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It's all about genre-mixing, watersports, Asian boy fun at Gay Asian Piss. You can kind of put that together from the title. But there's an awful lot more going on here than the tittle suggests; there are loads of hardcore Asian boy movies, and galleries, there are bonus sites and a new-look site that's really easy to run and use. You've also got great value with a good membership price, and updates are frequent. You cant go wrong really.
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What you do need to know, before rushing off to grab this excellent value membership, is that this site is one in a group of five sites that fall under AsiaBoy.nets banner. So, if you have joined one of the others then you will know that you have already seen this content. When you log in you find it all in one place and that was something I liked about the site. You've got the whole network in once place if that's how you want it, or you can single out a site and see all of its content, but in the same window, in the same page in fact. I clicked the other sites tab and found Gay Asian Piss, clicked that and there I had the first 10 of 354 scenes to view, all laid out over simple index pages with small, but viewable, sample pics, some info and links to the viewing page. (I couldn't read the upload dates the dark grey on black doesn't work.)

Never mind, I could get to the videos easily and that's what it's all about. Select one (who can resist Pissing Soldiers part three?), and there you go with a good sized Flash stream screen and a button for your two download options, one in WMV and one as MP4. The transfer rate is nice and speedy, and it's very easy to get these exclusive movies either there on your screen streaming, or down to your hard drive. You can pop the stream up in a new player, or go full screen where the quality remains good.

I have to say that there is very little messing around with these movies. You get a stream started and you're right in here on the action. There are no chats or interviews (that I saw) and very little storyline, so it's wham bam, on with the action. Mind you, I was looking at part three or part two some of the time, so I also made sure I checked out some part ones, and some standalone scenes. Also good quality and also pretty quick to get to the action, though yes, some of them do have an opening.

The boys are young. That's about the bottom line. This is teen and twink material for sure. They are cute and sexy, varied in looks, and dick size, and take it in turns to play top and bottom, to piss or not to piss. Actually that's another thing. Not all of the videos are what you might call 100% watersports. There's a lot of leaning towards bareback and oral, hardcore generally too, which is fine. And certainly if you opt for all videos from the menu and then start watching, you may well find yourself watching movies from the other collections too. The All Videos tab seems to bring you all 908 movies. And these cover subjects such as: Doctor Twink where Asian boys are mixed up in the medical examination fetish; Tai Gay Boys; and interracial sex in 80 Gays and Asian Boy.

So, a great deal of content, with Gay Asian Piss holding the most number of movies, and then you get a large stock of galleries too. Around 1,380 photo sets dating back to 2002. That's thousands of images of various qualities of course, and viewable online or available in zip file downloads.

Features & Navigation:

Getting around the site is simple. The site is now black and dark, which does make the dates hard to read as I said, but which also makes it look inviting and slightly moody. The menu stands out ok though, and you can always find your way home. The simplicity works well here and there was nothing getting in the way of my viewing.

Descriptions are short and to the point, you've got a chance to comment on your viewing pages, so you can have your say and join in, and there is a general search engine available on all pages. Click to the model index and you find some 153 boys featured with sample pics and the start of a description. Click one to see more and you find not only links to any episodes he has appeared in, but also some more details. Members can also rate the boys as you take a look around.

Check out the updates page to see whats coming soon and you will see that there is a very good update schedule here. Every other day something new is being added, and you are told the title and what site it's coming to. This means that you're going to want to pop back regularly to catch up on new and hot content. And when you do so, you will find this is a very simple, clean and easy members area to use.


Gay Asian Piss is one of those sites where you don't actually buy into just one site. It is wonderfully unavoidable that you will get access to four other bonus sites and, as they are also Asian themed, you're already onto a winner. There is enough fetish and watersports content here, you get your piss action, no worries there, and there is plenty of good quality exclusive content to more than justify the membership fee. A perfect site for all Asian boy lovers and watersports fans.

Pros & Cons

+ A good stock of fetish content
+ All Asian boy content
+ Exclusive and well made
+ Updates every couple of days
+ Five sites in total

- Cant easily read some text
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