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Short Review:

This site is actually a huge network of contributing sites: there is exclusive content and much that is non-exclusive but what you get is access to other members areas by the dozen, thousands of video clips and scenes and even more galleries. There are also community features too like notice boards, magazines, stories and forums. It really is a one stop shop for everything gay from porn to politics.
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Our total rating: 82/100

Detailed Review:


Its hold on to your hats time folks, and hold on to your cocks as well of course, as we take a whiz around the content at Bad Puppy. I have to admit Ive seen the site advertised before in many places and always wondered what it was about the dog sniffing another dogs ass always intrigued me. And, from a quick glance at the members home page it seems to be about everything you could possibly think of gay porn-wise.

For a start we have todays new model, I mean todays? There is a new guy every day? Yes and today he is in the Euro section so how many sections are there? Well, across the top I count six areas to investigate, beneath which are more links to archives, newsletters and contributing sites, there is also a search engine, a chat area and ah ha! A site map that shows me: 46 areas of pictures, 23 areas of video clips and 83 streaming video pages, 35 links to live sites and seven to chat and dating sites, 65 contributing websites and five commercial contributors (free tours). And then you have a whole host of community features and sites, shops, links and a huge archive of photos and videos. Im going for a lie down

Actually Im going back to the main page and then to the videos link on the top menu. Here I find 23 contributing sites that supply their own content to Bad Puppy members, at least I think thats how it works; to be quite honest I do find the site a little over whelming and it is going to take me a long time to get used to it but thats only because there is so much content and its actually a good thing. I looked at the Bad Puppy models videos first and counted 171, 20 minute clips that were MPG and WMV files. Good quality and large files, 720 x 480 @ 1047 kbps for example. Sexy guys too of course. Checking out some of the other video clip providers I notice that new windows open and there you are in that providers own area. Some have more than videos with galleries too and the quality varies, but generally youre going to be o.k.

Beneath these sites are 85 feed sites that you can also access. The difference here is that the 23 above are members areas and you get updates and all the benefits of membership whereas with the feed sites you have access to their streaming movies only. But hey! Whos complaining there are some great sites here and some nicely varied content. Theres just so much of it I dont know where to start and I cant count every scene or clip to give you a better idea of the amount of content. But its a lot.

This kind of theme carries on in the pictures area, I mean the almost too much content to take in theme. There are 46 contributing sites here with a huge range of galleries from Vintage (dating back to 1900, real collectors stuff,) to exclusive Bad Puppy models. There are also 65 contributing sites with even more wide ranging content. Looking at the drop down list that appears under the Picture tab I also found pages of illustrated, erotic stories, 18 on-line magazines, some fetish galleries, forums, reviews and even more content. I tell you my head was spinning by this point.

Well, look. If that just sounds like a load of numbers to you then Im sorry. The simple fact is that there is so much content at this site and so many links to feed sites and members areas of other sites that I cant tell you everything. I can only say that there is absolutely no point in taking up a seven day trial as you will need seven weeks (without sleep) to view everything.

And I havent finished yet

Features & Navigation:

Thank heavens for favourites areas. Theres a great feature on the site that allows you to add and remove contributors and sites from your favourites area so you can stock it up with your own personal favs and not get too lost in all the content. There is also a search engine that allows you to hunt around by keywords and brings up link lists so you can easily find your leather or your muscle or whatever. You see, the site features just about every genre you can imagine.

Under the Community banner/area of the site are 17 + different areas to take advantage of. You have chat rooms, stories, horoscopes, jokes and even a recipe of the day. You can find games, magazines everything to support your on-line gay lifestyle. Dont forget you also have you archive section with hundreds, no thousands, more pics in loads of different categories. You have black, blonde, redhead, underwear, uncut and galleries by famous photographers and ones featuring well known models and porn stars. And then youve got the archived videos and other work from other contributors

The newsletter does what you would expect a newsletter to do it brings you news about the regular updates and whats happening on the site. You can subscribe or unsubscribe as you like and its a good way of keeping in touch with new developments. As you explore the site further youll notice adverts and links to pay on demand videos, shops and other sites where you can make new friends, contacts and so on so the site isnt just limited to videos and pictures.

Navigating around this huge site is generally not too traumatic. Some of the areas open in new windows which is great as you dont lose your place in the main site and you can easily get back to where you were. Others though open in the same window and I did get involved in some back button hitting to reverse out this tended to be in the galleries. Otherwise its easy to get to a new section from the top menu which is also reflected at the bottom of the main pages. The top menu also featured drop down lists of sections within that area so you can navigate that way. I did find some of the layout a bit messy, particularly at the top of the page but it could just be me with so much on offer here I did start to feel overwhelmed and a simpler layout might have helped. But is it possible to have a simple layout when there is so much on offer, I ask you?


So; thousands of things to look at and do here: images by the (probably) millions, in various genres and qualities according to who is supplying them; hours of videos in scenes and clips again with different qualities and more extras and community features than you can shake a stick at. The only problem you will have is knowing where to start. I did find myself lost in it all but see that as a good thing and realise how much value for money youre getting. In a word: incredible.

Pros & Cons

+ Unbelievable amount of content
+ And its varied to suit everyone
+ Loads of community features
+ Daily updates
- Navigation issues in places
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