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Buff Men contains around 100 third party feed sites that offer you clips from just about every genre of gay porn you could imagine. There are amateurs and pro-stars, there are young guys and mature men, leather guys and erotic galleries and there are videos and pics galore. As far as content is concerned there is a mass of it and it is varied. Everything is updated regularly too and it is an easy site to use. There is nothing exclusive here but there is a lot of it.
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Pop ups on a tour always put me off a site so let that be a lesson to you Buff Men! I am also put off by a site that advertises in one way and then delivers in another. Here the 'front end', the bit you see before you part with your money, looks nice and neat and fresh and original. The text tempts you in to the site and then when you get in you find it is the same as several others we have looked at recently. There is nothing exclusive and I'm not too sure what Buff Men actually stands for. What it has though is a big collection of third party feed sites. This is non-exclusive content from other folk who produce their own material. Buff Men buys into this and then sorts it for you with featured content separated out from Bonus content. They make it easy for you to navigate around the site and each new feed plays in a new window.

But that is about it. If you want some amateur guys then come on in, if you want porn stars in scripted movies then come on in, if you do not know what you want but you know you want to get off then you get the picture.

For example, the featured content on the main page was the Elite Series of feeds. You have every kind of genre here from Asians to Voyeurs and each theatre has its own collection of 20 video clips. It is quite a lot of content if you view all of it and the quality with Elite is fine. The clips stream on line and there is no downloading or keeping to be had but if you are happy to sit and watch on line then streaming is fine.

Similarly the picture galleries feature hunks and sexy muscled guys in solo galleries and some action ones. Up on the bonus page you will find many more and varied galleries too and videos, come to that, when you look at the bonus video sites. They are not really bonuses, well, everything is a bonus really and these feeds are the kinds of things that sites with exclusive content feature as bonus material. Here is it your main content.

In terms of quality and viewing options, these vary according to the set up on each feed site. Some are great quality with choices of streaming speeds while others are not so good and with little or no choice of viewing speeds. These ones are rare though. At least Buff Men has found some of the better feed sites for you to view.

Features & Navigation:

Navigating such a well stocked site can be tricky but not in this case. With new sites opening in new windows your main one, Buff Men, stays in the background so it is easy to navigate it. There is the top menu that stays where it is so you can always get home to the featured content or jump over to the bonus things. There is also a link here to Premiums Content which lists three, pay to access, flirt and live cam sites, there is a link to a pay to view video store and another one to a pay to join dating site.

The good thing about the site is that there is a feedback page and you have plenty of chances to tell the webmasters if you have problems, what you would like to see and what you think of the site. You also get regular updates, as soon as one of the feeds adds some new material you get to know about it and you have something new to watch.

There is no save to favorites function which is a shame as it would be nice to be able to customise the site and put your favorite feeds in one place. It would also make it easier to come back to what you liked last time and would save you hunting around for it each time. But there is no use crying over spilled milk.

The site is simply designed in a way that means you have a frame within a frame. Your featured content has its own menu in the centre console which includes the content that the staff have picked out for you if you cannot make up your own mind, and this is where you will also find the update news. There is a featured gallery and movie of the week too both of which launch a feed when clicked. And that is about it.


I'll say it again. There is nothing exclusive here and the site is one big collection of around 100 feed sites. Each one plays its content according to its preferred video player so there is variety in the software you will need plus the quality of what you see. The help page will explain everything and link you to that software. It is good in that there is so much variety but poor in that there are no exclusives. For a lot of all manner of hard-core gay sex things though it is just fine.

Pros & Cons

+ Lots of content
+ Varied Content
+ Updates
+ Easy navigation
- Not exclusive
- Unfocussed
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