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Occasionally a new site comes a long and knocks you off your feet. Bound Gods will do that for you. It will then tie you up and give you a serious seeing-to as the theme here is BDSM all the way. Not only does it know its niche and stick to it but it delivers exactly what it promises. It takes a very professional approach to all aspects of its production and it only finds the hottest and horniest guys who know what they are doing and enjoy it. For BDSM you dont need to go anywhere else.
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Our total rating: 77/100

Detailed Review:


Yes, I am going to rave slightly about Bound Gods because it is a breath of fresh air. There are many BDSM sites around and many of them fail because they dont actually understand what the niche is all about. Its not a question of finding some young guy, tying him up and then patting his ass with a paddle; its not about asking first time amateur performers to pretend to be into chains and slings; its about real hard men practising controlled horny hardcore sessions where the binding, tying and control are the things that get us off. Bound Gods does that it knows what its up to, and it also includes the sex side with great skill.

Check the tour to see what to expect and I dont just mean from the sex side of things. The tour reflects the members area so you can see what to expect once you've logged in. It actually looks exactly the same so you still get invited to join once you have joined but well overlook that. Each of the episodes (34 when I called in) is well made, good quality and properly staged. Even down to the lighting design and the sets this is great quality filming. Its very theatrical at times but yet still real.

The men are hung, hard and firm, they are also ready for anything. And they know what they are doing. There wont be any ooh yes slap me baby rubbish here; just pure and simple BDSM experts. Its hard and raw stuff with plenty of rope length chains, torture and dildos, butt plugs and fists, but plenty of hard dicks and great looking bodies too. The sweat flies as the real action heats up and your movies even have titles. Whereas some sites will list their content as movie #1 and so on, Bound Gods is more inventive. Look out for the Creepy Janitor, the Cat Burglar and his Prey and the Butcher and his Fresh Meat.

Viewing these exclusive movies is simple with the clip approach in use. But these arent one minute clips, they are ten minutes at a time. You can download or stream with a good transfer rate and there are WMV, PSP and Real files on offer. The dark pages contain enough images to show you what to expect and to help you choose which movie to watch first, and all links to the streams and downloads are clearly marked. There are also image galleries with episodes, with hundreds of good quality shots in each one. So as far as content goes you have nothing to worry about. Its good quality, good length, good resolutions, good choices for viewing, original and exclusive, and it all stays on the niche you were promised.

Features & Navigation:

Members can post comments about the movies, yes I know a lot of sites do this but its actually quite rare to find so many comments from so many members. The fact that there is so much written about these scenes by members goes to show that Bound Gods is popular. Members actually want to have their voices heard and thats not because they have anything to complain about. The comments here were usually about how good the content was and how much it was enjoyed.

To get more involved you can enter the forums and discuss not only Bound Gods but the BDSM fetish in general. The forum is where you can meet the rest of your community and joining this site does make you feel that you are in a community. You are not alone when you view. You can meet other members and chat about anything and really get involved.

The model index link will take you to the Demigods and Demons page where you will find over 40 hunky guys to examine. You have some basic stats with each one and a great posed and well shot photo too. Click further in to the Model Call area to find out how you could end up in one of these videos.

Navigation is simple at Bound Gods and everything technical works well. There were no problems encountered here at all. The dark design lends atmosphere and complements the lighting and design of the sets and scenes, photos of which adorn the pages. Updates are regular I saw the site in September 2008 and by Feb of the next year the content count had doubled. No worries about updates then.


From the stunning godlike men in the BDSM scenes to the feature that allows you to display your members area in two ways, Bound Gods has it all. Regular updates mean youre going to get more of it too which is great news for lovers of high quality BDSM and fetish content. Not only do you get top quality productions but you get to be interactive too with a forum and comments. Here you join a community and a site, and find hours of horny hardcore with loads of top models.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive
+ Great quality
+ Knows its niche
+ Perfect models
+ Easy to use
+ Regular updates
+ Well designed

- Er
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