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It doesn't take you long to get your head around what goes on at Kristen Bjorn, but you come away from the site knowing that you're gunna be back. This is one of the top male erotica companies operating today, they put out some of the horniest man on man action you're ever likely to see, and you can get in on the action for a very reasonable price when you sign up. You can also take the pay as you go option, and you're always welcome to buy the excellent and exclusive movies.
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Our total rating: 86/100

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In a nutshell, your content is arranged in various categories and, when you are signed in, it's easy to browse through a top menu to find whats available in each one. You start off at the home page with the featured theatre scenes, and these are free to members. Hang on, haven't you already paid to sign up? Yes, of course, but what they mean is that these scenes come from the On Demand part of the site, but you as a member, don't have to pay any more to see them. And each week they change so it means you stay as a member so you can see more for free as time goes on. There were 135 of these scenes when I called in.

You can watch these on line and you'll need Flash player to do so. You're going to find a choice of lower resolution, around 300k and higher at 700, and you get a floating screen that will go full size with no problems, when using the higher quality stream. You will also see links to where you can buy the scene for a decent price. Some are given away free and you find these in one of the other categories called Download it to own. Each week the site lets you have one scene from KB productions or Sarava Productions, so you'll want to check back and see whats new every seven days or so. These are full scenes and like everything else here the quality is outstanding.

Kristen Bjorn is well known as one of the industry's top directors, with testimonials from the likes of William Higgins and a great long list of titles to his name. If you've caught up with some of those really erotic sexy vampire porn flicks shot in Prague or Hungary, those that star well built, muscled guys with hard cocks, cute and fit 18 to 23 year olds, plus older, hairy guys with bulges in all the right places, then the chances are that's a KB movie. And if you want to see whats new and coming up, then go to the exclusive premiers part of your members area and find five of the most recent scenes; these were available to me to stream and download, and they ran for around 20 minutes each, which is kind of average for these movies.

Members also have some free previews to watch, another menu item, and then there were nine scenes in the Lovers Lane are. This is the bareback section where there are no condoms, only real lovers and raw sex. Again the same viewing options and the same top quality. Your last area is the 'Makin' it' department which is currently a collection of 123 behind the scenes, backstage and interviews footage which you can stream or buy to download. Some of these are so honest and such fun that they are in danger of taking the eroticism out of the viewing, but all are great to watch, and you get right in there, behind the scenes and start to see how a porn flick is actually put together.

As for other content, well, I found many photo galleries arranged in four categories: behind the scenes, movie stills, solos and group shoots; plenty of hot naked flesh to view there and as you'd expect, the quality was just fine. There is also a model index to act as a linking facility between good body shots and content, there is a blog, links to the VOD area and the store, and a forum. So members can get involved as well as watch.

Features & Navigation:

The blog opened in a new window and was a source of up to date news, the forum opened in the same window as the main site and had 105 topics under discussion. It look as though the forum is your main way of getting involved here; you can rate each scene but if you want to comment you will need to do so in the forum. Fair enough.

The site is easily searchable with drop-down category lists for further filtering of movies, for example, and a generic search engine. Navigation is fine, here is the main top menu and then the sub menu below it so you can easily find the movies, which are the main attractions. On first entering the members area you get a choice of videos, photos or forum to go straight to, and there are plenty of little links for help and support. There's nothing popping up or getting in the way, the whole thing is well designed and good looking and the links all work. Texts are well written and good, and there is plenty of info and stats in the model index.

Basically, you've got all the main features a good members' area needs here, and it's interactive and easy to use. Kristen Bjorn not only knows how to make great porn, with some of the hunkiest, smoothest models in Europe, but the knows how to run a very good looking website.


Still going strong after all these years, in fact getting stronger by the day, Kristen Bjorn knocks other hardcore sites into a cocked hat. It's quality all the way here with some of Europe (and the worlds) top titles. You can stream online, you get some downloads and you can buy others, there are links to the store and VOD, and you can get fully involved in the forum that Kristen supervises himself. Perfect movies, great models, and an all-round perfect package of porn.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive and top quality
+ An easy site to navigate and use
+ Some stunning models
+ Loads of content
+ Great value
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