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You know what it's like when you are on a long journey and you want some porn? Well, that's when you need a site designed for a mobile phone, or similar. And when you have a thing for sucking and fucking and guys cum, then you need a site like Cum Pig Men Mobile. Basically you get all the exclusive videos from the main site in the palm of your hand with this membership. The price is right, the content is extensive so we are all set to be mobile.
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Detailed Review:


You can of course view the site on your desktop PC, (but more about that later). Here the pages have been formatted for the mobile phones of today and that means you've got one stream per movie. There are actually 424 full length scenes here and you have a scrolling list per page, just rumble down, select the pic you like the look of and then click to get the stream starting. These are MP4 files and they are stream only; at least, I didn't find any download options.

I did find that I could email the video on though. I was on the PC at this point and did a right click to see if I could find out any more details about the files. I got a menu of options, including email, and full screen, which actually was surprisingly good quality considering this was full PC screen. The statistics for the clip showed me that it was at 480 x 272 in size. This one was one of the more recently added videos, checking back to index page 71 and the start of the movies in 2009, I found movies at 489 x 400 in size, but the quality was lower. Trying out full screen I found the image slightly blurred bit actually not too bad. Which means these movies will indeed be fine for your mobile and not at all bad on the desktop.

You have three main sections on the site: Videos, where you find those index pages holding the sample pics, upload dates, titles and links to the stream, the Categories area which breaks the content down into several main categories, and the Model index. Looking at the categories gives you a good idea of the kind of action you can expect, that is if you need any more clues with a title Like Cum Pig Men. You are in for: Bareback, cum swallowing, facials and fucking, then Groups, mature men, outdoors and rimming. Followed by Solos, tattoos and uncut cocks, and there is even a section for Red Head, which is fairly unusual to see. Click an image with the category name and there's your first page holding all that kind of content.

There are some names in here that you might recognise, I just found Jarod Mason for example, and you can check out who appears through that model index. There are 276 guys here set out on index pages with face pics, so you just need to be led by who turns you on the most. Click a face to find all his movies, it's as simple as that.

There was nothing else here though, not on this mobile version of the site, simply a long list of cum flavoured movies from Cum Pig Men and the model index. There are no interactive options and no galleries, but updates are happening at the rate of ne per week it seems.

Features & Navigation:

I had no trouble getting around the site, it's a case of scroll and tap, as you would expect, and you should be able to manage the site quite easily on any mobile. I did find that there were a couple of movies missing, an error report showed up from time to time saying that the movie I wanted wasn't there; like it had kind of popped out for a minute perhaps. This wasn't to do with my connection though, simply missing files.

As I said, there are no interactive things here, no rates or comments or add to favourites links, only the category list and the model index. This does make it an easy site to click around, but also one where you simply log in and watch. There are no downloads and there is only one choice of stream per scene.

There are though, links to help and support if you do have any troubles or questions, and a link at the bottom of the pages where you can slip into the desktop version of the site. Do this and you get all kinds of download options, and extra stuff that doesn't happen on the mobile version. This includes galleries and members' chat and lots of other neat things to see and read. So really, you are getting two sites in once here and, I discovered later, my membership also got me into bonus sites when in the desktop version of the site.


Cum Pig Men Mobile is neatly set out and formatted for you mobile phone. You simply have the streaming movies from the desktop site here, a model index and a list of categories. But you get the full scenes and the full collection; the quality is fine and the whole thing is very easy to use. Switch to the desktop when you get home and you also have galleries, downloads and bonus sites to play with adding a huge amount of value to a very well priced membership. Grab it and go mobile.

Pros & Cons

+ Well formatted for mobile phones
+ Easy to use
+ Includes models and categories
+ Access to full site and extras also included

- Some video files were missing
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