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Club Amateur USA 4865 Club Amateur USA Club Amateur USA, a well-established site, features straight guys from the USA who are willing to explore their sexuality on camera.
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Club Amateur USA

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Club Amateur USA, a well-established site, features straight guys from the USA who are willing to explore their sexuality on camera. This means we have a collection of ordinary guys, stripping, showing off what they’ve got, jerking off, being given a helping hand, and occasionally being sucked. For those who like harder porn, the membership also includes access to Bad Puppy, and there are LGBT+ community extras too. Movies can be streamed and downloaded, and updates are weekly.

  • Monthly: $24.95
  • 1 Year: $119.40
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  • Exclusivity: 4/5
  • Updates: 4/5
  • Originality: 8/10
  • Quality: 12/15
  • Speed: 12/15
  • Quantity: 14/15

The first model to appear on Club Amateur USA appeared in 2003, and the site has been finding and showing us more straight guys ever since. We’ve kept an eye on the site for some years now, and it has grown steadily over that time. Now, it holds 990 videos, including some compilations and bonus movies, and it’s never lost its focus or its look. It still reminds us of a classic early-2000s porn site in style, but it’s kept up with the changes in video resolution, so movies are now shown in 1080p HD, or have been remastered as such. They are arranged under the Models heading (rather than videos or scenes), and movie titles are simply ‘CUA 769’, for example, meaning there are actually 769 guys right now, and 221 extras in the ‘models’/videos listings.

What you see on the tour is more or less what you get once you've signed up, and the members’ area is arranged to make browsing easy. You’ll see what’s new and when movies were added, and there’s a drop-down list for network extras and bonus content that we’ll look at in a moment. First, though, you want to know about the guys.

They are a good mix of all kinds of amateur straight guys. Obviously, they are not amateur at being straight; they identify as straight but have a curiosity, so they don't mind being paid to show off their bodies and dicks, and now and then, they agree to someone else jerking them off, fingering their ass or sucking their dick. Each one starts off clothed, but then strips to reveal all, gets hard and masturbates. There is a good mix of guys too. Some are gym-fit and clearly work out, while others are more ‘ordinary.’ You've got ebony guys, Latinos and white men, guys with big dicks, guys with smaller dicks, and none of them have that sometimes false porn star machismo or body. They are natural, that’s the point of the site, and it makes a refreshing change from your classic porn-stud viewing.

Browse the pages of square sample shots to find a guy or a pair of guys you like, and click through to the viewing page. You will see that videos vary from 30 minutes in length to 120 or more. The longer ones tend to be compilations, but most guys give us at least 40 minutes of their time, with an average runtime of 90 minutes per session, so there’s plenty of time to get to know the guys and get off with them. Movies come with two download options. The medium quality is 1,280 x 720, and the high version is 1,920 x 1,080, and these resolutions apply to the remastered older movies as well as the ones added last week. There are three streaming options, low, medium and high, and even the low version does well at full screen.

You’ll find a little information about each guy and his video, and the viewing page also brings you images and a ‘disqus’ link which leads to the Club Amateur USA Blog and more discussion about the model and his session. Images, by the way, are as plentiful as the movies, with large galleries holding pictures at 1,024 x 576 px. They have the appearance of screencaps and aren’t as sharp as digital shots in some cases, but they are a reasonable quality, and easy to collect. You can take them in up to three choices of zip file, where the high-resolution versions give much better results when unpacked.

Along with the exclusive Club Amateur USA content comes your access to Padpuppy, and there, you find nearly 2,000 exclusive movies that range from twink porn to hardcore jocks, daddies and some older/younger scenes. You can download and stream all of these. You then have some bonus movies taken from other sites and companies, and another Bonus heading in the menu that gives you a whole heap of feed sites to view, even more movies from a range of studios, and a vast library of erotic stories. The site provides you with other links to LGBT+ social media and news outlets too, so as well as horny amateur straight guys, you have a great range of gay porn and gay-life related extras.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 3/5
  • Navigation Ease: 7/10
  • Features: 7/10

To my mind, there are a few things missing from this members’ area. It has an old-fashioned look, and that’s fine, but it could do with more search and sort options. You are shown the videos in upload date order with no way of changing it to, say, popularity. There are no category lists and no linked tags words, so you can't do any filtering. There is a search box, and you can enter keywords, and this seems to work just fine, but it’s your only extra browse tool. Images come with videos, so there is no separate area for them, but they are easy to browse once you've opened a gallery, and you can view them with a slideshow function.

Members can be interactive and save videos and pics to a favourites area, but there are no rates, and you can't leave comments. There is, however, a Community link that takes you to a forum, though it’s not much used. Having said that, the site is easy enough to browse and there are no technical issues, but if you have any questions, there are links to a help department.

The sign-up page is a little garish with its naked-boy background, but you can make out the prices and the form to complete. The recurring monthly rate is set at a standard and decent $24.95, or you can take one-month non-recurring at $49.95. The annual non-recurring membership costs $119.40, which works out the same as if you were paying $9.95 per month, and there are no restrictions on downloads with either membership.

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Club Amateur USA has been bouncing along since 2003 bringing us a wide range of straight amateur guys in strip, wank, helping-hand and ass-play videos, and it shows no signs of running out of steam. It’s kept to its niche, tour promises and look all these years, and although it could do with more interactive functions, it’s a good place to find genuine, straight amateur guys of all sizes, shapes and colours. With its many extras and standard sign-up prices, it remains a good value membership.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive content
  • + Genuine amateur guys
  • + Many bonus videos
  • + Bonus site
  • + Community extras
  • + Mp4 downloads
  • - Few search functions
  • - Remastered videos
  • - Not very interactive