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Gay Hot Movies 6266 Gay Hot Movies Gay Hot Movies is the number one VOD place to visit when you want to watch a hot gay porno. Any hot gay porno.
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Gay Hot Movies

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Gay Hot Movies is the number one VOD place to visit when you want to watch a hot gay porno. Any hot gay porno. This massive collection of top videos from hundreds of production companies encompasses over 50,000 DVDs and covers a vast range of categories. There’s no need to tie yourself down to any one membership site and stay with one theme, and as it’s regularly updated with the latest titles, you’re always going to find something new at a price to suit.

  • Monthly: $24.95
  • 1 Year: $149.94
85/100 0
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  • Exclusivity: 1/5
  • Updates: 4/5
  • Originality: 8/10
  • Quality: 14/15
  • Speed: 13/15
  • Quantity: 15/15

Just so you know how big the collection is at Gay Hot Movies, the last time we reviewed the collection, there were 25,000 DVDs to check out. Now, 18 months later, there are 50,587, and the number is rising every day. This is a VOD site, Video On Demand, and there are several ways in which you can pay for what you see. You don't need an ongoing membership wasting away when you're not online; you simply buy credits and use them as and when you feel like it, making it hugely economical. That’s one good thing. There are several more.

Gay hot Movies has a large and varied collection of gay porn, so let’s look at the category list. To start with, the category page holds hundreds of top-level and less-known headings. You'll find the classics headings such as Amateur, Fetish, Group Sex and Appearance, and beneath them, the finer details: Muscle Men, Frat boys, Twinks, Daddies, Latino, Interracial, Bisexual, Trans, Straight Men, Uncut, Bareback, etc. Then, you can search by studio and/or site, and all the top names are here., Missionary Boyz, Blake Mason, Next Door Studios, Corbin Fisher, the list goes on.

To give you a rough idea of numbers, while searching the categories, you will find Big Dicks (15,691), Group Sex (7,874), Fetish (6,772), Twinks (12,745), Black Men (3,078), and 4K Ultra HD (1,003).

Or, to keep things simple, you can start at the homepage and see what’s new, and there, you're going to find unlimited movies and unlimited clips. As well as the 50,000 + full DVDs, Gay hot Movies give you 120,261 ‘clips’, or individual scenes. When you view a DVD, you can opt to see the whole thing and all its component scenes, or you can use the clips to buy just one scene, which is cheaper, and we’ll look at prices in a moment. Again, these are all from top studios and sites, so there’s no need to join 101 pay sites, and no need to pay to join Gay Hot Movies, because you pay as you go.

As for quality, these movies, in the main, are up to 1080p GD, even those listed at the very end of the 3,000 + index pages. Before you commit to a purchase, you're told the resolution of the movie, and can opt for various versions once paid up. The Trailers you get to see for free all look to be high quality HD, and there are no problems with playback buffering on these samples. You also get to see some details about each DVD, such as the studio name, runtime of scene, what happens, who’s in it and so on, so there’s plenty of useful information.

A quick mention of the 4K HD movies. There are just over 1,000 right now and these are available from the category search page. They include full DVDs from Next Door Studios, Pride Studios, Naked Sword, Southern Strokes, Bear Films, and Disruptive Films. The prices for these full-length and full download 4K movies are no higher than for other videos, which seems very fair.

The bottom line on the movies available to you at Gay Hot Movies is that there is loads of gay porn, plenty of variety, the prices are very reasonable, the quality standards are high, the studios are varied too, and there are loads of ways to find and view what you want. Compared to other VOD sites, Gay Hot Movies has got things just right with its balance between the output from the larger studios and gems from lesser-known ones, top models in the list alongside amateurs and newbies, and really does have content for everyone.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 5/5
  • Navigation Ease: 9/10
  • Features: 8/10

With a site as large as this, navigation is key, and you might have gathered that at Gay Hot Movies, navigation is simple, but extremely effective. There are various ways to search for titles, including a key word search which works just as well for ‘twinks’ as it does for ‘4K HD.’ Each DVD or scene comes with a wealth of tags, which can mean some obscure cross-referencing from time to time (when a scene will hold two seconds of, say, toe-sucking, and yet the whole scene is listed as ‘toe sucking’), but we can live with that. You've got the model index with 6,200 + models which gives you links only and no info, but we’re not here to learn life stories (but you can read reviews), and there’s the category page which goes right into the fine detail. Basically, navigating Gay Hot Movies is a doddle.

As a user, you can save scenes and DVDs for later and add them to a favourites collection to come back to. You can also comment on what you see. You will need to register to do this, but that’s free and quick, and there’s no need to pay up any cash in advance. All that comes when you’ve found a scene or DVD you absolutely want to see, and then, you have various choices:

Pay Per Minute (PPM). You buy packages of time from $9.99 for 50 minutes of streaming, up to $99.99 for 950 minutes (over 15 hours) and gain 40 minutes for free. Your credit bank counts down only when the movie is streaming, and you can easily check your remaining credits in your account area.

Rental. You can rent a movie for a couple of days, and prices are around $5.99 for the period. This price seems to apply whether the movie is 720p or 1080p. The rental is for streaming only.

Stream for life. Here, you get access to the video for as long as you keep your access to Gay Hot Movies, and these rentals for life cost around $9.99 and give you streams of up to 1080p.

Download. This is where you get to buy the full DVD or scene file and own it forever. These will cost $24.99 for a full DVD or around $4.99 for a single scene (prices may vary slightly).

Unlimited membership. Buying a membership as Unlimited gives you access to everything for a recurring membership fee, like any other adult site. Prices start at $12.50 per month (for an annual membership billed in on go at $149.94), up to $24.95 per month paid monthly.

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Gay Hot Movies has a vast collection of top-notch gay porn on demand for good prices, and with a range of viewing options. Movies are up to 720p or 1080p, but there are also 1,000 + at 4K Ultra HD. Updates are frequent, and the category list is very varied. Top stars and newbies, vanilla couples and raunchy Kink, teens, twinks and bears, you name it, this VOD site has it, and from the best studios too. It’s easy to use, well-priced and constantly topped up with new Gay Hot Movies.

Pros & Cons

  • + Huge collection
  • + Good VOD prices
  • + Loads of navigation tools
  • + 1080p, 4K and mobile
  • + Very varied
  • + Top studios and models
  • - No model details