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Amateur bareback from California, shot buy guys who are hooked on condom-free humping, featuring cute, young USA guys who crave cum and don't care how dirty they get; that's what you're going to find at Sketchy Sex. This is 100% exclusive, bareback, cum-dump, cum-pig content with two new videos every month, over 120 right now, and it's priced well for what you find inside. Simple, to the point, horny, with some really cute guys and it's all very straightforward.
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Monthly 24.95

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Our total rating: 82/100

Detailed Review:


When you see the title 'Sketchy Sex' you kind of wonder what's sketchy about it? Some quick outlines of porn scenes perhaps? A little doodle of dick in a video or two? What does sketchy mean? Well, I took it to mean basic and down to earth as that's what the site is. You're not going to find anything fancy here, you're simply going to find exclusive movies with fit young guys who like to fuck, suck, and cum in each other's mouths and over their asses. It's bareback, and you'd better be ready!

You see, there is this group of guys in California and they are always hungry for sex. Their holes crave dicks, and their dicks crave holes, and none of them are bothered about using rubbers. They also don't bother too much about the pleasantries or stories behind sexual encounters. Here, in these videos, there's not even a 'Hi, how are you?' The movies start straight away. Click to play, and there's a guy getting his face filled with big dick, or someone else being shafted against a wall. One scene even starts with one couple in a BJ session while next to them, another guy is bent over giving head, and his ass is already dribbling cum - as if we've just entered after one fuck session and the lads are now starting on a second.

The videos are very straightforward and wham-bam, no chat, intro, details, model names, nothing fancy and, sadly, not even any downloads. You get to stream these movies, and you have one resolution/size of Flash to do it in. It's a simple site, very, and it's also very easy to view the horny content. Click to play and away you go. The screen is sized at 940 x 550 and the streams played with no hassles.

You want to know about quality, right? Well, the quality of the guys is perfect. They're not Bel Ami models or hulks from or anything like that, they are normal, amateur, fit and good looking, cut and uncut, hot-bodied gay or bi (possibly even straight and curious) guys who just want to get fucked. Either taking a big amateur dick or giving theirs to some hungry bottom boy. I can't single out any one model as there is no model index and no details, but there are some twink-like, jock-like cuties on this site that we'd all love to have working our cock and taking our load. There are also rougher looking amateur guys, with stubble and muscles, some with tats and a couple of regulars who turn up in many videos. These are the insatiable cum lovers who use and abuse their lads for their own pleasure, and the lads love it.

As for numbers. There were 121 videos when I called in. There look to be two updates each month but within each 18 to 20 + minute scene, there is more than one heavy session going on, so you don't just get one condom free fuck scene every two weeks, you get one scene, but with up to five or six guys filmed separately or together. Movies are a reasonable amateur quality, with some 'camera on the move' moments but usually with good close-ups and then longer shots to show you the sexy faces, then right in tight on the dribbling ass We've seen a lot worse elsewhere, but this isn't HD or studio quality - and I found I didn't mind that.

There are no photos though and no downloads, so the 121 movies, plus updates, streamed in one option in Flash is all you get. It was enough for me.

Features & Navigation:

Because the site is basic, it's really easy to navigate. You have the top menu for Home, a Help area, a brief About Us page, a link to an external Cam site and then logout. That's it. The Home page is page one of the videos list, and the index pages are numbered, so that's simple. Good sample shots and the upload dates tell you about the videos, as do some of the titles, 'Deep Inside', 'Addicted To Cum 2' and 'Cum Dump 24/7' were all on page one, and so the titles go on. Open a video, click play and that's it. Back button back to the index page and select your next session.

Okay, so I have to mention what's not here for all of us who like our extras. Just so you know, there are no galleries, downloads, no model index, info, stats, details, news, comments, rates You get the idea? It's videos only as if the boys are saying, 'We're here to fuck and bareback, and you can watch if you want, but we're too busy fucking to fiddle with any of that other stuff.' And that's also fine by me!

So, what do you pay for all of this? Well, the monthly membership is at $24.95, and that's fair for over 120 exclusive bareback videos and two new ones each month. You can also go for the non-recurring deal if you think you only need one visit (you won't, you will need more than a month) and that's at $34.95. Watch out for a cross sale on the join page. Otherwise, signup is simple and with a reputable company.


Sketchy Sex is a simple site that does one thing: gives you real amateur bareback videos, with some totally sexy younger 18 + USA guys, who crave cum, get dumped on and in, suck cock, fuck ass and just get on with their raunchy sex lives. It's midrange amateur quality with a perfect, natural atmosphere, horny men, and one Flash stream per video. That's it. End of. You join to watch the sex, not to be treated like anyone special. After all, that's how they treat their bottoms and subs.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive content
+ 100% Bareback
+ 100% Amateur and real
+ Regular updates twice p/c/m
+ Simple to use
+ Decent price

- No downloads
- No images
- Not interactive
- Cross sale
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