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Short Review:

Next Door Studios is the name behind a set of fantastic sites that keeps growing and growing, adding more and more exclusive porn staring bigger and better models just about every day. What you will see if you look at the site is a selection of 19 sites, some solos, some bisexual, all hardcore and all top quality. Simply join one to find yourself inside one of the best networks of original gay porn that you could ever hope to find. Each one gets its own updates, has its own theme.
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Trial 2.95
Monthly 29.95

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Our total rating: 82/100

Detailed Review:


I could sit here and rave all day about the Next Door set-up, and I could list all of the sites individually and tell you what each one contains, but that would take far too long. So Ill just point out some of the main features of the sites and then leave you to either search for our reviews of individual sites, or go straight over to the tour pages and see for yourself just what a great offer this is.

When it comes to content, Next Door let you download their unique videos and there are loads of them to collect throughout all the sites. You've going to find good quality productions here, even the older ones, where perhaps the resolutions are not HD, are still good and well made, well presented, and none come with any quality problems. You find that you can view each scene in Flash with three choices of resolution, high, medium and low, and you find that you have two WMV downloads per scene too, again with a high rez one and a lower one. Downloading is nice and fast, which is good as some files can be quite big. You are also told the run tomes with these scenes, and an average run time would be around 25 minutes, with some slightly shorter and some longer. Either way you look at it, you are not short changed here.

Each movie starts with the Next Door intro, and then you get straight to the action, depending on which site you are in. And as for what takes place; well, variety is the name of the game in this network so you can expect: Buddies, for straight acting, straight looking and sometimes straight or bi guys playing together, Males for hunks and jocks, Hook-ups for threesomes and more studs, Twinks for younger and smoother, perfect young twinks, and then a set of personal sites, or rather, sites with a main star and lots of horny playmates. You will find the likes of Tommy D and Mason Wyler here with their own sites, plus some newbies like Trystan Bull and Rod Daily, and many others besides. The first page I saw when I went to Next Door Studios showed me 12 sites, but once Id joined Next Door Buddies I was able to access the full set of 19 including Male Digital, Colt and Falcon Studios. I'm not sure if they are bought-in bonus sites or if Next Door, Colt and Falcon are becoming, or have become one huge company, but either way you've got three of the top names in gay porn working together here.

So, variety is there for sure, and I should point out that some of these sites, and this includes the solo ones, contain straight and bi action, though the emphasis is always on the gay angle, so you will definitely see more hard cocks and toned male ass than you will ladies bits so don't let the inclusion of bi and straight scenes put you off.

Movies comes with photo sets, so you have plenty of images to collect, each site has its own amount of movies so a total number is hard to guess at, but certainly in the high hundreds, there are also live shows and archives included, and these too are exclusive. So, plenty of great quality content and regular updates.

Features & Navigation:

Another really good thing about the Next Door set up is that each site comes with more or less the same options, features and navigation. You will always find a good and clear top menu, there is a drop-down list of your included sites, and you simply click for the pages to change so you don't need to go to new windows, or add in passwords. The design throughout the network is good and simple, yet modern and functional. You will find that you can easily search the site(s) to find categories of porn, actors by name or even individual movies. Upload dates are posted so you can keep an eye on regularity, and you're always told runtimes and numbers of images in galleries.

You also get the chance to rate the stars as you watch the videos, and there are links to each actors entry in the model index. This serves more to lead you to any other movies he is in, rather than to give you lots of information, but apart from that, you do have info about scenes to read if you want to. I didn't see a favourites area and, as the network is so big, you might find yourself wanting to come back to a movie and not remembering where you saw it. Id save them as you go, and make sure you get a long-term membership as you are going to need a very long time to see all of this hot porn.

Apart from the easy navigation, the quick to load pages and the clear sample images and text, the neat design and sleek look of the Next Door sites, you will also find a few other neat functions. You can view the sites in various languages, it's all Mac friendly, there are clear links to support, and also links to stores and other sites. Look out for the social networking links and follow the sites via the ND blog, and you will realise that you've not joined a porn network here, you've joined something that is going to change your life.


It's really hard to find anything negative to say about any of the Next Door sites. You get perfect value for money, perfect porn and all tour promises are fulfilled. I guess Id like more info about the guys, but then you listen to them in interviews and at the start of the movies and get to know them that way. Basically, if you sign up for any of these sites you get access to loads more, there are hundreds of high quality movies on many themes and staring some of the industry's top names.

Pros & Cons

+ Loads of exclusive sites and content
+ Great quality
+ Very easy to access and use
+ Regular updates
+ Perfect value

- More info about the guys please
- Will contain some girly-action
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