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Well, yes, it is all about stroking one off at Club Stroke. It's the ultimate site for masturbation fans, and you can either sit and watch or sit and join in, it's up to you. What you have are over 100 original movies with solo guys of all flavours, getting naked and then getting a load off in front of the cameras. You have streams and download, galleries and some extras, and regular updates. The quality is fine and there were no problems with using the site when I called in.
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Our total rating: 81/100

Detailed Review:


You will see a long set of links in the menu and this is your main guide to content. There is actually a lot going on here, and a lot of hidden extras, which I will come to in a moment. But first, lets start with the menu items and work across to see whats behind each link.

First off, the Home page is filled with updates, and these appear to be frequent and regular, with at least one if not two new things every week. You also get to see whats coming soon, who is tops, and you can join in with a members poll. There are also repeat links and other top lists in the right column, so you can use the home page as your base of operations, or you can click on through the top menu to

Strokin' Studs, which is the model index. Actually, when you get to the videos area you tend to see the guys faces in the sample pics there too, so you kind of have a second model index. But in this first one you have larger face shots, and I counted 44 of them. Also in this model index, when you click a guy, you get his stats and a write up plus direct links to his performances.

Movies comes next in your menu and here you start with 24 samples per index page and there are currently five pages. Click a sample shot to get to your viewing page and you'll find your decent download options. You can stream in Quicktime if you have the plugin enabled, if not you can go and get it for free, and you can also download in WMV, MP4 and 3GP. It's a good set of viewing choices and the download speed is pretty fast too. You have a choice of full scenes or clips to view, so basically everything is made nice and easy for you when you come to view a movie. You might need to check the titles of movies to see exactly what you are getting. I rather fell for Kody and downloaded his video only to find it was a seven minute interview. That was fine and a really good way of getting to know the guys you are going to jerk off with. I then used the search box to find his other content and found his application form and two galleries, sadly no video yet, but horny galleries.

And those galleries open up thumbnail pages where the images are nice and large and come in a choice of viewing sizes, with slideshows and zip file downloads available too. There were around 100 photo sets here.

And then you start to move into the extras and additional features of the site and find a load more content. You've got the guys bios to look at, an area of members photo which is where the club aspect really kicks in as you start to swap pics with other horny guys from all around the world. You can exchange and view videos here too. Although it looks like the area stopped being used in 2009 there is still plenty to see here. Open this area in a new window if you can as it takes a lot of back button work to get back to Club Stroke.

Features & Navigation:

I'm actually still running through the top menu, and the last areas of the site are the extra features and bonuses. I found 14 bonus solo movies, around 100 more galleries, a huge collection of varied feeds and movies to stream, and links to other sites that might interest you, including some special offers to join them.

So, a good set of things to view and all easy to navigate to and find. The self-swap area requires a new login, but it's free and I'm not sure as to why it's not been used or updated for a few years, and it would be handy for it to open automatically in a new window, but you cant have everything. I like the interactive functions here, the comments and rates that you can make and I like the way it's easy to find help and support if you need it. Simply check the right columns or look at the very bottom of each page.

The site also carries a general search box and you can add a keyword and then filter by category if you want to. There is good information and this is all clearly written and easy to read, so no trouble was found with getting information. Ditto, the models write ups which are to-the-point and simple to read, though you will get more info from watching their interviews where they exist. Navigating through galleries is fine and downloading zips and video files was also quick and easy.


I would really like to see the self-swap area opened up and developed, and put back on track as, when joining a solo jerk off site, it's good to be able to share. This area could really give the club more of a club feel, but even with only whats there you've got a good and specialist jerk off site at Club Stroke. You're well looked after in all the right areas: quality, updates, information and sexy guys. This has got to be one of the very best masturbation and solo sites around.

Pros & Cons

+ Stays with its niche
+ Lots of extras and bonus content
+ Lots of horny guys and nice interviews
+ Easy and interactive to use

- The self-submit area is out of date
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