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Gay guys convert their straight roommates at Gay Creeps, a hot and believable fantasy site that doesn't stint on promises, and doesn't let you down. This is all exclusive and voyeuristic, natural and yet fantastical porn that's shot in a believable way, is good quality and well presented. The site comes with updates, movies and pics; it's new but it's already making waves with its free sign up offer, high resolution movies and top models.
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Our total rating: 84/100

Detailed Review:


There are 10 main episodes here so far, but loads of other bonus porn to keep you hard and horny while you wait for more of this classic, gay on straight action. You enter to a home page which lists these ten updates and you'll notice that they started at the end of last year. So we've been given 10 videos in the last three and a half months. The most recent update was dated back in February, which is almost two months back as I write, but we are fairly confidant that more will be along soon. Were certainly very hopeful that there will be more because:

These are hot scenes. Although you can download the movies in parts, and in a full scene, we advise that you take the full version or settle in to stream it on line; in which case you simply click trough clip by clip. You wont want to miss the set-ups as it is these that separate the movies at Gay Creeps from the norm. You'll find interviews, maybe whispered chat as the gay guy talks to the cam while his straight mate sleeps. You'll find the guy creeping around and discovering the horny str8 on the sofa, sleeping, he will pull down his shorts carefully so as not to wake him, and then start playing around with his cock. The straight guy doesn't seem to wake up, or care, and the cock soon becomes hard. Our gay guy can then fully enjoy sucking his best mate while he plays with himself, the kind of fantasy scene we've all dreamed about.

And then things go further. I just caught a really hot scene, and I mean sizzling, where the straight guy was stripped, still asleep, and then turned over. Our main man, now fully hard and throbbing himself, took full advantage of the str8 ass and drilled it until he shot his load. Of course his straight mate did eventually wake up (or was he pretending all along?). It doesn't actually matter as the sex is believable and horny throughout.

And it's also easy to access with a choice of players: there is the mid-range and good quality Flash stream, MPG and WMV downloads in two qualities and those clips or full scene versions to collect. These movies run for around half an hour so you've got plenty of build-up followed by plenty of sex. The guys are tops for looks and they are also varied, with younger and older guys in the mix. There are screen cap galleries to view and zip file downloads for high resolution images. These are a decent quality and open to a good size; even the screen caps are perfectly viewable.

So, a small but hopefully growing stock of content; it's all on a voyeuristic and straight-goes-gay theme, with the added attraction of being believable and fulfilling those fantasies that we've all had. Images are good too and there are decent viewing options for everything.

Features & Navigation:

Gay Creeps has a good design. You can see from the tour pages what you're going to find inside and everything is set out in a professional way, making navigation easy. There is information with each scene, links to the models other appearances and tag words to help you find similar scenes. Though with only ten you're not going to need those just yet, it's not going to take you long to view them all. But each scene has its own page with the clips clearly shown, and the links to your downloads are easy to find and all working.

You have a model index too; there is a top menu that takes you to the home/episodes pages and then to the guys. There were ten guys in this index and each of them comes as a sample pic taken from the movie. Once you click that you will get a page with some basic stats and a visual link to the models appearance(s), and there is plenty of room on this page for more pics in the future.

Also on our top menu is categories which will link you to the eight categories for the main content and to eight categories of the non-exclusive, bonus content. And there is loads of that. I'm not sure where it all comes from but it is presented in the same way as your Gay Creeps main scenes; with good sized streams to view in high and low quality Flash. There are WMV and iPod versions too, you can click through the stream to fast-forward and there are always links to other hot content to go to once you've done with the chosen scene. Like everything else here, this extra content is well presented and easy to access and use.


Gay Creeps is clearly a new site but it is one that holds great promise. Actually, a little more information about what's coming next and when would be really nice to see in the members area, as would some more interactivity. Rates, comments, a favourites area and more models would be good; but maybe that will all be added in time. Meanwhile you've got a good selection of guys and 10 hot and exclusive scenes on the same fantasy theme.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive content
+ Good quality and easy to access
+ A hot fantasy site
+ Great looking guys
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