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Short Review:

There are plenty of outdoor photo shots at Jungle Boys Nude and yes, they are taken in the jungle. The boys are dark, ethnic and young too. When you sign up here you are signing up for the My Twink Pass collection of eight sites and you access them all. This one is photo-only, others have videos, but all stay with the twink theme and contain non-exclusive galleries and movies that are good quality. It's also very easy to view and collect the content.
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You have 100 photo sets with around 150 to 200 quality pics in each one. These open up to 675 x 900 in size and you can collect them individually. You will find smooth and young twinks in here, some solos and some action sets, hung boys, tight asses, cute faces and everything about twinks that we love to see. But the boys are all black, or certainly from a darker continent.

As far as I am aware these are not exclusive photo sets though. You may have caught these tanned lovelies elsewhere before but you probably wont have seen all of them; so for all collectors of twink porn photos this is a neat place to be a part of. Particularly as you have seven other sites that also contain either 100 twink photo sets or 50 movies.

And that's where this set of sites gets slightly original. It doesn't update but it does build up its collection in one site and then moves on to create another. So, once you've been through the content at Jungle Boys Nude you can click the links at the bottom of the page to move to the next site, this may be white twinks, Asians, hardcore videos or more photos.

I do have to stay though that there are some things missing, particularly considering that this is a photo site. There are no slideshows or zip file downloads for the galleries. You simply open and close all the way through. You're not restricted on downloads though. So think of this as a kind of store when you call in and collect, top up your own galleries at home and then move on. You're not given any information either, no names or stats you could always make up your own. But in a way the site is not about you getting involved, simply about showing you good quality images of sexy ethnic boys and then leaving the rest up to your imagination.

Features & Navigation:

Moving around inside Jungle Boys Nude is simple. You have a home page which lists all the galleries with good sized thumbnails, then you click one to open that gallery, again all on one page. You open a pic, view or save, then close it and move to the next. It can be a bit cumbersome but you wont mind that too much when you start viewing the boys.

There are no interactive features, no comments places, no ratings, stats, info and not even any contact details for help if you need it. You will find those back out on the tour though, so no panic required.

Getting to your next site is a simple question of clicking the links at the bottom of the main pages. Down there you will also see a link to another site, from a different company, but to get into that you will need to sign up for a Mansites pass. Not a bad thing and it lasts for a lifetime I'm told.

So, not much to say about extras here as there are none. But the pages are well designed, you wont get lost and the images all open up nice and quickly.


Another neat little site from the My Twink Pass collection and one that comes with access to all eight sites in the network. You have, and will only ever have, 100 galleries here, but new sites may well be added to your list in time. It's very easy to use, it contains only good quality images, and the boys are very sexy, ethnic and all 100% twinks.

Pros & Cons

+ Good quality images
+ Easy to navigate and use
+ Access to seven other sites included
+ Great looking ethnic twinks

- No interactive options
- No updates
- Not exclusive
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