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Short Review:

Club Amateur USA is a classic 'straight guy gets a helping hand' site with loads of exclusive content, varied amateur guys, good filming, now in HD and with streams and downloads. It's been going a while and is now bigger and better than before, easier to navigate and use, and yet it still comes in at a great price and with access to the Badpuppy Network included. You've got a good line-up of horny, amateur straight guys from the USA being milked and jerked off in regular updates.
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Monthly 29.95

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Our total rating: 82/100

Detailed Review:


Since our last review of Club Amateur USA, the site has gotten itself a new look, more content, more hot amateurs and higher definition videos. No surprises then that it's now scoring well in reviews, and after this last visit, I was more than happy to stay as a member and continue with the hot fun that the site offers.

The thing that makes it so horny for me are the guys. These are all amateur straight guys who want to explore their sexuality a bit more (while making some spare cash I guess) and rather than go to a gay club or anywhere they might be recognised, they decide to explore in front of a camera for everyone to see. Well, it takes all sorts, but who's complaining? This means we get a great variety of fit, hunky, chubby, ordinary, handsome, older, younger, teens, 20s guys, and other amateur boys jerking off on cam. But they are not always jerking off, in fact, the scenes I just saw were all helping hand videos where another guy jerks off a prone and hard, nervous but desperate-to-cum straight guy. Just my cup of tea!

There are now 744 Models and the model list in the menu is the way to find the videos, there are no sections for movies and galleries, all the content per shoot (and that's video, photo and cum shoots) are all on the viewing page for the model. Here you find a choice now of three downloads, with the top resolution at 1,280 x 720 HD, and then two smaller ones for mobiles as all the files are Mp4, and you also find the same three speeds for streaming. The movies last for 20 minutes upwards, some are nearly one hour in length, and they consist of a chat and an intro, and then the guys stripping down, showing us his flaccid dick and what he has to offer before our main man gets him on the bed or massage table.

The camera does stay in one place, but you get to see everything as the straight guy gets his massage, usually an all-over one, and then the other guy starts playing with his cock. Some guys get hard fast, others take a little longer, but all of them end up giving in to the pleasures of having another man stroke their dick, often for the first time.

The galleries hold decent numbers of images. They may be screencaps, but they are good quality ones, and they are also nicely varied. So you have a couple of portraits, some of just his soft cock, and others of it hard and then the rest are him being massaged and milked. They are shown on thumbnail pages, and from there you can enlarge the pics (to 1,024 x 576 px) and save them. You're also able to click through them one at a time, run slideshows or take zip files of full sets. Also, on these viewing pages with everything on them, you find some stats and info about the guys.

New content is added every few days, so you've got about two or three updates per week, meaning there's always someone new to check out. But, if you want to go a bit further, there are some extras for you. Access to Badpuppy is included with various sites and masses of content from solos to hardcore banging with cute amateur and professional guys. There are also links to cams and other sites, blogs and forums. Back at Club Amateur USA you also find stories and links to forums, bonus video feeds and DVDs to buy, so there's a lot going on with this membership on top of the 744 + exclusive amateur helping hand videos.

Features & Navigation:

The last time I saw Club Amateur USA I wasn't too impressed with the navigation system and got myself confused. This time there were no such issues. The site has a basic look, but now it's easy to find the videos via the Models list, and also the extras and links into Badpuppy which opens in a new tab. So, no hassles there, even if there are only basic search and sort options.

A more detailed search page would be really good to see, but being led by the guys' body shots on the index pages is fine for now. You can also type in the name of a guy you like, using the search box, and if he's made any other videos, they will be displayed. Members can click on a Comments button and leave comments about what you think of the guys, and many members do this adding to the 'club' feel of the site, which is otherwise not really present, and you're able to add things to a favourites area as well.

The price has risen slightly in the last seven years, unsurprising as the site has also grown, but it's still below $30.00 per month for unlimited access. There are longer-term options too which bring the overall price down, but where you pay in advance, so, three months will cost you $69.95 and a full year, only $119.40 - a non-recurring payment that works out the same as $9.95 per month. With all the updates here and at your bonus sites, that's probably the best way to go.


Club Amateur USA stays true to its original plan, gives us varied amateur guys from the USA in helping hand and solo strip-and-show movies that are exclusive, now HD, and that hit the spot when it comes to hot and real amateur men. It's easy to navigate now, a bit low on search options, but the quality is of a decent amateur standard. It's bonuses and extras really boost your membership value and updates are added three times per week. Highly recommended for horny, real, amateur straight guys.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive content
+ Varied amateur straight guys
+ HD downloads and mobile
+ Decent quality
+ Bonuses
+ Easy to navigate
+ Regular updates

- No detailed search
- Older videos not high quality
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