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Men.Com is a collection of nine exclusive sites and is a membership that no lover of gay hardcore can live without. This has to be one of our all-time favourite sites, or rather, networks, because of its quality and the way it is designed. You're not being asked to pay a huge price here but you are getting a large amount of original scenes in return. And these scenes come with bonus DVDs, behind the scenes shots and a model index. You can also expect an update every day.
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Trial 1.00
Monthly 19.95

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Our total rating: 90/100

Detailed Review:


Lets kick off with some impressive numbers. There are nine sites included with this membership now and there are 965 scenes to view. There is also lots of bonus content which well get to later. Each exclusive scene though is of a decent length, around 20 to 25 minutes, and each one is well filmed, good quality and comes with good downloading options. You can also stream, and you will find a choice of viewing options from a Low quality version of each scene up to a high one, though some of the original, oldest scenes may not have as many choices.

You can either go straight to the full collection of scenes, or you can search the content out site by site. Either way each site and scene comes with the same options, the same neatly designed pages, the same ease of access and each one has the same high quality standards of filming, models and presentation. But not all sites are updating at the same time. It looks like the newer ones are getting lots of attention and the more established ones are running at one update per week, or fortnight. But they still have a lot of content for you to check out. Whats also nice is that some of these sites have themes, and fantasies are played out within those themes. For example:

Big Dicks At School takes college students and teachers as its theme, with sports coaches and jocks teaming up with twinks and older Dilfs. This site has 172 scenes, features the likes of up-coming twink star Johnny Rapid among others. Drill My Hole is a hardcore mainly anal site with the same kinds of models, smooth and fit handsome and cute, and this site has 277 scenes, though no particular genre apart, perhaps, from brutal hard tops dominating smoother younger bottom guys. It is currently updating once or twice per week.

Gods Of Men is one of the newer additions to the network with 18 scenes so far and this site goes for a more natural approach, beautiful looking men making love and being sensuous (and bonking each others brains out). Jizz Orgy is another of the smaller sites with 77 scenes and updates around once per week. This is all about threesomes and beyond, with some hot group scenes and orgies. Men Behind the Scenes is what it sounds like with 108 backstage videos and interviews and it is an excellent way to get to know your stars and also what goes in to the making of these great movies.

Men Of UK is all about hunky Brit boys and men with loads of hardcore, uncut cock and sexy accents in 77 scenes and with a new update every few days. Straight to Gay has 218 scenes and updates regularly too and the idea here is that straight models do gay sex for the first time. But it's not one of these gay for pay type things with unconvincing models, here you really do believe the straight guys are straight. The Gay Office takes office sex and office fantasies to the extreme with hunky bosses, guys in suits and all kinds of hardcore taking place over the desk and in the IT room with 131 scenes and weekly updates. And finally you've got Top To Bottom, another new addition to the collection with 15 scenes. Here we have some of's top Tops going Bottom for the first time. This site updates when it can.

So, that's the rough outline of your man content. It's all excellent quality and nicely varied, and with a new scene being added to one of these sites every day there's not only plenty to see here but plenty more to come.

Features & Navigation:

The site also features a model index which is arranged in two areas: the Exclusive nine models are those who have only worked for this company, and there is also an All Models area (and you can arrange things into Most Liked as well) where you have 426 guys in total to look through. Thats a lot of amateur and professional models with loads of hung cock and lots of great bodies to look at, and a more detailed search facility would be nice here, though you can sort the guys by first name. You do get good body shots though and instant links to each guys videos and stats.

Click back to the Scenes area for all scene and you find some basic filters. Here you can search by site only, so you dont have to open each new site in a new tab or window, and you can also look by rate and most viewed. As you view a scene you can rate it and give it a thumbs up, or down, and you can see how many views it has. You can view trailers as well and there are links to the scenes Pictures. Each gallery comes with slideshows and online viewing and has its own number of images that you can save one at a time.

Over in the BTS area (behind the scenes) you find the 108 backstage solo and interviews, castings and outtakes to watch and then you can click to that bonus area I mentioned. Here there were 1,237 DVDS to view, or you can see all of their scenes set out across index pages and there are a lot of them; 6,515 non-exclusive bonus scenes will take you a long time to get through.

You will find other functions on the site such as contact details if you need help or a support service, a Playlist area for your favourite scenes and models and any scenes you has set aside to watch later. The whole things works smoothly and well, is easy to navigate and should give you no hassles at all.


This really is one of the best collections of exclusive gay hardcore sites around and it comes in at a very good price considering the amount of viewing you have. With nine sites updating at the rate of around one new scene per day in the network and with exclusive movies, scenes and then then loads of bonuses, you've got more porn here than you can shake a stick at. But best of all, you have a great looking site with hot models in excellently made scenes.

Pros & Cons

+ Nine exclusive sites
+ Award winning
+ Daily updates
+ Top models
+ Great themes
+ Excellent quality
+ Good viewing choices
+ Lots of variety
+ Bonuses

- Older movies may = fewer viewing options
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