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Short Review:

The Gay Room is actually a place that is made up of four original sites. It's kind of thrown itself onto the porn market in recent months with wild abandon and some great and very original content. Other networks should start to worry as this one starts and continues to grow. It's mainly about reality movies and galleries, hunky and horny guys of all ages, fun and madness, and about bringing you some very horny sex too. It's good value, there are almost daily updates and it's good quality.
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Trial 1.00
Monthly 17.95

Current Ratings for Gay Room:

Our total rating: 94/100

Detailed Review:


You sign up and log in to the members area and there you come to the main homepage for all the sites. You see, the Gay Room is the name for the network and doesn't have its own content, but it does direct you to the four sites having said that, all the content from the sites is contained in the Gay Room, so maybe it holds the content and the sites share it out. Whatever. Here's what you currently find in the four sites:

Massage Bait. Nine scenes, with screen caps and with digital galleries. This site is all about man on man sex on the massage table. It delivers its genre of porn really well, with long and sensuous scenes, lasting for up to an hour, and horny, hunky guys both on and off the table. The movies come across as natural and the guys tend to be mainly your older, butcher types.

Damn That's Big. 20 scenes, with screen caps and digital galleries. Here you've got one hung boy in each scene playing along with an outraged, drop-jawed playmate. I found some young and twinky boys in here, some Average Joes and lots of hardcore oral and anal with huge cocks on many occasions.

Out Him. 37 scenes with scaps and gals. I've still not quite got the hang of this site yet; it's about straight guys doing gay stuff, but some of that is simply a man jerking off to his home cam what's gay about that? But it's well worth a look, the guys are at least straight acting and looking, and it's up to you to decide if they are really gay on the quiet or not. There are some (what look like) genuine outing scenes though and they're fun.

Gay Violations. 49 scenes with scaps and gals. This is your chance to see something totally unique and fun. The violations of the title centre around unsuspecting members of the public who get their trousers pulled down, or water thrown over them when on the loo, or in some other way publicly humiliated by showing off their ass or dicks. There are also hidden cam moments too and it's all pretty funny and wild.

With each of these four sites you get good quality movies, up to HD, and you get a choice of streams or downloads and a selection of player file types to use too. The image quality was fine, the screen caps are plentiful as are the digital shots but throughout the network I found more missing images than actual images, that's the only thing that let the sites down: all those red crosses where pics should be. And that goes for the sample pics and even samples from the video clips. Get it sorted guys!

Other than that though, you've got a neat selection of truly unique and exclusive sites that deliver good quality and that keep updating so it's a good value package.

Features & Navigation:

Another neat thing about The Gay Room is that it is well designed. You will find drop-down lists of the sites that you can log into and you simply choose one for the page to change, there's no messing around. You can search all the sites, you can easily return to the main home/portal page, you can list all the scenes from all the sites on one page where you're told there are 4,125 scenes strange as that didn't add up to the totals they showed on individual sites pages; maybe they mean clips, as each scene is divided into clips anyway.

The navigation tools are good and the design makes all the pages very easy to see and use. You've got lost of search and sort options to help you filter, you can easily find the next site to view and you won't get lost. There are crossed links to the model index and to the categories, and the model index not only gives you links to where each model can be found in action, but it also gives you some stats and info too.

I had no technical trouble here, everything worked really well and quickly, the pages loaded nice and fast and the buffering, on my mid-range connection, was also just fine. My only problem was those missing images, and especially the ones missing from the index pages, the ones that should have been advertising the movies. I had this problem in IE and Firefox, and when you see nothing but X in your galleries you do start to get a bit fed up.

But other than that, the members area was good to use, well laid out and functioned just fine. No problems there at all.


The Gay Room collects together four truly unique sites that contain their own exclusive content. From sensual massages to crazy hazings and outings, you've got a variety of content in the sites, great quality movies, some neat voyeur stuff, loads of pics (when viewable) and a site that is well designed, easy to use and simple to navigate. You also have the added attraction of almost daily updates and the variety that these crazy sites bring you it is porn and fun in one.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive content
+ Great variety and originality
+ Neat design and interactive
+ Very frequent updates
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