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Straight Hell takes straight men and, well, puts them through hell for your pleasure. It promises itself as the hardest high quality BDSM site, and it's certainly one that pulls no punches with its content. It's all exclusive and well made, its' certainly on theme, the site is easy to use, well laid out and simple; you as a member get to join in with comments, there are good descriptions and productions, and you sure get what you see on the tour. So come in only if you can stand the heat.
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Our total rating: 80/100

Detailed Review:


I clicked straight in to a members area where the home page was one long list of scenes, their sample pics and their descriptions. I didn't see a top menu as such, but I did see a couple of lines of guys faces. And this is the menu; that's a neat little gimmick, you're led by faces right from the start. That is, if you can tear your eyes away fro the hardcore fisting that's running in the streaming Flash player a little way down the page.

Actually, it's not just fisting. There is a trailer running which is actually an advertisement for Brutal Tops, another site that has similar content, but it shows you what you find at Straight Hell too: a quick look at the flashing, streaming images on the screen shows you everything from fisting to hardcore fucking, through spitting, nipple torture and general BDSM, to cages and something which looks far to brown and nasty for my liking. But that may give you an idea of exactly what goes on in these movies. A group of guys get together and bind their slave, or victim, they put him through great humiliations and torture, and they film it while it's going on. Other guys stand around watching before joining in and the settings are all varied; from gyms to bathrooms and back again.

Now then, as for actually viewing these movies, you need to scroll down the page, or use the top face-menu to guide you. There were 16 movies featured on the main page but more, dating back four years, to be found via the face-pics, so I clicked one of them to see what my viewing options were. And these were quite simple. I could download zip sets of all the photos from an episode, or I could download WMV files in three qualities. You are told the scenes duration and the file size so you can easily judge how long a download may take you. I was able to stream the WMV in my Firefox browser too, and I found the medium quality file, the one which should more or less suit all connections, to be perfectly viewable and fine in terms of quality (1.3mbps @ 640 x 360); though I would suggest a download rather than a stream if you're not on a fast connection, as it's still quite a high quality visual and can take a while to buffer.

Check out the images and you find you've got digital shots and screencaps and sometimes both. Images opened up to a good size and were clear enough, so no problems there. And, for added enjoyment, you've also got pre and post session interviews with some of the guys, and the descriptions and write ups about the men and the shoot. The men are varied, there are some sexy looking younger guys here and some horny looking older ones, but they all end up being straight and humiliated, tortured and battered about, fucked and played with, so you end up either feeling really horny or sorry for them, depending on where you stand I guess.

I had no trouble with this set of unique videos and galleries, the content is exactly on theme and it's good quality, updates are happening and everything ran nice and smoothly.

Features & Navigation:

Navigation is unusual but good and it's nice to have something different. I like the top list of faces as a guide to who is on the site, and the front page, with around 16 sample episodes and lots of words is also different but works well. When you start to get in to galleries you find large pages of thumbnails and solo images opening in the same window, so you back button back and then click Up to go back up a level to where you were before: the episodes main page. There is no menu as such, no area of photos and video content separately, but again that doesn't mater and it makes a refreshing change.

The colour scheme is kind of dark and moody and the white on black works well. The sample images are sharp and clear and the texts are well written. There are not a lot of extra features here, and it would be good to see a forum or discussion board for true fans of the fetish to get together and share. But you can make and read comments, and this function seems pretty open and available to all. Links are clear and pages opened up nice and fast so you should have no trouble moving around the members area.


Straight Hell certainly puts straight (looking) guys through hell, there's no doubt about that. You have all kinds of humiliations and BDSM torture going on here and plenty of rough hardcore thrown in too. The guys are nicely varied, the action is unrelenting, and the quality is good. The site itself is easy enough to navigate with and original design and set-up, and all technical things ran smoothly and well for me. No complaints at all: you get exactly what you are promised.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive content
+ Stays with its theme throughout
+ Hot models
+ Tour promises are kept
+ Good quality

- More interactivity would be good
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