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Short Review:

Asian gay Twinks is part of the My Twink Pass collection of sites and it is not your typical Asian porn site. It contains 100 photo galleries that are well stocked with good quality images of very smooth and sexy, young, Asian boys in solo and group scenes. And that's it. No updates, no interactive options, no messing about. But you do then get to access the other photo and video sites that the network contains and you have a quality assurance throughout.
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Detailed Review:


So, imagine yourself over there in Asia, alone in a hotel room with a 19 year old Asian boy, he had his dark cock out and ready for your waiting mouth; he shows you his cute, tight ass, and then he sees to your every need. Imagine. That's what you have to do here. But you will have no trouble doing so as these boys are all the kinds of Asian twinks you love to dream about. And you have 100 of them, at least 100 actually as some sets contain pics of more than one boy there are couples and action scenes in here too, with oral and hardcore anal images to collect.

And that's what the site is all about; letting you collect as many photos as you want. You wont find zip file downloads to help you do this, but you will have no trouble opening each individual image, at around 600 x 900, and then saving it to your hard drive. This is a strange site, as are the others in the network, as you don't get involved, you simply call in, grab whatever you want and then go away again. So is a recurring monthly membership worth it? Well, yes, for a while at least as there are other gallery sites with 100 sets and some video sites in your bonus collection too.

The content doesn't come with details; in fact you have more details about the boys on the tour than you do once you get inside. Again you must imagine names, stats and exactly where these horny little devils are from. But they are all Asian so that tour promise is kept.

This is a good quality collection too. The content may not be exclusive but the site has found only the best of what's available and you have no worries anywhere in the network that you are not going to find good quality images, or great looking twinks for that matter. And you wont be getting any updates either. The site has been built, it's reached its target of 100 galleries and there it stays. I did read somewhere that the network does this on purpose and that, when one site is thus full they move on, find another twink niche, collect galleries or videos for it, fill it up and then leave it there. So, no more content here any time soon, but possibly more in the extra sites, or even a new site. Some news about this would be good to see. It's an original approach and it works.

Features & Navigation:

So, I said that you don't get very interactive here. In fact all you do is enter the members area, check the list of 100 good sized thumbnails, click who you want to see first, a gallery page opens with all the images on it, you click one to go full size (there are two sizes actually, so use the magnifier to enlarge to the biggest size), you save the images you want, back button to the thumbnail list, and repeat. It might be a slightly cumbersome way of collecting images but it does give you time to examine each one, and each hot twink as you go.

You wont be able to make comments or vote for your favorite boy and you wont be able to store any in a favorites area you store them on your computer instead. You wont read any information about the guys either, you have to make that up yourself, but I still maintain that these are not reasons to dismiss Asian Gay Twinks.

If you are really into the Asian porn scene and want more then this isn't the site for you there are no links to clubs, news, and the Asian sex scene in general as there are on other Asian themed sites. But if you're a collector of top quality images showing you pretty and cute young Asian guys then this is a good place to check out. And, if you're simply into twinks and don't mind where they are from or what their ethnicity is, then you get even better value as you have many others in your seven extra sites. And getting to them is a simple case of clicking the next or previous site links at the bottom of your home page, entering your same membership details and moving along the line.


100 galleries of very sexy and young looking Asian boys that are not necessarily exclusive, and access to seven other twink gallery and video sites. That's what you are paying for here. Updates wont happen to this site, there is no info other than what's on the tour, you don't get involved, but yet the site is still good. It serves to allow you to add more images to your home collection and it stays constantly with Asian twinks in solo and hardcore photo sets.

Pros & Cons

+ Very sexy young Asian boys
+ Easy to navigate and use
+ Good quality images
+ Seven extra sites included

- No information or interactivity
- No updating
- Not exclusive
Click here to visit Asian Gay Twinks and check out the tour.