Naked Sword
Naked Sword 4654 Naked Sword It's been a few years since we last had a look at Naked Sword, so we thought it was time for a check-up. I have to say, this huge DVD site is in the best of health.
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Naked Sword

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Short Review

It's been a few years since we last had a look at Naked Sword, so we thought it was time for a check-up. I have to say, this huge DVD site is in the best of health. It's bigger, it's easier to use, and it's got more videos than you're ever going to get to see in a lifetime, so it will outlive us all. Top studios, indies, amateurs, pro-stars, it's got the lot in a vast collection of streaming-only movies that are either DVDs or their scenes, and that include some of the company's own exclusives.

  • Trial: $14.95
  • Monthly: $29.95
92/100 0
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  • Exclusivity: 4/5
  • Updates: 5/5
  • Originality: 9/10
  • Quality: 14/15
  • Speed: 13/15
  • Quantity: 15/15

Naked Sword is a perfect site for having there when you need a quick gay porn fix.I did note in my last review that you could download from the site; that's not the case now. The videos are streaming only but there is a VOD area that you can also use, so if you only want to view these horny offerings now and then, that's one way to go. If you like to have a site ready and waiting for you with new content on a frequent basis, so you can slip in, slip off your jock and slip your hand around your dick and do your own downloading, then a long-term membership to Naked Sword is what you want.

Telling you about the viewing options is easy: You can stream in 720p, 480p, 360p, 270p and 180p. The player opens in a floating box, goes full screen and you can jump through. There are no downloads and no image galleries.

As for what's on offer though, well, think of it, and it's probably here. With over 22,000 scenes from well over 5,500 full-length DVDs, you've got your work cut out. As I said in my last, it's hard to know where to start, though I usually start by being hard and then go and find what I want to relieve the pressure with. Luckily, Naked Sword gives us excellent search and find options, categories, lists of studios and stars, a search box and sections of the site are set out for their own originals, most watched scenes and what's just been added.

Movies are shown with large cover shots and titles, so you can easily see who's on offer in the latest updates (which are frequent and regular), or you can use one of the search tools to find content. It would be easy, I thought, to check out the Featured Themes, but I was met with a vast list of all themes (some featured with images, so that was easier) and a huge list of all sex acts. Basically, if you know what you want, use that page or the search box, if you don't know, then go for what's new of most popular. Top of that list, when I was there, were scenes and full DVDs from Mormon Boyz (oh so sexy, older/younger action) and also titles from Hot Desert Knights, some from Kristen Bjorn, one starring Zack Randall, a Naked Sword Original and some from Bel Ami.

Just on that one page, there was a mix of twinks, teens, bears, jocks, daddies and leather guys, and it was an indication of the variety to come. I hung around far too long streaming movies and seeing what the quality was like (good) and so decided I should decide on a studio. There is an overwhelming number of them listed on the studio page, with Philip Morris, Hot House Video and Eurocreme among the featured studios. Beneath them were several hundred others with UK Naked Men, Butch Dixon, Bareback Boy Bangers and several others I knew well, plus many I'd not heard of. (Always a fun thing to do: check out indie and lesser known studios which tend to take that over-produced gloss off their films and make them more real).

You have the same amount of choice with the Stars area where there are thousands (I found 284 featured). There are some classic names here, Seth Night, Roman Todd, Brent Corrigan, Theo Ford (I saw him recently on - amazing), and Tyler Sweet. Check the alphabetical list, and you'll find thousands of names. (There is a whole page of Tylers, for example, so make sure you know the second name if searching).

Okay, so you've got the picture. There is masses of content here, from top studios and indies, and with some of the top names in gay porn and also amateurs and newbies, and some guys who only made the one porn flick.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 5/5
  • Navigation Ease: 9/10
  • Features: 9/10

I've gone into a bit of detail about your navigation options in the previous section, but the thing to note is that it's easy. Naked Sword gives you some of the best ways to find content that I've seen on a site, though a really detailed search option with filters would be good - with hair colours, cock sized and all that. The pages are neatly designed, and you won't have trouble finding the trees for the wood, as it were, as the search functions and lists do the work for you. There is some info about the movies but not a lot.

VOD. Naked Sword also links to its video on demand stew here you can buy credits at 3.60 for 125 minutes, up to 76.65 for 1,000 minutes and then only pay as you go. It's got the same massive amount of titles and search options, there's a Roku channel too.

Which brings me to the prices for the main, streaming-only site. That starts off at 26.73 per month and reduces to 14.80 per month if you buy a whole year's package in one go. My prices showed in Euros and yours might be in your local currency, but the prices are good for what you get. You can stream as much as you want and jerk off ten times a day if you can manage it, as, unlike the VOD site, your membership includes as much streaming as you want.

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Naked Sword is now streaming only but with a VOD site if you don't want a recurring membership, and it's now down to a good price. It's also up on numbers with over 22,000 scenes -from around 5,600 DVDs, from hundreds of studios and with thousands of stars. What or whoever you want, you will find him here doing what you want to see two or more guys doing. High quality, 720p streaming (no downloads), VOD if you want it, some info and a site that makes searching and viewing simple.

Pros & Cons

  • + A massive collection
  • + Great search and find tools
  • + Thousands of porn boys
  • + Thousands of scenes and DVDs
  • + VOD available
  • + Constant updates
  • + Good quality
  • - Streaming only
  • - No images