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You've got a great mix of two hot themes here: young and smooth Asian boys and tickle-torture, usually with a foot fetish bent too. And you've also got the added attraction of exclusive and well made content. And then you discover a bonus site that is also Asian and video samples from other sites that are also on the same Oriental theme. This is all packaged up in a well designed and easy to use site that updates very regularly. After paying such a reasonable sign up you'll be laughing.
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Let me quote: Exclusive, original tickling & fetish videos. Cute, smooth, ticklish Asian guys! And let me say that is exactly what you will find. Sometimes the boys are playing together and sometimes there are older white guys involved, just to add that extra frisson of fun to the scenes.

You've got over 200 of these scenes so far, they are of varying lengths, but each one is available as a full length download in either a good quality WMV file or one that will fit onto your hand held device nice and easily, so you can have giggling, gorgeous guys all the way to the office and back. You will see the latest updates on your home page as soon as you log in and here you may be surprised to find well hung Asian guys, ass licking, cock sucking, body tickling, older on younger, anal and BDSM with tickling scenes. Actually those were the last six updates when I called in so you can see that you're going to get plenty of variety in your content. Variety and hot looking young guys too.

Select a scene from the index pages which carry ten sample shots and descriptions each I am going for page 11 scene number six without looking at it to give you a random view: what have I found? One Asian guy strapped to a bed while three others tickle him, fingers and implements are used all over his body. Another random scene gives me nothing but foot worship with an older white guy sucking the feet of a younger Asian guy. And a third gives me a more standard 69 suck scene with two tanned youths. So, plenty of variety then, and easy to download and stream. Those streams are in an embedded player, WMV at 968 kbps @ 720 x 480, so no problems there.

If you like to see who you can see before you see him, if you see what I mean, then check the model photos index. I suspect that not all the boys are here as I counted only 24 sets and there were 211 movies, which all also had galleries. The model index has collection of large images which are digital and clear, while the Movie Shots collection has screen caps taken from the videos. But as the videos also have screen caps with them this may be doubling up but a handy way to find your collection of pics nonetheless, particularly as the sample screen caps that come with the videos don't enlarge. The ones in the Movie Photos area do.

For additional content you can check out the Asian bonus site, Gay Asian Twinks, or the bonus feed sites and extra movies from a couple of other exclusive Asian sites. The content stays on niche (apart from some feeds) and doesn't let you down.

Features & Navigation:

As you work your way through the content you can rate it, casting your votes and giving your feedback. When your comments are approved they will be posted. When you are in a gallery you can run slideshows of the pics and you're also able to download them individually; the same goes for the models photos but I didn't see any zip downloads.

Each page is neatly designed here and keeps to the overall theme of the site. The navigation is easy and all links are clearly marked. I had no problems at all, no technical hiccups, no missing links or pics, and everything ran as smoothly as fingers tickling lightly over an Asian twinks ass. (You can see that this site has put me in the mood.)

You will also notice that there is a Live Cams area and although this is the standard kind of up-sell sign up for free content but pay later to see all it takes you to an Asian themed cam site, or at least to the Asian boys who appear no it. You've also got a help center should you need it. It's hard to think of what's missing here, perhaps some more information about the boys other than what's in the descriptions and a favourites area. You're going to want to come back and see these boys time and again, but with updates happening every three days or so, you're going to be doing that. It is certainly worth taking a recurring membership here.


We love the combination of tickling and foot fetish content with Asian twinks. There are many Asian boy sites out there and this one brings us something different. It also brings us good quality content, varied content and easy access to all the videos and galleries. With frequent updates it's going to be worth staying around for a long time, and don't forget your neat, on-niche bonuses to bring extra value for money.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive content
+ A great mix of themes
+ All easy to access and use
+ Frequent updates
+ Good quality
+ Interactive

- More info about the boys please
- A favourites area would be nice
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