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Naked Sword has been with us for a long time and it has got its act together for sure. What you've got here is a large collection of non-exclusive gay DVDs, available to stream or download and you've got great variety. You're able to search among the studios, stars or themes of the movies, see sample shots from each scene and then stream or download whatever you want, but there are restrictions in place. Updates are good and the overall quality is just fine.
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Our total rating: 82/100

Detailed Review:


It's really a question of wondering where to start when you log in to your members area. You can see from the tour what's going on and what's available; there was a new series just starting when I was looking at the site. That's something else they do well, they give your series movies so you can follow characters, and they are pretty horny, and you can call back from week to week to see the next thrilling instalment; and they are thrilling, sexually speaking.

Meanwhile you've got a shed load of titles to wade through and more are being added regularly. What's neat here is that some of these titles are oldies from the past, so you've got a mix of classic movies with more up to date ones. You've also got some very well known studios along side some more obscure ones, again this leads to a nice variety of movies and themes, and stars.

Having a quick look at the studios I found big names like Colt, Falcon and Raging Stallion who are associated with Gunz Blazing who are, in turn, behind Naked Sword so you might count these as exclusive to the company, though not to the site as they also appear on sites from BG anyway. Along side these known studios (known to me) were several Id heard of but which may not be known to everyone, I do, after all, spend most every day looking at gay porn and not everyone is lucky enough to do that. So, Catalina was here, Hot Desert Knights, Video 10 and Pacific Sun, and then some names that not even Id heard of: Boyride Films, Grey Rose and Menoboy.

Clicking that last studio to find out what they produced, I found a few titles and, clicking one of them, found the DVD arranged in scenes and neatly set out on a viewing page. This is how it works for all DVDs, no matter what studio they are from. You have some basic information, a cover shot and then links for a full stream, scrolling images, a trailer and the scenes to download or stream. You've got resolution choices from 56k up to 1,500k for your streams and a WMV download at 1,500k. I did notice that the streams had to load first when viewing in IE, the whole file had to more or less download before it would play, and in Firefox it opened in the same window, you had to wait for your license and then the movie would stream as it buffered in. Probably best to download and watch at your leisure, though you will need to stay a member to do this.

Generally speaking the quality was fine here, nothing really huge in resolution terms, but good productions from good studios, and some well known names. You've got plenty of choice with your category lists and, nipping back to the home page (click the top banner), you find that although there is no update schedule as such, content is dated and it looks like you've got at least one new film every day.

Features & Navigation:

You find a simple and efficient drop down style menu atop your Naked Sword pages. The main links are clear as to what their titles are, and then the drop downs take you in to more detail. So, for example, Movies will give you drop-downs for most viewed, newest, and featured. And the Stars tab will give you the Naked Sword Dream Team (their top models), Naked Swords Man, more about the featured/top model, and Wallpapers. There is also a search engine in the top menu to help you find what you want, but the category list is also pretty neat with 15 categories under the Themes tab.

So basic navigation is good and so is the page design. There are several styles of pages in use, so the new series pages will look slightly different from the others, for example. But the main video viewing pages are all set out the same, so you quickly get used to how everything runs. The sample pics for the scenes can be on the small side and there are no galleries to enlarge, but you do have a trailer to show you roughly what's going to take place so you can make up your mind before you start a download. On these pages you also have handy links to the stars other movies, to the directors (Example, William Higgins) and also to the studios and themes, all of which make it easy to get from one hot scene to another via various routes. Similarly there are more like this movies at the bottom of the pages.

So, a good design, and easy navigation can be found, and you also have the likes of a favourites area, account details and a way to feedback about anything you might want Naked Sword to know about.


This is more than just another video collection. You've got Gunz Blazing content here, ongoing series, vintage movies and various ways to view them. You've also got easy navigation, some interactive options, good lists of stars and studios etc. and frequent updates. You also have to stay as a member to view your movies as they are protected, so you cant nick them and cancel. But with a low membership fee, regular updates and some top movies, you're not going to find that a problem.

Pros & Cons

+ Loads of movies
+ Some classic ones
+ Up to date ones too
+ Various viewing options
+ Easy navigation
+ Updates are frequent
+ New rental section
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