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Short Review:

Ebony Shaft is one of the better Ebony sites out there not only does it have a reasonable sized collection of black on black movies but it also has a good set of images in the gallery. Its an easy site to use and it contains bonus material, which is mainly white guys but they tell you thats what youre going to get so thats o.k. The main guys are dark and hot, sizzling in some cases and of various ages; but wherever they are from and however old or young they are - theyre hot!
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Our total rating: 45/100

Detailed Review:


Over at Ebony Shaft there are 46 pages of movies, each page having two titles featured on it so thats 92 hot and steamy, ebony movies for you to view and enjoy. Each one runs for between ten and 20 minutes so youve got hours of hard-core viewing waiting for you when you sign up to this site. If you like black on black then youre gunna want to hang out in this neighbourhood for a while.

You can stream the movies on line in two qualities: the moderate quality one comes out as 480 x 320 at 620 kbps and if fine to view in Windows Media Player and the higher quality one is 576 x 432 @ 1320 kbps. To stream youll need to enter your username and password but you can also click the link to save the movie to your hard drive so getting to view this content isnt hard work at all. And its great content to view, you can take my word for it. I checked out one movie with a very dark and sexy guy simply giving his Latino buddy a slow hand job and found it really erotic; simple and sexy. I took a look at another with two black guys, one fucking the other, and this was also nearly too hot to handle. There are loads of duo scenes with mainly younger and hunkier guys, in their twenties and thirties that is, always black or Latino, always hung and always up for the hard-core action that happens. Some of the scenes contain three or more guys too so you get your fair share of orgies as well as couples, with a few solo guys jacking off too.

There are also just over 20 bi-black movies with more sexy hunks (and some girls of course) indulging in three and four way sex sessions. The action seems to centre mainly around the guys and the girls are almost superfluous things remain hot though and you have the same viewing options as with the straightforward gay ones.

Each episode, both in the gay and the bi collections, has around 40 screen caps to go with it, theyre on the same page as the video download links. Theyre only screen caps so dont expect great quality, as usual they come across as slightly blurred and pixilated when clicked up to full size, 700 x 500, but thats the nature of screen-caps. There are, though, 27 of what the site calls bonus picture galleries. I guess they are bonus as they are not exclusive like the movies. The guys here come from various parts of Africa, youre introduced to each of them and you have 150 to 200 shots in each set. When they are full size, 465 x 620, they remain clear and focused and are god quality digital images taken in the studio or out on location. There are many cute guys here of various ages with perhaps the emphasis being on the younger looking guy.

There is one other part of the content list worth a mention here and thats the classic movies from the past area. There are 15 movies here that I assume come from the past as thats what were told certainly the hair styles in some would suggest it. Again they are full length and you have the same viewing options; theyre hot and hard-core, solo and sexy, a bit of everything with toy play, oral and anal scenes and each one comes with its screen caps.

Features & Navigation:

There are other things featured on the site apart from the videos and image galleries Ive mentioned. There is an area for erotic stories, for example. This has 65 erotic short stories in it, each one is a reasonable length, a bit basic but with erotic content and some neat scenarios and descriptions. You can read these on line and I guess you couple copy and paste them if you wanted to print them out.

There are more movies and pictures that stray from the ebony theme but whats good is that the site makes it clear that this is whats happening, the link is entitled Bonus stuff, some white meat so there really is no doubt about it. Here you have another 18 full length movies again with the same viewing options and screen caps youre certainly looked after when it comes to movies at this site! O.k. so theyre not exclusive but thats o.k. they are, after all, a bonus. The guys are white, younger and slimmer than weve seen on the site so far but the action is just as hot and hard-core.

There is also a bonus area of pictures too, again under the white meat heading. There are 71 galleries here featuring couples and action scenes; maybe non-exclusive but good sized pics at 400 x 600 in size and easy to navigate. Actually the whole site is easy to navigate with its top menu that stays put and plenty of drop down, jump-to-page lists, next and previous buttons and so it. I found it really easy to get around the site. If you have trouble with the graphics on the top menu or if youve scrolled down a page youll find the same menu in plain text at the bottom too.

The menu also contains links to an adult personals site so if you havent joined one and you want to you can do it from here. There are also links to FAQ pages and a contact form should you want to get in touch with the webmasters or should you need help with anything. To get back to the members home page click the site title in the top banner and there you go. Here you can catch up on the update news, and at first glance it looks like there are two new movies each month at least there had been when I was there. Each movie has its technical details with it, format, run time, resolution and the date added so you really can see how often the site gets new material.


Ebony shaft strikes me as an honest and open site that takes care of its members. Not only do you get a good collection of movies both back and white, but you get good galleries, screen shots and stories too mostly on the same ebony theme. And if you are going off subject they tell you and dont include the white content as padding for the main niche but as a bonus extra. Everything works well, the movies are good quality the images too and its an easy site to get around and use.

Pros & Cons

+ Hot and hunky black guys
+ Good quality videos
+ Nice image collection
+ Easy to use and navigate
- Full movies only, no clips or scenes
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