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The tour page at Dominic Ford reads: A new dimension in porn. We are well used to seeing sites make big claims and often those claims don't mean anything, but here it is different. Not only do you have exclusive and great quality porn but you have something totally unique, addictive, fun and well worth seeing. You will have to read on to find out what I am raving about, but for now all you need to know is that you've got hot guys, great porn and something very special at this site.
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Our total rating: 80/100

Detailed Review:


The site has one of those tours where you can see what you are getting before you sign up, so you can have a good look around first, and then go for your membership options. If you get a trial membership you wont be able to download, so go for the full whack straight off the bat, you wont regret it. Then you can start to look around the 167 movies that star 145 models.

These movies are different and not only because they come in 3D. Yup, when you sign up you get sent 3D glasses to use so you can really feel like you are in the action with the sexy jocks, twinks and hairier guys who star here. But you can also see the films in 2D so there's no need to wait or worry. And what you have are exclusive movies with guys you may not have seen before even if you're a porn addict. You will find very well made scenes, easy viewing and good quality. You have a nice streaming screen to run movies online and this quality isn't so high that it takes ages to run, but it is not low either; they have the balance just right. And then you have also got downloads in different sizes including HD versions and versions of iPods and the like, so you've basically got good viewing choices.

When you are streaming you can jump through the scene by using the line of thumbnails beneath it. These are also labelled so you know what part of the video you are jumping to, cum shot etc. And if you want to jump around the action and find your porn by the looks of the guys, then you can use the model index where you get well taken body shots to guide you. Click a guy and you find a write up and links to his appearances. There are also posed galleries here (in both 3D and 2D).

And now the really good news. The movies are solos and action and the action is spot on in porn term, I've got no qualms about recommending the site to you for hardcore. But what really makes it stand out is the originality of SYTYCF.

What? I hear you exclaim? Whats that? It stands for So You Think You Can Fuck? and it's a game show. A reality TV programme of around 45 minutes per episode that members can stream or download. You don't have to tune in at a certain time like a live show, you can watch the back episodes (it is now in season two) and see what gives, and you're going to enjoy it. You have a host, a set of contestants, they have challenges and it's all about sex. At the end of the series there is a winner and a new porn star is created. A bit like Americas Next Top (porn) Model. It's brilliant, honestly. I love it.

Add that unique event on to your weekly updates (Thursdays) and the sheer quality of the guys, the hot sex and the easy to find, view and keep movies, and you've got a top site that really does offer a new dimension in porn.

Features & Navigation:

The members area looks very simple on the face of it but it actually has quite a few neat little extra features that you may not notice at first. It's easy to use, clearly set out and everything runs smoothly, but you've got some interactive options and categories too, making things even more fun and simple to use.

Example: the videos list comes with a set of categories to click to filter down the content, starting at 3DTV for everything you can see in 3D to Solos, European, Hairy and Twink. There are also the options to view the content according to release date and popularity. Upload dates are shown, you can stream in full HD or 3D (though downloading is recommended for best 3D viewing), you have descriptions with movies and galleries too. These galleries hold images up at 640 x 960 when at full size, and are easy to navigate. The model index lets you comment on guys as well.

Check the other links to find your way to the store and to your Profile area. This shows you how many movies you are allowed to download a day (eight in my case), you can change your passwords etc. and you can also sign up for longer or cancel your membership really easily from this area.

So, on top of fun and well-made porn you get an interactive, easy to use and well-designed set off pages that makes viewing simple.


3D porn at its best, creative porn at its best too with the game show and then top models, hardcore, great quality and easy access. Everything a decent porn site should have and more. There may be a download limit on movies, but it's a generous one, and you should find that you can stream in HD as long as your connection can take it. Whichever way you look at Dominic Ford it's hard to find anything to fault with it: great sex, great porn, great value and great fun.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive content
+ Totally original
+ 3D Porn with very sexy guys
+ Interactive and fun
+ Weekly updates

- Limited trials
- Download limits
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