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I have seen some celebrity sites that put up a few shots of famous guys in the buff and sit back with their fingers crossed hoping that you will like what you see. Usually these are shots that we have all seen before. Not so with Male Stars. Yes, there are the standard Brads dick and Matts butt stills from released movies and there are loads of celebrities I have never heard of, but this site is fanatical about its content and is not just about the same old same old.
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Your content is arranged under various headings. There are celebrities, athletes, singers, soap stars and so on; there are links to porn feeds including pics and galleries; there are links to stores and advertised sites too. But there is also celebrity news, scandals, features on TV shows and movies, and even comics and bonus sites. Its like having a new copy of a magazine on your screen every day.

So where to start? Thats always my problem with sites that are packed with content. I guess I should start with the celebs and tell you the bad news. There wont be much in the way of unseen footage here. After all, the big names in Hollywood arent known for their porn appearances and youre not going to see a well known name with a stiffy unless you've already seen it before. But, having said that, there is plenty of other content here that you wont have seen, and I did just discover that Matt Damon shaved his pubes. (But thats another story and one you will have to investigate for yourself.) But, if the sight of your fav celeb topless, or showing his butt gets you turned on and you want to finish off with something hardcore, you have links to masses of feed and third party content that will do the trick.

Its not all celebrities you see. Who doesnt get turned on my the sight of Russian gymnasts bulging out of their lycra? You can find that kind of thing in here too. Ditto the rock stars and TV personalities who may have stripped down at some point. The guys who run this site are passionate about what they do and they dont just give you a few pics to view. If they can they will upload a video clip of X getting out of the bath or Y humping a gal in a famous movie and so on, and these clips usually come with a write up too. So the site works hard to make this a fan site rather than just a sordid collection of naughty shots of famous peoples bodies.

Take the news and scandal items for example. Here you can catch up on the latest celebrity news, like you would in certain magazines. This news will be sexy when possible but its also informative and interesting to read. The site is also very good at keeping you up to date with what new content has been added so you know exactly whats fresh and where it can be found.

The majority of the content is based around celebs, and famous other people, and finding X and G rated images of them. There are hundreds of guys listed n the searchable database or you can browse through the various headings. There are also those many feed sites that take you into the area of porn stars (who are also celebrities dont forget) and these cover many genres. So you have some twinks, uniformed guys, hardcore, bears and all other kinds of sexy guys to view if you ever tire of viewing your favourite soap stars. Yes, there is a soap star area too you can even get shots from old TV shows, mostly American of course but with some Australian and others in there too.

All of which is a way of saying that this site isnt just about famous cock. It is a site for anyone who has an interest in celebrity news and gossip with a bent towards seeing some naughty pics too, who then wants to go on and view some good old fashioned porn. You are well looked after in terms of content with many and varied categories, videos, photos and written texts.

Features & Navigation:

With a site this big you need a search engine and there is one thats fast and easy to use. You can enter someones name (Ryan for example) and a long list of Ryans details, biog, pics etc. will come up. You can search by the first letter of the name or by the title of a movie or show, and you can even opt to list only stars that come with videos. Finding what and who you want is easy.

There are many other cool features too such as: The update news is always at the top of the page and updates are very regular. You will find the latest news and gossip on these pages complete with photos. You can run clips or download them and you can also download and keep the photos both G and X rated ones.

Wherever you have a celeb to view you will find details and a write up about him, you are kept well informed of what the content is about. If you choose, for example, Athletes you will find sub-categories and if you choose Soaps you will find the content neatly arranged by Show. The site features very good organisation and descriptive text, just like a decent magazine should.

And dont forget your sexy extras with: hardcore photo galleries, videos and feed sites. There are regularly changing videos of the day, selected websites to view, sample content from pay to join sites and links to live shows and cams. Really, theres everything you need all in one place.

To give you an example of how many features there are here, (and to explain why I am having trouble outlining them all in a readable fashion), I clicked the see all features link in the side menu. 36 categories came up from the sexiest men with pics and bios to wrestling. Included in this site-map style page were also celebrity court cases, foreign celebs and celebrity sex tapes, (there were a lot of female celebs in there). Simply click the link to go to where you want to be.

Navigation is easy on the site with the top and side menu staying put so you can quickly jump around and get back home if you want to. The site is designed in this way for a reason; so that you dont get lost and I have to say that I never did. The feeds and sexy extras tend to open in new windows so you may end up with a few open, but thats only so that you dont stray too far from your main site and home pages. Its a great layout and works really well.


Male Stars is like a scandal mag but one thats classy, well written, well put together and easy to use. And its not expensive either. Its more than just a collection of stars with their dicks out or their asses showing, there is news, gossip, behind the scenes features, sexy clips and more general hardcore too. It has a huge collection of celebs and other famous guys and it gets regularly updated with general and celebrity news. Forget the other sites that promise star cock but dont deliver.

Pros & Cons

+ Masses of content
+ Interesting news and articles
+ X and G rated celeb pics and videos
+ Updates and news
+ Easy to use

- Some female content creeps in
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