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Billy Santoro is the star at Leaked And Loaded, but he's not alone. Billy has appeared for Lucas, Raging Stallion and, among other top porn producers, but here he gets really personal and intimate in home videos, amateur tapes and 'leaked' home-sex tapes that he plays a big, seven-inch part in. This porn stud, hung, fit and muscular, simply likes sex, whether that's with other classic studs, or new twinks on the block, whether it's fucking or being fucked.
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Our total rating: 67/100

Detailed Review:


Leaked And Loaded answers the question, 'What do pornstars do in their spare time?' They have more sex, of course, and with over 870 videos now on his site, it looks like Billy gets more than his fair share. He's not in every scene. Some show only his buddies, other porn stars and newbies, and many are simply amateur guys who have written in, hooked up for a session and filmed themselves with him; or he's filmed them with someone else.

What we have here for content, is a large and growing collection of home-made style video clips (some under one minute, others around 2.5 minutes, and a few over 20 minutes). Some are recorded on mobile phones, others come from a slightly higher definition camera, so it's all a bit of a mix. However, what remains consistent is the hardcore and 'real feel' of the videos. There weren't any (or not that many) where you had an intro, or got to know the guys, or found out any background. A lot of what I saw started straight off into the sex, which is an approach you either love or hate. For quick 'get-off now' clips, it's fine, but not if you want storylines and standard porn scenes. What you have here something completely different from the norm.

Also, what we don't have here is a model index or list, so we don't know who these other guys are, apart from grabbing names from the video titles. Doing this, I found guys like Beau Taylor, Seth Knight and Seth (Treston) Santoro, Billy's husband. Searching further through the content you also find Asher Devin, Donny Forza and Valentin Petrov, plus several other well-known porn guys you may have heard of. But there are loads of amateurs and first-timers as well. It's just that sometimes, you can't see who they are - you only get an image of someone's dick banging away at a battered asshole. Other time, there's more fun and further away shots, and you see more.

Like I said, it's a mix of video clips, with a mix of guys and the category list helps you filter out the kind of content you like to see. 3-ways, bareback, Group Sex, Twinks, Older/Younger and Public are all on the list, and the content can be arranged in date order or by popularity.

When it comes to viewing, you have one stream and one download option, in Mp4. I found video resolutions were as varied as the content. Some were at 1,280 x 720 while others were from mobile phones at 130 x 240, which can make for dark and grainy results, but they also make for a natural feel, and you really do get some good atmosphere. You could put this site under the 'reality' category for that reason.

There are no galleries here and no extra content apart from a link over to Billy's Tumblr pages - which can take you a while to get into. There are a few pages of warnings, and then you have to log in with your own account, but it's well worth it, and if you're already signed up and logged in at Tumblr, it's no hassle. So, what we have at Leaked And Loaded are 870 home videos lasting between one and 20 minutes each, and updates, it appears, are very frequent. The site has grown from 460 videos to 870 + in the last six months. Plenty of variety, exclusive clips, and a real, home-made feel make for a reality site that's like no other.

Features & Navigation:

Leaked And Loaded is a simple site, technically. The main menu takes you to home, which is the first page of 59 numbered index pages that you can skip through several at a time, and each one holds 15 clips. Their sample shots are large and sometimes pixelated, and some show action while others show a random frame from the video that could be anything. The titles accurately describe, in porn language, the action within the clip. 'DC bottom gets fucked in the kitchen by Billy,' or 'Jackson sucks on Billy's thick cock,' that kind of thing.

Click to a video page, and you have a streaming screen and a download button (right click and save as). You can also add that scene to a favourites area you find from the top menu, and there are links to other scenes you might want to go to next. The rest of the menu consists of links to Billy's Tumblr pages, the handy category list, a live show site and your logout. It's all very simple, which is fine, but there's no interactivity, no rates, comments, get in touch etc. Although there is a Contact link at the bottom of your pages.

The prices reflect what you are given in return, with the monthly membership set at $19.95 per month, which is fine by me. Updates are frequent, it seems, though no upload dates are given. If you take the three-month option, you can save a little as the monthly equivalent works out at $11.65. Sign-up is secure, but there is one pre-checked cross sale to watch out for on the credit card page.


I was expecting more pornstar polish at Leaked And Loaded. On the other hand, I thought the natural, 'This is how it is' approach to the amateur guys and pornstar mix, the style of filming exactly as you or I would do it during a hook-up for fun session, and the simplicity of the site worked really well. What's good is that there's loads of variety and loads of content for a good price. If you don't mind the simplicity and sometimes rough quality of the videos, it's very horny reality hardcore.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive content
+ Pornstars and amateurs
+ Easy to use
+ Downloads
+ Updates
+ Not expensive
+ Natural feel

- No images
- No interactivity
- Short clips
- Variable qulaity
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