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Asian Boy Video leads you to a set of five sites that are all to do with exclusive Asian action. What you are looking at here, in a nutshell, is access to a load of content from an exclusive producer, and it all stays with smooth, young and horny boys from Asia. There's plenty of kink, with medical fetish and watersports content, and there are good quality movies and pics that are easy to access and download. Much is on the bareback theme and everything is downloadable.
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You're going to find the members' area is pretty dark here, with sample images and descriptions right there on page one. You also find that you can, if you want to, check out the content according to its site. There is a tab in the top menu to take you to the sites and then you simply select and view. You've got a site all about Asian boys passing, the Doctor Twink is in for your medical fetish treatments, and there are more Asian videos and Thai boys in their own sites too. Basically what you buy in to is a set of, currently, around 900 movies and 1,300 and more galleries. It's a large collection and all falls under the banner of Asian Just in case you're already a member and want to find out if there is anything new here if you're a member of any of the included sites then you would have already seen whats here.

But if you've not been lucky enough to click into this members area before, well then, now's your chance. It comes highly recommended by me, and several other reviewers too and, that's mainly for two very good reasons. It's not a bad price for so much content and secondly, you get loads of Asian boys naked, hard, fucking, sucking and cumming. It really is tops for Asian twink content, and I don't say that kind of thing very often.

Updates happen regularly here too, so you are always going to have something new to watch, and it's easy to get to see the movies as well. Select what you want to see by using the small but decent sample pics and descriptions, then you come to a simple viewing page. Here you can stream in a Flash window, and within the player is a link to your downloads. You find AVI and WMV files and they don't take very long at all to come down the line and reach you. There are some interactive options on these pages too (more about them later). The viewing quality is fine, I didn't get a choice for resolution but what I was given was just right for me and went full screen with no problems.

As for the boys and the sex, well, that's pretty full on all the way. They are young and horny for sure and they are varied too. One thing you may notice is that you start a scene and you are right in the middle of a horny session, or you get to the end of one and they boys are just about to cum when the scene ends. Odd? Well, no, not really. You see many of these movies are parts of longer scenes, so you've got 15 to 20 minutes at a time but you will have to keep an eye on the titles to see if you are in part one or part two and so on.

Galleries are good and there are hundreds of them. Each one has a different amount of images, and each one is either solo or action, and you can download them all. The images play out in a kind of Flash stream player where you scroll along the thumbnails at the bottom to change the larger image. It all worked well for me and like everything else, it was easy to use and good quality.

Features & Navigation:

Those interactive options I mentioned consisted mainly of a comments box. You find one with every movie and every galleries and this, like everything at Asia Boy Video is very easy to use. Simply fill it in and click, and then share your thoughts with other members. Content also comes with tags so it is easy to find more of the same, and there is a general search box at the top of the main pages.

Working through the main menu in what is actually a very simple site, you can explore whats new and tops and hot from the Explore home page. You've got a model index where you find out a little more about the boys and where you find links to their work via sexy face and body shots. There is a tab for whats coming soon too so you get a chance to plan ahead, and then you come to the wonderful bonus of the extra sites.

Simply click one of these sites to slip into it and you find that it looks exactly the same as where you currently are. Each site has been designed (re-designed recently?) so that it works in the same way as the others. Actually, unless you really want to separate your pissing boys from your doctor twinks from your bareback Asian lads, then you may as well stay with the generic content at Asia Boy Video as the main pages there hold all the content in one, easy and fun to use place.


This is a great collection of Asian porn and all about younger guys, no doubt about that. From watersports to Medical fetish you've got some raw edged extras, plenty of bareback and loads of smooth and sweet boys to play with. The quality is fine, and there are simple but effective viewing options. There is loads of content, thousands of images and everything loads and runs smoothly and well. I've got no qualms about recommending this site to all Asian porn lovers. Go for it.

Pros & Cons

+ Masses of Asian porn
+ Exclusives
+ Regular updates
+ Easy to use
+ Five sites for the price of one

- Not a huge variety of viewing choices
- Some text is hard to read
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