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Short Review:

Here you have that perfect site for when you want to watch some hot gay action but you don't know exactly what kind of hot gay action. Gay DVD Empire takes a stock of DVDs and lets you see them and their separate scenes in one easy to use members' area. There are thousands of scenes from hundreds of DVDs from loads of studios and you can filter and search by category, what's hot and so on. There are also discounted membership offers to check out.
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Trial 2.99
Monthly 24.99

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Our total rating: 83/100

Detailed Review:


First off, the content is not exclusive but that doesn't mean you will have seen it all before. When I was at the site there were over 12,800 scenes to watch and surely no one could have seen all of them before. Your main page gives you the start of the DVDs as well and a top menu to take you to categories, new releases and some other ideas of ways to spend your money, like stores, VOD etc., but we are here for the scenes that come with our main membership. You will need an unlimited membership offer to view everything without paying more; part of the site is a video on demand area so you can always go down that route. But taking up the full membership offer is much easier and a lot cheaper in the long-run.

There were over 3,500 full DVDs here and you can browse through them or search by category. You'll see the box covers and that's one way to get an idea of what's involved in your selection. You can also search by studio and what's new and several other ways. When you do arrive at a DVD page you will find the full thing available for streaming. Sometimes there were no scene breakdowns but simply the full DVD to stream, other times I saw scene breaks. Some of these DVDs were two or more hours long and you are able to jump through the scenes at random and via scene markers and also go full screen. Movies here streamed in Flash at 795 x 388 or larger.

An easier way to get to what you like to see is to use one of the many search functions and find All Scenes. This is how you get to the 12,000 + scenes and it's easier to jump through a scene than it is a full DVD. You can see what DVD the scene is from in case you want to go and find the rest of it later and the scenes also come with full screen options. There are no other viewing choices, no downloads and only the one automatic stream, but the quality was fine and the streams buffered fast and started up more or less straight away for me. You can then see lists of other recommended scenes in a Tube style fashion over on the right so getting om one hot offering to another is easy.

The browse button is the best way to find content and included in its drop-down list of ways to browse is a studios list. Some you may have heard of: Euroboy XXX, Magnus Muscle, Bacchus and Cocky Boys are pretty well know. But then you've got some more obscure (to me) ones that might offer you something unusual or non-mainstream: Zaye 2, a studio I have never heard of has one DVD, a uniform one, The Agency, Gourmet Video and V9 Video also only had one DVD here but they were all good quality.

It's hard to say what the update schedule might be at the site though the tour does make some promises, but there is certainly a lot here and many more scenes than there were last year.

Features & Navigation:

The browse function and the search facilities are so handy here, they really help you find what you want to see. You can use a basic search box and filter things by keywords, or there are long category lists and the studio list, plus other built-in ways to filter the content and arrange it. I had no trouble with navigation and finding what I wanted, though I was a little confused at first about the VOD area as there seems to be two sides to the site. Once you get the hang of it though, it's simple and fun.

Movies come on page that look a bit like Tube sites with recommended scenes on one side and links to other scenes of interest etc. The main screen is right there though and you can rate what you see, add things to a favourites area, leave comments and turn off the auto play function. There are also linked tag words to help you find more of the same kind of content.

You will also see an Account area where you find your favourites and details about your membership. This also tells you when your next billing date is so you have no need to worry about being over-charged or anything. The sign up pages are easy to use and you have a variety of membership options to take. There are discounts for longer-term memberships and with updates happening these are a good way to go. The standard $24.99 per month is a pretty good price already, especially for such a large collection of movies, but the two day trial is a limited one. You also have pay per minute packages if you don't want a recurring membership and it's all explained on the sign up pages.


There are sites with gay DVDs and then there's Gay DVD Empire which is fast filling up with adult action gay DVDS and their components scenes. It now has over 12,800 scenes, mostly good quality, from all manner of studios showing all manner of variety and with all kinds of guys. It's streaming only, but decent quality and there is a PPV option as well as the discounted longer-term sign ups. All in all, great variety and good value for money.

Pros & Cons

+ A large stock of DVDs and scenes
+ Good variety
+ Good search options
+ Wide range of studios
+ Good value sign up offers

- Limited trial
- No download
- No update news
- Not a lot of detail
Click here to visit Gay DVD Empire and check out the tour.