Maskurbate 4866 Maskurbate These days, masks are a way of life, but since 2006, Maskurbate has been using them for sexy fun.
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These days, masks are a way of life, but since 2006, Maskurbate has been using them for sexy fun. The site is known for making solo and duo gay porn movies where masked guys beat off, or get helping hand handjobs from other guys, usually in masks, and updates regularly with new content. Now, you will find over 613 exclusives with hunks and athletic Canadians, all nicely hung, mostly uncut, and the site has continued to grow is size and popularity.

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  • Exclusivity: 5/5
  • Updates: 4/5
  • Originality: 8/10
  • Quality: 14/15
  • Speed: 13/15
  • Quantity: 13/15

Maskurbate takes the theme of semi-disguised, straight, straight-looking, gay and bi guys jerking off while wearing a mask. Simple though that might sound, the masks add an air of danger to the proceedings, and the guys bring an air of manliness. All these guys are hunky, fit, gym-trained, or jocks, and most of them are from Canada, because the site films in Quebec. The guys sport juicy cocks and shaved pubes between their legs, while their chests are defined, though not usually over-muscular. Everything is in proportion, and not everyone is a size queen’s dream, but these are the kinds of hunks that passionate wet dreams are made of, and it’s good to see the quality of the models has not diminished since our last visit; if anything, it’s improved.

Among the current cast of 152, you find a few names, such as Piere Fitch in one of his earliest porn revelations, a recently found and released solo scene Maskurbate made or acquired years ago. You’ll also catch sight of Trenton Ducati, Brandon Jones and Darius Ferdynand among a large collection of first-time amateur guys. The men in the model index come with a few stats and some info. Plus, they are often interviewed, and when they speak to the camera in French, you have subtitles in English.

We last looked at the site just over two years ago, and since then, Maskurbate has added 126 new scenes. The thrust of the site remains the same: hot jocks and fit studs chat, strip, play and jerk until they come, all the while, wearing masks. We're not talking comedy faces or superheroes, but sexy leather eye masks, although you will find the occasional Santa or something else that’s seasonal just for fun. We’re not talking quick wanks either. Sometimes the guys use a fleshlight, sometimes they get a helping hand from Pascal, the site owner, or his buddy Manuel Deboxer. These are not all solos either. Now and then you’ll find an anal scene slipping in, and there are also unedited auditions and raw footage of a guy’s first time on camera.

Where there were 487 movies two years ago, now there are 316, and the site continues to update every week. Strangely, there were the same number of guys in the model index back then as there are now, 152, but there’s definitely been new content added and new guys appearing. The home page shows you what’s new, and the video index pages give you good sample shots of each guy, masked or not, at work on his cock, or caught being fucked by Manuel.

Movies have the same viewing options now as they did then, with up to seven options for downloading in Mp4 format. Older movies only have four options up to 480p, but they are from 2006 onwards, whereas newer ones, and a good many of them, have 1,920 x 1,080 HD as their top resolution. In between, you have files suitable for mobile devices and slower connections, and you also have a choice of streaming options. Scenes run for 15 to 20 minutes, some include a chat before the event, and all can be downloaded without restrictions. (Well, there’s a restriction of 300 GBs per day, but surely that’s more than enough for anyone.) The quality is good, and Maskurbate has maintained its atmosphere of being laid back, natural and fun.

These days, you will find over 594 image sets too, with each one holding a decent number of images at 1,920 x 1,080 px taken from the HD cams, while older ones are at 720 x 480 px. There are still no extras here apart from one free scene from a third-party site, but with weekly updates and top-quality guys and filming, you've got plenty to see to make your membership value for money, and the longer you stay, the more that value will increase.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 5/5
  • Navigation Ease: 9/10
  • Features: 10/10

Maskurbate scored well for its navigation the last time we were there, and it does so again. There’s plenty of info about updates and some stats about the guys plus interviews, and there are various ways to search for content. Videos come with linked tag words, for example, and the model index is easy to search. There is a category list too, giving you the option to head straight to all videos that include blowjobs, fucking, threesomes or men unmasked, plus other headings. You can also see the videos arranged in upload order, by what’s most popular, and you can see what and who is coming soon.

Members get to rate content with a thumbs up or down, and you can add scenes to a favourites collection. There’s also a playlist facility so you can build your own collection that way, and there is a comments function so you can tell everyone what you thought of a video, gallery or model. I had no technical issues when I was viewing the site, and as I said last time, “Your members' area has a straightforward layout and design and presents no problems with navigation.”

It's also good to see that the prices haven’t changed. Maskurbate still offers a low-cost monthly membership at $14.95, a three-month option at $68.95, and an annual one at $99.95. These are all recurring and allow you to stream as well as download. There is still the option of a two-day trial membership for $1.00, but this is limited and streaming only, and all memberships must be cancelled 48 hours in advance of the next due payment, so you will have to cancel the trial as soon as you sign up. Also, watch out for a pre-checked additional membership on the payment page, and uncheck it if you don't want to end up with another recurring membership to another site.

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Maskurbate continues to thrill with its line-up of hunky Canadian men showing off their hung, mainly uncut cocks and heavy balls, jerking off and sometimes fucking each other. The video and image quality remain as good as it’s ever been. Members still have 1080p HD streams and downloads, plus other options, it's interactive, well-designed and sticks to its promise of giving you dreamy amateur guys in the buff. Yes, Maskurbate still remains high on our list of recommended porn sites.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive solos
  • + Some hardcore
  • + Canadian hunks and jocks
  • + HD and mobile
  • + Regular updates
  • + Great quality
  • + Easy navigation
  • - Cross sale
  • - Limited trial
  • - 48-hour cancellation period
  • - No advanced search