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Short Review:

Wow. Gorgeouz Guyz has found something new for you, new and yet classic. This unusual site is set up with a few exceptional options that you won't find anywhere else on the net. For a start, you can stream two videos simultaneously, you can add filters and change the zoom, and you can use it on your desktop, phone, portable device and TV. The content is in three sections, Hardcore, big dick solo jerk offs and also transsexual porn, and it comes with all instructions you need to get going.
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Price Details:

Trial 7.95
Monthly 19.95

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Our total rating: 73/100

Detailed Review:


The content at Gorgeouz Guyz is arranged in three areas: Big Cock POV (10 videos), Gay Videos (17) and Transgender (10). I wasn't able to track down an update schedule in the usual way, but then this is anything but your usual kind of porn site, although the porn is your usual kind of gay porn. It advertises itself as 'The most advanced premium porn page', and I can see where they are coming from. On the face of it, you might wonder what's going on, but it's actually very well explained and really, underneath the cute special effects, these are simple, straightforward streams and downloads in HD.

The gimmick here is that you have a function for two players, and that, at first, made me wonder if this was some kind of game site. It's not. It means that you can opt to open one movie at a time and view, or open two screens and have two movies playing simultaneously. I don't know about you, but I've often downloaded scenes and had three or four open in three or four different players all playing at once. I'm a bit greedy that way. Here at Gorgeouz Guyz, you can do that with two players running your favourites movies or clips side by side in streams, and your eyes darting between the two.

Here's a bit about the three sections. The Big Cock POV scenes were short clips really, samples, they call them. They were around three minutes each and were cum-shot, dick-stroke movies where the guys (whose faces I didn't see) looked fit and trim and were certainly well hung. They stroke in natural movies before blowing a load. The Gay Videos were your standard 20s and 30s guys, fit and studly, getting off with each other inside and out. There are some interracial ones, and a threesome or two. These were standard length movies of around 20 minutes each. The transgender ones are also classic tranny style movies with fit and gorgeouz shemales in hardcore action.

Each of the movies has two streams, and two download options, one at 1,920 x 1,080 HD and one at 1,280 x 720, and all files are Mp4. They also come with effects and here's where things get a bit different from the norm. You can add filters, which really means you can heighten the contrast, turn the movies into black and white and also zoom in slightly without widening the playing area. These are unique touches, and I can see other porn sites following suit over time.

Overall, the quality of movies was fine, but I don't think they are exclusive and I can't say when the updates come in, the site only says 'added recently.' There were no images, no model index and no extras at the site, which is why the price is currently very low.

Because Gorgeouz Guyz was so new when I saw it, there's not a lot else to tell you, except that the content is decent quality, HD and comes with some special effects and ways to view that no other porn site has. You can even run two streams simultaneously, and there are 37 videos and clips to see right now.

Features & Navigation:

When I first started investigating the site, I thought it was going to be a technical nightmare for someone not tech-savvy like me, but it wasn't. There are helpful notes and pop-ups that tell you what you need to know, and help is on hand if you have any trouble. Your desktop browser must support H264 or HTML5 playback (smartphones and Smart TV already support them).

Navigation was very easy. The top menu simply takes you to the three video areas and a couple of those pop-ups to explain your requirements and technical things. But there is another totally unique feature called, 'Play your own videos.' Here, you can open a streaming screen (or two as you can do this in double stream mode) and then browse your PC for your own porn files. Then, you can play them within the site adding the filters and zoom effects if you want to. I have never seen this on any other site, and it worked perfectly. It's mind-blowing technology but could do with some more load-blowing guys and hardcore and porn on it. That will come in time. Meanwhile, grab an intro membership for a good, low price.

Memberships are set up as 'site rentals', and there is a one-week option, one-month recurring or not recurring (same price), plus three-month and 12-months, both with recurring and non-recurring prices. There are no cross sales, and sign-ups are secure with CCBill.


Gorgeouz Guyz is probably the most unique site I've seen regarding what members can do on it, but it doesn't have anything very original in the actual porn - not yet. It's new and small, but it's going not revolutionise the way porn sites are set up. With features where you can view two screens at once, zoom in and even play your own porn videos (from any site whose movies you have saved to your hard drive in the past) and play two at once with the same filters.

Pros & Cons

+ Unique technology
+ Easy to use
+ Two streams run at once
+ Apply special effects to videos
+ Three porn categories
+ HD

- Small site
- Non-exclusive porn
- No info, details, extras
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