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When you are on the prowl for hardcore, BDSM, kink, S&M, wrestlers, fit bodies and top quality fetish content then you need to search out anything by Here they present us one of their top gay sites, Naked Kombat and, for all BDSM fans, wrestling and fit guy hardcore fans, this is the number one place to come. You've got it all here with exclusive videos where wrestling bouts lead to full on sex, special offers, great information and great quality productions.
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Our total rating: 81/100

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There are 88 videos to collect in the members area so far and the site updates with one new movie each week. Movies come with three streaming choices, and various download options, from a full HD version to one suitable for iPods and the like. They are all original, well produced and star some of the fittest hunks working today.

The idea is this: two (sometimes four) guys turn up for a wrestling match in front of the cameras and in front of a referee who knows the rules. The rules are explained on the site too. There's a round where the guys are in lycra or spandex, one in jocks straps, one naked and whoever wins then gets to be top dog for the sex round and the bottom boy is his bitch for the day. So each film takes you through a minute or so of actual wrestling, with all the eroticism of the bulging lycra and sweaty bodies, before moving on to less clothing, and on to fully naked wrestling. By this stage the guys are usually hard and so will you be, these men are stunning. Some are older and tough, hard and tattooed, others are younger, jocks, but equally as hard and these are real combats, only the guys get naked.

The sex happens hard and horny too and the power of these guys comes across through their raw sexual energy, the end results leave you breathless and your nuts empty. This is, honestly, some of the best wrestle-and-fuck content I've ever seen, and I don't think I am likely to find anything else to match it in the near future.

One of the reasons the content is such good quality is that there is a big organisation behind it, the Kink network and company. They have been going for years and they know what they are doing. They have their own studios and a wide range of models and sites. Several of these are straight kink sites so when you see things like special deals and live shows you may well find yourself looking at a straight fetish site. But there are Naked Kombat live shows and members get to view them as part of their membership deal. So that is more and exclusive live content for you, giving you even better value for money. You will see the countdown to the next NK Live Show on your home page.

Meanwhile, back in our main content collection, each of the movies/episodes runs for around one hour, you can download in parts or in full scenes and the quality of the visuals is, as I keep saying, better than good. The action is reality based in that these are genuine wrestling bouts, and the rules of the sport are kept to. Each one comes with a trailer and a gallery too, and these are good quality images. Each bout has its photos in four galleries within the Pictures page and each set is taken from one of the rounds, so set one will be the lycra, set four the hardcore and so on. Clear thumbnail pages lead to individual images at 1200 x 800 in size, they are high resolution, there are PicLens options and zip files too, everything you need to enjoy perfect images along with your perfect videos from a perfect site.

Features & Navigation:

Another good thing about Naked Kombat (there are so many!) is they you can get involved if you want to. You will see loads of comments from members with each scene or gallery, and it is easy for you to write in your own comments as well. You get to rate each scene and you can see what rating each one has. But then you get more involved with the forum where you can contact other members and have open discussions about everything you see.

Check around the top menu of the site for some other neat things. Example, when you confirm your email you are eligible for some extras and bonuses; I was able to access all Kink sites. You've got an account page where you can find links to help, change your password, see your account status and so on, and so all the background stuff is well looked after too.

You find a model you like the look of in one of the scenes and click his name, and you get to his Kink model index entry in a new window. You will see details about him, what he has also appeared in, and a short trailer of some of his appearances. Click the live shows tab and you get to see the archive of shows and you have information about when the next NK show is going to happen.

And moving around all this content and these extras is really simple. There were no technical problems with the site at all, downloads were fast, images clear, there was nothing misleading and no pop-ups or adverts to distract you. So as well as having perfect content, the site is perfectly designed.


I came away from Naked Kombat glowing, it is a site that truly deserves high marks and it gets them. It gives you exactly what the tour promises you, it gives you exclusive and HD content and it gives you real guys in real wrestling bouts, followed by hardcore sex. And then it gives you loads of extras and added value bonuses. It comes from a top company and it updates every week. There's not a lot more to say about it other than this is the number one wrestle-and-fuck site on the web.

Pros & Cons

+ Top quality exclusive scenes
+ Perfect models
+ Perfect filming and HD quality
+ Great extra features and bonuses
+ Great value

- No negatives from me
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