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Straight college guys do each other for money at Fraternity X. This is a genuine university campus, dorm, group of guys who get together to get drunk and fuck bareback, but only for the camera. They then upload the exclusive videos to their site once every two weeks and members get to stream them. It's a simple, standalone site that costs a standard rate to join and in return, you have fit, cut, cut and uncut guys banging bareback.
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Monthly 24.95

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Our total rating: 70/100

Detailed Review:


Fraternity X is an easy place to hang out. Not only is it easy (because it's a small site with no frills) it's totally exclusive and damn horny. The set-up is simple and there's an about page to explain it, but in a nutshell:

A group of young 20-something college dudes decided that they needed to make some money to help pay their way through college. So, they came up with the idea of a gay hardcore site where they film themselves having orgies and hanging out, being dirty and having fun, and we, the members, sign-up to see their exclusive action. The thing that gives this site the edge over other 'gay college sex' sites is that fact that most of these boys are straight. They only fuck on camera and only then so they can make money out of our memberships. That sounds fine by me.

The dudes are just that, dudes. American (though I'm sure I heard some British accents too), smooth, fit with abs showing, strong physiques, cute faces, uncut cocks a lot of the time, smooth hard asses and a great sense of laddish fun. They stand around drinking beer while one of them gets chosen to be the bottom boy for the session, others jack off as they watch, some get spit-roasted, other cum over the bottom guy's face There's a hot mix of action all filmed in a natural, hand-held way by the guys themselves. You're not looking at studio productions here but amateur content which is filmed with a good atmosphere.

The first video was uploaded in 2011, seven years ago and there are now 200 videos. These run for around 15 to 20 minutes on average. No time is wasted setting things up. Well, maybe there are a couple of minutes of build-up and chat, but mainly you enter straight into a drunken, semi-naked party with five, six or more guys in the dorm drinking beer, being loud and raucous and then getting down to some hardcore. It's also bareback, so you get guys getting creampies on their asses before the top guy shoves his still-hard cock back in, you have other guys doing facials, sucking each other, and there are some really cute 18 to 24-year-old boys taking part.

The thing is, you only have one stream per episode, and there is no downloading. Having said that, I just fell upon one movie, 'Hit Dat' which did have a download button and let me save the file. There may be others. The videos are shown at 890 x 400 px and streamed straight away with no buffering. The quality is fine, it's what you'd expect of a hand-held, homemade kind of site, though the lighting is fine so you can see everything, and the sound is natural. Each scene is uploaded with its date and a short description and comes with eight screencaps that you can't enlarge, but which show you what's going to happen.

And that's kind of it for content. There is a link off to a cam site if you want to follow that path, otherwise, you only need to wait around for a couple of weeks before the next horny scene will come in.

Features & Navigation:

Because Fraternity X is a small, simple site, there are no technical issues and no problems with navigation. You enter to the homepage where you find the episodes listed, and they then carry on over index pages. Each one holds a large sample shot of the scenes, its descriptions and date, and you click the image to stream the video. That's it. You can go full screen, adjust the volume and then, when done, click back to the index page and move on. You're also able to jump through the streams if you want, but it's best to get the full scene and follow the banter and the fun.

As I said just now, the movies are streaming only, but I did find at least one that I could download. I'm not sure if that's a new trend for the site (I hope so as the videos are worth saving), but look out for a menu icon on the streaming player - which is in Mp4 - and if you see it, give it a go.

There are no extras at the site, you can't rate, comment, add to favourites, read about the guys, find out any details or anything like that, mainly because the guys want to be anonymous, in case their girlfriends and families find out, I guess. So, expect a simple, straightforward, standalone site that will cost you $24.95 per month, recurring. If you only want the one month, it's $34.95. Sign-up is through a secure company but watch out for a cross sale on the join page.


Fraternity X is simple and works well. Straight college dudes who I believe are the real deal, making gay porn in return for the income from their own amateur site. It's hardcore, bareback, hot and well worth seeing for the boys, the smooth bodies, hard dicks, straight acting and cum shots, and it's not costly for all-exclusive content. There are no extras, no bonuses and only a few details with the streaming movies, but I still say it's one of the best, natural amateur hardcore sites there is.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive content
+ Genuine straight guys
+ Decent quality
+ A good price
+ Fortnightly updates
+ 200 episodes

- Cross sale
- No extras
- No galleries
- No downloads
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