.00
  20. Freak Spankings
    I love the spanking content concept as Im a person that enjoys a good spanking myself. The Freak S site has a small amount of content on it, but is well supported with the 35 additional Adult sites that members get access to as well when becoming a member of the site. Im concerned about the video content viewing options that are on the site, the site offers formats and options and some of them work but take a long time and others dont work at all making it very difficult to view the content.
    Trial: 2.93 Monthly: 34.86
  21. Rosy Red Cheek
    Rosy Red Cheeks is a decent little site on the Starlight network that features some very bad girls getting spanked in the ass until it turns bright red and along the way they suck and fuck a bit of cock. There is a lot of good content here, but the quality is a bit lower than Id like and the content is a bit on the trashy side and doesnt look to great all of the time, not to mention the constant annoying ads in the paid members area! Not a complete failure but I cant recommend it either
    Trial: N/A Monthly: 39.95
  22. Elite Spanking
    If you're in to the whole pain is pleasure business then you're certainly going to appreciate the content available on Elite Spanking! Witness some of the most beautiful women grimace in pain (or is it pleasure?) as they get their flawlessly smooth skin spanked red and raw! The site currently has over 30 exclusive episodes and continues to grow with regular updates.
    Trial: 0 Monthly: 0.00
  23. Enter The Hardcore
    Enter The Hardcore is a site dedicated to the very best of retro bondage and spanking content. This site is new, and let me tell ya as a guy who knows plenty about the retro niche it is very nice to have a site dedicated to retro BDSM. They don't have too many updates at this point, only about 15 scenes in total. However, with your membership you get full access to the entire All Elite Pass comprised of 59 high quality sites, over 25469 scenes, and 8000 DVD titles! Great value!
    Trial: 1.00 Monthly: 29.97
  24. Spanking Teenies
    Do you get turned on by the jiggling sensation that occurs when you slap a tight tooshie hard until it turns bright red? Do you like Teens? If you answered yes to both questions you will love the exclusive content waiting for you at Spanking Teens! These ladies get aroused from having their juicy bum spanked, the pain makes their pussy wet. See red raw footage as hot young adult babes get spanked and fucked! The site has bad design but the scenes make it worth getting a membership to!
    Trial: N/A Monthly: 24.95
  25. Bun Beating Fun
    Bun Beating Fun has been around since about 1997, making it one of the oldest porn sites I've ever reviewed. This highly specific collection features one thing and one thing only: hot chicks getting spanked! This one is all about over the knee spanking with no sex, bondage, or other activities at all. Members get access to the site's full archive, but does this 13 year old spanking collection have what it takes to compete in the year 2010? Let's find out!
    Trial: N/A Monthly: 28.95
  26. Bars and Stripes
    Bars and Stripes is a uniquely themed fetish site that blends the spanking and women-in-prison porno categories into one kinky collection. This site has been active and updating for several years and has an impressive collection built up so far. The performers are mostly British and these freaky Brits love their punishment!
    Trial: N/A Monthly: 29.95
  27. Rough 18
    If regular teen fucking just isn't hot enough for you, check this site out, here you can get your hands on super hot European teens that love things in the bedroom to be rough, a chain, whips, spanking spatulas - all of that gets used on Rough 18. Drop dead sexy teen chicks with a thing for being dominated get into all kinds of hot sex situations, from caged sex in the bedroom to being team tagged in the kitchen by their boyfriends and their best friends, they get spanked, whipped and fucked!
    Trial: N/A Monthly: 29.95