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You know you are in safe hands here folks; Falcon Studio has been in business a long time, providing us with high quality, original movies staring some of the hunkiest and best loved models of our day. You know that you are going to find good quality in this members area, and that goes for the movies, the models, the galleries and the live shows that are included. It also goes for the design and usability of the site, and you've got great value for money with some very good sign up offers.
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Trial 2.95
Monthly 29.95

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Our total rating: 84/100

Detailed Review:


If there is a problem with this site it is that it's very easy to rave about it and simply say, go and view it and sign up and not so easy to point out anything that might catch you out. In fact, for content hungry guys like me, it's a bit of a find, but for those who like to keep their movies, it's going to fox you. You stream only here. As these movies are also available to buy in the stores, you don't get to download and keep them. They are special property in that respect. But as a member you do get to view them as many times as you want, when you want and there are hundreds to go through.

Check out the updates page for the start of a set of index pages that leads you to the full collection of films. You've also got the ability to sort the content and to check out the various components of the site separately. By which I mean that your access to Falcon also gets you into content from the studios of Mustang, Jocks, Falcon Entertainment and Straight Men. But, checking the all studious tab I found 48 scenes per page and 40 pages, totalling 1912 scenes.

I couldn't resist checking out the very first scene here which dated back to 1997. I had a high streaming options and a standard one, both were Flash and the high version gave me a very clear and viewable movie, no problems. You'll notice a more option link beside these Flash players and these, when clicked give you the choice of other ways to stream the films. There are WMV, Mp4 and dial-up streaming choices here, so you should have no trouble viewing the content.

You can also find the content via the Movies tab (or the updates one, or from the home page or via the model index), and this Movies area lists the DVDs from which the scenes come. Recent releases are shown first and you view by box cover; click one to find all the component scenes. So what you are really getting is hundreds of exclusive DVDs that you simply watch on line, rather than buy in the shops and watch on your DVD player. The quality is just as good and they look just as good, but you're getting all this DVD access for a very reasonable price imagine if you actually went out and bought all this DVD content.

Needless to say that the action is hardcore here, with tough, butch guys, younger jocks, smooth Latinos but always guys with great bodies, good cocks and attitude. The performances are natural and the moviemaking is good. You've got some top names here both in the cast list and the directing credits. You've also got a heap of top quality galleries to browse through in the pictures area where the quality was just as outstanding, and there are also decent screencaps with the movies.

Like I said, it's hard to find fault with Falcon Studio, they just keep turning out some of the classiest, most well put together movies staring some of the top names in gay porn. Brilliant stuff.

Features & Navigation:

And the next piece of good news is that your members area is interactive and filled with handy little features. Here are a few: You can view the site in three languages, you have an account area to check out the status of your account, you have an add to favourites function and links to help and support. You can notify your online social networking buddies via quick and easy links, when you want to share a hot scene link with them, and you are able to rate the content as you go too.

Navigation is easy, the main menus stay in place so they don't vanish, leaving you lost. Photo galleries are a straightforward affair with images to open one at a time, and the galleries are also linked over to the movie from which they came. The model index brings you big and clear images of the stars and you can sort these alphabetically or look up a star by name. Find the guy you want and then click him to see what else he has appeared in. There's also a general search box on the site and, as there are so many models here, hundreds, that you might want to use this to find certain types of model. Don't bother putting in something like sexy or hunky though as you'll only get all of them listed, try and be specific.

So, this is an easy site to navigate around and use, it's well designed, it's got lots of nice built in extra features, good information and the pages load up nice and fast. You've got no technical worries here and you are well looked after as a member.


It's always a pleasure to come back and have a look around Falcon Studio and everything that is attached to it. You get perfect quality, great viewing options, loads of regular updates and a live show set-up included at no extra charge. You've got some of the top directors and hunks, stars and jocks, working today, and nothing to fear from signing up. Customer care is excellent as is everything here. Stay a member to keep your access to the movies and you won't regret it.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive content from a top company
+ Regular updates
+ Great quality and lots of viewing choice
+ Live shows included

- Streaming movies only
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