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You need to have something special if you are going to stand out in a crowd, and Man Royale has that something special. It's hard to say exactly what it is, for me it's a combination of quality, design, lighting and models, but there is certainly something different and good about this new site that makes it worth seeing. The content is exclusive, the guys are natural and yet dreamy, the style of filming is professional and very cinema, and the whole site looks and feels classy.
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Our total rating: 91/100

Detailed Review:


Once you've signed up you find yourself in a very chic members' area. It's also a simple one, though it does have the basic interactive functions to make your time in here more enjoyable. But to start with, you will notice there are only two main menu items. Scenes is, clearly, where you find the list of videos and Guys is a model directory with links from guys to their scenes. The home page is also the first page of the scene list and you see right from the start what is new. The tour promises three uploads per week, and so far that schedule has been kept to. Dates are shown so you can keep an eye on them, and all you need to do is click a sample image to go to the scene.

If you've read the tour pages you will also know that all the images you saw there were taken from the video camera. This site is showing us what the new style of adult sites will soon be, it's setting a standard over the heads of many others with its use of HD filming. Gone are the days of grainy, small screen caps, the images on Man Royale are all from the video camera and they are all more or less perfect. And that means that the video quality is going to be something special as well.

You can stream the 15 movies in two choices; a normal one (which is pretty damn good if you ask me) and an HD version at 1080p. You can chose your downloads too with Mp4 files at 1280 x 720, or a WMV at the same size, and a smaller Mp4 at 750 x 422; so that's five ways to watch each movie. They all come with trailers as well which is a nice touch. The chances are you are going to want to see every moment of every film, but if you want to check out a rough guide first, you can view the well put together trailers. Neat.

But there is more to the Man Royale films than just good viewing options. They also have good runtimes, up to 40 minutes, and they are well shot. Actually there is something very theatrical about them and that's what appeals to me. The lighting is good and that makes all the difference, especially when you're paying with soft, back-lit scenes as they are here. The framing is neat as well, the guys behind the cameras know what they are doing when they set the shots up, and the editing is also tops. You get a nice combination of long-shot still camera and hand-held, up-close work. The sound is natural (with a good use of a musical underscore from time to time), and so are the guys. The scenes have a beginning to them, a scenario is established, and then it's not long before the action starts.

Each one comes with a gallery of screen caps too and here they announce the fact and are proud of sowing you stills from the video camera, because the quality is fine. Images were up at 950 x 534 and they were clear, sharp and easy to access as well.

If you asked me to mention anything that I thought was missing from the content it would be information; there isn't, as yet, a lot of info about the guys, the shoots, where they were made, and so on. But that also means there are none of those nasty descriptions; you get clear and quality movies with titles upload dates and actors names, pure and simple.

Features & Navigation:

I mentioned the basic interactive options, and these are rates and comments. You can leave your own comments and thoughts about each scene, and you can also rate them. The site has not been around for very long and already guys have started leaving comments about the scenes; favourable ones I should add. You find the boxes on the viewing pages. These pages are neat, with nothing getting in the way or cluttering them up, and they are easy to use. There is help and support on hand should you have any problems, though that's unlikely, and you will find that everything is easy to read and use.

Check the home page when you arrive and you see there is a quick navigation set-up. You can click to see all scenes or the most popular, and you can click to see each of the guys individually; there are 11 of them so far. There is one minor typo that the webmasters should address and that's under the Quick Nav menu; the guys are called girls and they are clearly not. Very much not in fact, as these boys are studly, manly and yet tender and passionate. It's a great cast and it would be nice to know more about them apart from their names. A little write up and some stats would be fun to see and would help us feel more involved with them.

Like everything else here the model index is easy to use and gives you simple face and/or body shots to look at when you are browsing it. Find a guy and click, and you get straight to his work, nice and simple.

And overall the design is neat as well, a black background with white lettering and the grey pattern (non-intrusive) gives each page a touch of class and all the technical aspects worked smoothly too; the whole things felt like silk.


Man Royale is a very classy and good looking site that features horny, hunky models who are also sensitive and erotic. It is well designed and laid out, it has basic interactive functions it is updating at three new scenes per week, and so it's soon going to be really big, and at the moment the membership fees are set to a decent, low level while the site grows. So my advice, if you want highly original great quality and erotic hardcore, is to grab a membership now while it is a huge bargain.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive content
+ Very well made movies
+ Good quality
+ Easy to use
+ Lots of updates

- Not a lot of information about the guys
- New site, but building
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