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Short Review:

Stock Bar is a truly unique site. Quite simply, it is a live feed from a nightclub in Montreal, Canada, where they promise, and deliver, the best in North American male strippers, and they do it every night. While the stage show is going on there are also backstage cams and a cam in the jack off room, and when there is no show on, you have the recordings and videos filmed during previous shows. You can go out to a hot strip club every night and never leave your home.
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Trial 14.95
Monthly 35.95

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Our total rating: 85/100

Detailed Review:


When you log in here you find four basic options to get you started: there is a link direct to the live feed, but you need to be on line between 8pm and 2am EDT/EST to catch the live shows. But, having said that, they are taking place every night. You then have a link to the Jerk Off Room cam which is a live cam running at the same time as the live shows. Guy come in there and knock one off the wrist live on cam, so exhibitionists and voyeurs alike are well catered for. Then you have a link to the Dancers Studio which is live Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11pm, and finally a link into the chat window, which opens up a Flash Chat screen where you can get to know other members.

That's down the home page; across the top you have your main menu and this takes you to the pre-recorded content, the shows and stuff you have missed. It starts off with the Dancers, and there were 70 featured in a sliding model index; if you click one you find a compilation video of his work. Click to the Videos section though and you find 603 movies to watch.

These are not your standard adult movies, these are shots taken from the dance shows, and they usually concentrate on the sexy action, the cock play and full strip, rather than the times around this kind of action. But, having said that, you do find the guys actually entertaining and stripping, you don't always leap straight in to the action.

If you then click into the Studio area you find 229 scenes/clips of the guys backstage, and these scenes tend to be longer. I found some running for up to 50 minutes here and in them were moments where the built and fit dancer guys were simply jacking off, or playing with toys. If you want more movies then there is a section were the dances, and the nights, are arranged in a kind of series, with parties, Pride events, Stock Idol and other fun competitions. You will also find some Pictures in the gallery area of the site with a rolling slideshow of around 90 images.

So, whats the quality of all this like? Well, considering it is filmed at night in a noisy club, it is actually pretty good. You get loads of atmosphere with the crowd cheering along and the music thumping out. (There is an area of the site called DJ Booth, where you find interviews with the clubs DJDs, and other backstage fun.) But I guess the only downside is that the movies could not be downloaded. You get streams only, in Mp4 format, and in sizes around 690 x 400, though that might vary with the older recordings. You can go full screen and that works fine, and I found the buffering happened very quickly so I didn't get any start and stop problems.

You will be better off on a faster connection of course, because of the actual live streaming when it happens, and you will need to be up and about at that certain time of day, or night. But what makes this site work is the way that it brings you straight to the front row of a very popular club, every single night, and gives you some of the top strippers and erotic dancers, and some nice jack off scenes, for a very reasonable monthly price.

Features & Navigation:

There was only one thing missing for me here and that was an easy way to find out what the time was. You will need to convert if you are not in the appropriate time zone and, not being American or in that part of the world, I have no idea what EDT and EST are or how they relate to me. A countdown would be useful or even a link off to a site that will easily convert the time.

If you want to get interactive then you can join in the chat which opened nice and quickly. You will have to set up your username and so on, but it won't take long, and once done it's done. And if you want to get really involved then you can always go down to the club, or apply online to be a stripper, or go along and make use of the jerk off room and let everyone see what you've got.

Navigation was not a problem here, the top menu is self-explanatory and there were not adverts or nasty pop-ups getting in the way. I found everything ran smoothly and well and I had no technical troubles; as long as you are on a decent broadband, or fast connection you should be able to stream the recordings and the live shows with no hassles.


Stock Bar becomes a bit addictive as you click in night after night to see who is performing. You actually feel like you are in this club even though you are still at home. So everyone can travel to Canada and see some hot totty every night. The models are what make it work so well, with their hung cocks and fit bodies; the models and the atmosphere. It's also good to have so many recordings alongside the chat and in a site that is easy to use.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive nightly shows
+ Recordings from several years
+ Easy to use
+ Chat included
+ Great atmosphere
+ Hot dancers

- Stream only
- Sometimes dark quality
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