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Short Review:

Here's a site that promises 10 inchers and bigger, and actually gives them to you, stuffed in tiny straight asses and the like. You've got High Definition movies here that are exclusive, well made, a good length and bursting at the seams with some of the biggest cocks you're ever likely to see. You also get sets of pics and screencaps, good viewing options and a set of bonus sites are included. When you join Damn That's Big you also join the Gay Room network of three other sites.
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Trial 1.12
Monthly 17.95

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Our total rating: 77/100

Detailed Review:


So, you've currently got these 21 episodes, they run for around 25 to 40 minuets each, and they come in a variety of players with streams and downloads. And you get a new scene each week, coming at you with large galleries and also sets of screen caps. The guys are hot and hung, at least one ten incher per scene, the sex is mad and very horny, the site is well put together and everything works just fine.

You're wondering if there are any downsides with the content and the answer really is no. Except from some missing images I had no trouble getting to, or viewing, the content at Damn That's Big and I also found the content totally entertaining and exactly as was promised to me on the tour.

You start off at the home page for the network, the Gay Room, and choose your site from a drop down list. (You can also see what's new and happening in the network if you want to, and all the recent updates are on this first page.) Over on Damn That's Big you have a big (of course) sample shot from the newest scene, plus other samples, then you have a list of the previous episodes all with their upload dates and info. Click to the one you want and you find a large HD Flash stream which will favour faster connections, but which will also allow you to jump through using the time-slider. Beneath this are full scene download options in three file types, and then clips from the scene; smaller chunks with sample pics and the same download options. The transfer rate for downloading wasn't that fast so the full scenes may take some time to get to you, but they will be worth the wait.

What I really liked about these scenes is that they started with the guys chatting naturally, there was some build up and you eased into the action to come by getting to know the models. Sometimes this went on for four or five minutes so they take their time, but it's not long before the hot action starts. And some of these cocks really are startling; there is no morphing here and no trickery, these guys genuinely are this big. And hard, there are not floppy dicks when the action heats up. And they are cute, the guys I mean, mainly young, in their twenties with a couple of 30-somethings in the mix too, and they partner up with equally as sexy young things, the bottom boys. These guys gag on the oral scenes and then gasp and grunt on the fuck scenes and you really do wonder how they manage to take some of these lengths, and the thickness. But take them they do, and for all of us into over-sized meat, hung guys, hardcore with stretched holes and really big dicks, then Damn That's Big is going to be the place for you. You will come away saying damn that's good and you wont be able to wait to get back.

A bit of a rave about the content there, but I think it's justified.

Features & Navigation:

And, along with this good content you get a good interface and a well planned members area. There are all kinds of search and sort options, lots of tag words and linked words, and information. You can rate the content as you go through it and although there are adverts to up-sell sites and chat rooms etc. these are discretely placed at the bottom of the well designed pages.

You also find a top menu that lists the scenes and the guys as separate areas; this means you've got a model index of some 55 guys to check out. These guys are from across the network so you may find yourself clicking one and going to one of the other sites, but they all operate in the same window, they are all linked and easy to move between, so you really have no problems with navigation here at all.

The only problem I had was with missing images, and I don't know why that should be. I was in the site a few days ago and it was fine, but today there are several X boxes telling me that images can not be found. I also noticed that when I clicked an X, for example in a gallery, the image behind it did appear, and sometimes when I clicked and image to see it full size, an X appeared: all very odd really, but apart from that I found the galleries easy to navigate, and you can download full sets in zip files and hopefully find the missing images there.

Damn That's Big has several neat features, like the search options and the zip downloads and the view options, and it is easy to navigate; and that goes for the whole set of sites that you can access.


Apart from the missing images, there were no problems with this site at all. In fact it stood up really well and gave me exactly what the tour had promised me, which is always a good thing. You've got high definition and exclusive big cock movies here just as they say you're going to get, and you've got access to other sites in a small but growing, well cared for, and good quality network. So, it's big cock sex with big value for money, weekly updates, great HD movies and bonuses.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive movies
+ Great runtimes and good quality
+ Good viewing options
+ Hung and sexy models
+ Tour promises kept
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