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Short Review:

I have to say that is one of my favourite networks in the gay porn world. Did you know that they release a new movie every single day of the year? Well, they do, and they have an excellent quality record too. Here they present us with their mobile site and you can access it for a sensible $30.00 per month, with other offers also available. They are offering you exclusive and top quality videos with some top range porn stars, and there will also be variety with content from seven sites.
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Price Details:

Trial 1.00
Monthly 30.00

Current Ratings for Mobile:

Our total rating: 75/100

Detailed Review:


What does is release on-going series of movies from each of its sites. It also has stand-alone, one scene movies too, but when I logged in here I saw their banner for Scrum, which is their set of scenes set around a British rugby team and its locker room. The guys in these scenes come from the USA and Europe you see, and they are all varied. There are a lot if hunky dudes, muscle men and even some bodybuilders in the cast, but then there are some twinks and jocks as well, so the content here should appeal to everyone.

I navigated to the scenes first and found 1,104 of them to view. There are four per page and there were 276 pages to look at. It looks like they have uploaded the full set of their movies and made them suitable for your mobiles and devices. Clicking/tapping on a scene I found the movie opened up and started to play nice and quickly; that might depend on your connection of course.

The sites that these movies come from may not be stated on the simple mobile pages, but there is a menu in which you can find a site list. So, to give you an idea of the kind of content you will find here, these are the sites:

Drill My Hole, this is kind of catch-all, hardcore, gay porn with all kinds of guys, some exclusive models and loads of scenes. This is probably the flagship site for and gives us loads of great scenes. Big Dicks At School will fulfill your school, classroom and college fantasies with sexy younger models, 18+, with guys like Johnny Rapid as the stars. Smooth twink and jocks are the guys here and there are some older guys playing teachers as well. Gods Of Men is a site that doesn't update as often as the others because they save the best of the porn stars for this site and only release films when they have two hunky guys ready to go. It's all about manly sex here, not S&M but tough, powerful guys in sensitive scenes.

Jizz Orgy contains threesomes and more and always ends up with guys going Bukkake on each other, cumming in bucket loads and giving us creampies and facials galore. Again, it is a mix of models and all the content is exclusive. Men Of UK gives us British guys and other nationalities actually, and varied hardcore. There are rising stars like Paddy O'Brien here, a Londoner with a great cock and a nice ass. The Gay Office gets to work on our office fantasies giving us suited men with huge dicks, office juniors learning the ropes and all kinds of office based sex. And Str8 To Gay is another kind of fantasy setup where there are usually two guys, one playing the straight who gets seduced and ends up loving gay sex.

All the videos are well produced and well made, they all round for around 20 minutes and they can all be found on the main site as well as here at Men Mobile. Also included in your menu is a link to the Men themselves. There were 465 guys here (there are about 10 exclusive models included) and the model index is easy to click through. From their pages you can simply tap your way over to their videos and settle down on that train or bus to enjoy some very high class porn on the go.

Features & Navigation:

I have found both the desktop and the mobile version of perfectly easy to use. You can also use the mobile version on your desktop if you want. There is a menu to tap and open up and this will let you more easily browse the scenes and the model index. I found six pieces of content per page and then icons to use to skip through the pages and find more content. It was, basically, very easy to navigate.

There is nothing very informative or interactive on this mobile version though, but there are more things to do and rad on the main site. But that's OK as we don't want to have our little screen filled up with unnecessary clutter; were using this site simply to watch great porn on our mobile devices. And so, in that respect, the site is nicely designed and stays free of unnecessary items. Having said that, there are adverts for Juicy Boys and I believe you can pay extra and have this section of the site unlocked.

There is also a search box to use if you want and, down at the bottom of your screen, you will find links to Home, Scenes, Pornstars for the model index, and contact details. There is also a subsites link which takes you to the page of sites so you can filter your content that way. It's all simple and fast to load and run.


You have to love Men Mobile for its simplicity and clean running and you have to admire the scenes for their quality and inventiveness. The company is always coming up with new ideas for series and solo scenes, and they are always finding new and sexy guys to appear in them. I had no trouble running this site, I thought the price was good, and I also found it OK to use at home on the desktop; though there you're better off on the main site due to the size of movies.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive content from a top company
+ Daily movies
+ A good selection
+ Varied models and scenes
+ Excellent quality
+ Easy mobile site to use

- No info or details
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