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Don't be fooled by the homemade and amateur appearance of Reluctant Young Men, that's one of the things that makes it so special. This is an enthusiasts site, a real spanking site with guys who like to give and take punishment, it's older guys with naughty younger guys, it's rough and raw and ready to entertain and it is asking you what you would like to see in the months ahead. It's simple, it stays 100% with spanking and punishment, and it is easy to use. Once price, one deal.
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Our total rating: 73/100

Detailed Review:


I was impressed with the content count here: there had been an update every week during the year and there was a pretty extensive archive as well. I counted around 200 archived clips and 52 from the current year (I was there at the end of 2013). I say clips as some of this number are parts from a longer scenes, so you might have X Spanked, part one, two and three. Or you might just have Y Punished as one full scene, but either way, you get a younger, cute, straight, gay or bi boy (18+) being spanked by, usually, an older man.

The whole thing is very simple here. You will see the tour pages and they are the same as the members' area except you can't get to the actual content until you have signed up. Then, when you try to run a video the first time you have to log in. From then on you stay logged in and you can scroll down the one long page of the current years content, or you can click to the archive and browse through the numbered index pages.

You don't waste time here, there's very little in the site apart from the content. The index pages bring you a short introduction to each scene and a title, and then you click one of the sample images to find the scenes viewing page. Here you have all parts arranged, the intro again and sometimes a longer write-up about the guys or the action, and then you have your viewing options. In more recent scenes I found Download Hi Def or Standard Def, but you can expect older movies to be at good DVD levels (say, 720 x 480 @ 2,000kbps) and newer ones to be HD. The filming is simple and basic with one guy behind the camera.

And it is that kind of homemade feel that makes it work for me. The guys who agree to be spanked are generally smooth and cute and look pretty straight, and the guys doing the spanking are older and chubbier and clearly know what they are doing. They film these events because that's what they like, though there is no actual sex going on apart from the occasional hand job for the boy afterwards. So it's not gratuitous like some studios might put out; it's real, genuine, spanking fetish fun and comes across really well. These guys have all kinds of things at their disposal as well, not just their bare hands. There are paddles and brushes and strips of woods, canes and even some small electronic devices that they run over the red raw asses of the bottom guys. Make sure you have the sound up to hear the high, girlie squeals of some of these guys and the hard, slapping sounds.

These movies, that run for around 15 minutes per clip, also come with screen caps. Not the greatest size or quality but there are enough images to show you what takes place, you can download them one at a time or run a slideshow. Numbers vary but there are usually around 20 per set.

Features & Navigation:

Whereas Reluctant Young Men is very, very strong on content and staying with the fetish, it is not so wonderful technically. On the one hand this means there is nothing getting in the way, nothing to distract you from the hard spanking, so that's fine. But on the other it means it is not interactive in any way.

Apart from the pop-up galleries where you can run the automatic slideshow (but where you can't set speed or size) you have no other functions. No Add to Favourites, rates, comments or forum and no discussions of any kind which I thought would be quite good for everyone into the fetish. The menu is also simple: Home for the intro page where you are asked to let the site know what you want to see, but where there is no link to any email or contact page (the email address is written out though). There is a link to a store, then you have the updates and archives and a page of links that suggest some other fetish sites.

Navigation is therefore easy, though everything is very basic. And you really do get the impression that the site is run by enthusiastic amateurs.


All in all, the great strength of Reluctant Young Men is the fact that is updated every week with a new spanking video and the site stays 100% with its fetish. It is run by and for folk who are into spanking and for whom any sex that might follow is secondary and not exactly important. You get one, possibly two, downloads per clip and some photos, a little info and a site that is easy to use. It's very simple and has no frills or extras, but you get exactly what you were hoping for.

Pros & Cons

+ Stays with spanking all the way
+ Easy to use
+ Weekly updates
+ Good stock of vids

- Very basic site
- Mixed quality
- Not much info
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