Straight Off Base
Straight Off Base 7206 Straight Off Base If you get major wood when thinking about straight military guys, then you need to meet Major Wood who commands the site, Straight Off Base.
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Straight Off Base

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Short Review

If you get major wood when thinking about straight military guys, then you need to meet Major Wood who commands the site, Straight Off Base. Actually, you may not meet him, but you will meet airmen, army guys and genuine sailors in and out of uniforms, jacking off, getting a helping hand and even going the whole way with their straight buddies. This mainly exclusive Military site is one of the best for real amateur servicemen on the lookout for some extra cash by showing off their full regalia.

  • Monthly: $19.95
82/100 0
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  • Exclusivity: 5/5
  • Updates: 4/5
  • Originality: 8/10
  • Quality: 13/15
  • Speed: 12/15
  • Quantity: 12/15

We can make lots of puns about the arsenal of asses here, the size of the boys' weapons and the rounds that they shoot off after a jerking session solo or together, but let's not. Lets instead concentrate on the fact that Straight Off Base does a fantastic job bringing us great looking guys in their military uniforms, out of them, with their dress uniforms on, and their combats, stripping down to dog tags and showing off their straight-boy dicks. That's what the site is all about and, unlike some, it looks and feels genuine.

What I mean is, in some military sites you know you're looking at porn boys dressing up. Here you get the impression that somehow, Major Wood has found real army, air and navy guys to chat to you on cam and then strip. It's those natural chats that give you the chance to figure out if they are genuine (and I was convinced) and that's what sets up the really horny side of things. Then they undress, slowly, and get out their often flaccid cocks and start playing; that's another horny thing - soft dicks to hard. From then on, each 15 or 20-minute + movie is all about cute, tough, fit, natural straight guys jerking off. But there's still more to the site than that.

There are Helping Hand videos where the str8 guy gets a hand from the cameraman or director or even a str8-mate in the room. There are some where the guys are doing live cam shows and others where there's full-on gay hardcore. What's more, the models are a good mix of ages and 'types.' Here's what I found on one random page: a 20-year-old private handling his privates, a studly marine with dark hair and a good seven inches, a cute sergeant in his camo-pants stroking his hardon, and a guy Fleshjacking his way to a great cum shot. On other pages: a youthful sailor getting a helping hand jerk off, cut guys, uncut guys, a couple sucking and jerking each other in their uniforms You can see, there's lots of variety.

As for finding and viewing the movies, it couldn't be easier. A simple menu leads to pages of scenes, making up 114 to date and with updates each week. Movies are shown as streams in large, medium and small resolutions, and three downloads in Mp4. The top resolution is at 1,280 x 720, with 640 x 360 and 320 x 180 also available. The quality is fine, sometimes these are cam show recordings but well shot and looking good. The sound is natural, so you hear the guys talking and chatting with each other, the guy off-cam and the viewers.

Over in the photos area, you then find 312 galleries to check out. I found more hardcore here and some solos. Some are single hunks jerking incredible pieces of meat, others are threesomes, and there's more man to man sex in the images, that are all well taken and look good. Numbers of shots per set vary, but an average would be around 150, and the site defaults to the slideshow function with large images as soon as you open a gallery. You can, though, opt to see the thumbnails first and then open and close them one at a time. They are mainly digital stills with some screen caps in there, and images are usually at 780 x 1,170 px. Zip files are also available.

There are no bonuses here, but there are links to a chat/cam site where you might find some of the guys live, and a VOD theatre.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 4/5
  • Navigation Ease: 9/10
  • Features: 8/10

The members' area holds a simple top menu to take you to the videos, set out across numbered index pages for easy navigation, and to the images, also neatly set out. Sample shots are big and clear, there are good write-ups for the videos (though no model index), and the download and stream instructions are simple enough to follow. I had no navigation issues. You're able to reorder the content in various ways, and linked tag words help you find similar scenes and images.

Straight Off Base has a simple members area and one that's not expensive to get into. You have the choice of one month's access or three. You can opt for only one month, and it won't recur, and that's a fair price, but the recurring one is cheaper still, at $19.95, down from $24.95. The three-month option comes in at $47.96, and there are no hidden charges or cross sales.

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Straight Off Base, apart from having a clever title, also has a lot of genuine military guys with hung dicks, cute faces, studly bodies, hard looks and macho, straight appearances, not to mention the uniforms, jerking off, jerking each other and occasionally fucking on cam. It's mainly exclusive, well put together, looks good and is not expensive. There are 'real' military sites out there, but this feels like the most genuine. They want you as a new recruit, and it's well worth enlisting.

Pros & Cons

  • + Some exclusive content
  • + Genuine straight military guys
  • + HD and mobile
  • + Easy to use
  • + Weekly updates
  • + Good quality
  • - No extras
  • - Variable quality at times
  • - No model index