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Here you are looking at another inventive site from the Gay Room network of inventive and original sites. Massage Bait wasn't the first of its kind on line but it was up there at the start of the current trend for massage sex sites. You get hunky masseurs, straight looking men loads of oil and lots of sweaty, oily sex that's well filmed and good quality. And, when you become a member of this site, you also get to access six others in this classy network. It's great value too.
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Trial 1.00
Monthly 24.95

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Our total rating: 74/100

Detailed Review:


There are currently 37 such scenes in the Massage Bait collection, dating back to October 2010, which is nine months ago now, so that shows you that updates are happening at a decent rate. But there are loads more scenes in your extra sites, but we will come back to them later.

The idea of the massage scenes, though, seems to be that good looking guys of all ages come along for a genuine massage with a guy who knows what he is doing. These are not sleazy set ups, they actually come across very naturally. There is some chat and intros, some build up and some time is spent on a standard massage situation, if you like. But then things do start to get more intimate as the guy giving the massage either persuades (or doesn't need to persuade) the guy on the table to roll over and get a full massage, cock balls and everything. Sometimes this is done with penis pumps and other toys, and often, if not always, there is what you might call and internal massage too. That soon gives way to full on hardcore as the guy on the slab gets well and truly fucked by the hunky masseur. Everyone shoots and everyone goes away happy and relaxed.

You get to keep these hot scenes if you want, with a choice of downloads and formats; or you can view them online in a choice of streaming. There are HD versions, some for iPods, you've got full scenes and clips and you also have galleries to go with them. Viewing is not a problem here at all and everyone will be able to get to see these movies; though with some big files, the faster your connection the better, of course.

Images come in two formats: you've got screen caps which are as good a quality as the digital images on some other sites Ive seen, and these come with simple navigation. There are also digital shots which click up to very big sizes, bigger than your standard monitor for sure, but which are also available in smaller sizes, easy to navigate and excellent quality. So, no worries with the standards of qualities of the images or of the videos, which are equally as well shot.

And no worries with your guys, as there is nice variety in here too. Although the scenes may start to feel samey after a while, as they are, after all, all about massages and then sex following, the guys help keep up a variety of viewing. And, if you want to, you can click to the model index and find the guys of your wet-dreams and then go and watch his sex session. Though watch out. This model index covers all the sites in the network, so you may find your guy isn't having a massage but is involved in sex in some other way.

And those other ways are (just to give you an idea of your extra content): hung guys with huge cocks drilling tight asses in two sites on of which is interracial; guys have sexy practical jokes played on them; straight guys doing gay stuff; office guys having hardcore sex together and sleeping guys getting played with and seduced. A neat and varied, and always original, collection.

Features & Navigation:

Each site is the Gay Room is found from a static top menu which makes navigation through the whole network nice and easy. You will find a drop-down list of sites so you can easily slip from one to the other; one of these is the actual network home page where you see updates from all of the sites, all arranged on a home page. You have good information with upload dates, titles, tag words and good sample shots as well. In fact, navigation is very simple here and you will have a hard time getting lost.

And that goes for the individual viewing pages as well. These are all set out in the same way no matter what site you are in. So, once you've seen one and realised how easy it is to use, you will have the same easy service on all of the others. Downloading is fast too with good transfer speeds, and a good choice of formats and players is always available. Actually, the design of all the sites is the same too, with the same colour schemes and layout, so that makes it easy to understand whats going on.

You cant comment on these movies and galleries though, at least I didn't notice anywhere that I could do this, but I could rate them if I wanted. You do get a model index though so you can search the network by guys faces and bods. And you've got a good search option set-up here too, with various ways to find content. Similarly there is a search page, and you will also find a categories area to help you find what you want.

But I reckon that you will just want to click through site by site and you will soon work out how it all runs, it's not a technically challenging network at all.


The best thing about this site? The eroticism of the massages and the slippery sex that comes after. Massage Bait delivers on its promises, you have good quality and on-theme movies with sexy guys, the porn is top class and you get great value. You're able to access all these exclusive sites for a decent price, there are updates happening more or less every day, there is good variety and you get a great service form a company that's racing to the top of the charts as we speak.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive content from a great network
+ Frequent updates to the network
+ Horny and erotic massage sex
+ Good quality and good viewing options
+ Easy to use

- No comments or favourites area
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