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What are you doing reading this? You should be over at All Gay Reality Pass signing up for the excellent offer! You get access to several bonus sites with over 500 exclusive videos to stream and download, there are hours of viewing in the feed sites list, thousands of pastures, the quality is good, the guys are better and the sex is out of this world. This is a site that, once you join, you'll want to stay with. There is something new almost every day and it is excellent value for money.
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Trial 4.95
Monthly 39.95

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Our total rating: 57/100

Detailed Review:


Pay attention now as there is a lot to get through! When you join All Gay Reality Pass you find yourself entering a kind of gay porn theme park with the main attractions listed on the home page as the "bonus reality sites" and all the side shows listed in another menu to the left. I will talk about those later but first I'm going to outline those bonus sites which are the reality sites you are promised access to when you take the tour. So if you are buckled up and ready we'll take the ride.

Gay College Sex Parties is first on the list (though you don't have to work your way through in any particular order). This bonus site features movies shot at real parties where sexy young college guys turn up for a wild night of partying. There are 72 videos here and I will give you the technical details later as they are more or less the same for all of the bonus sites, that way I wont have to repeat myself. You will see from looking at the decent sized screen caps of each video that the theme of the site is very much "boys gone bad". The guys turn up for the party, they talk to the film crew, you watch them dance and then hold on to your hats as things start to turn naughty. Guys strip and flash their cocks, someone goes down on someone else and before you know it there are guys fucking at the bar, on the sofas and in the quiet rooms round the back. It's like being a voyeur and, in that sense, the site delivers what it promised to; horny boys caught on camera doing naughty things in public.

Up next, when you've recovered from that, is "His First Gay Sex". Another reality themed adventure, this one has 70 original movies, this time the accent is on guys losing their virginity. Young and cute amateurs are invited in to experiment with gay sex for the first time. The thing that makes this site so special is the fact that the guys really are "off the street", I don't me down and out but simply ordinary, the kind of guy you probably work with or live next door to. It's this straightforwardness that gives them innocence so that, when they finally lose their cherry, you know that it's happening for real. Again there's a good reality feel to the site, the sex and the boys are hot and this site alone makes your sign up fee worth it.

But there's more: Gay Blind Date Sex is like one of those TV dating shows where the camera follows the couple around as they go on their date. Only here they show you exactly what happens when two horny strangers meet and go on their first date. You know what sluts us gay boys can be and this site brings you the honest reality. There's a little wining and dining to start with (watch the vids from the start to get the full story) before the sex begins. The guys are generally young, smooth and cute and they are also the boy next door types. The collection of 71 movies will keep you hard and happy for many hours.

We're into even half way through yet! His First Huge Cock continues the theme of first time experiences but this time the emphasis is on the anal, and the breaking in of some young guys bubble butts by some other guys huge cocks. And some of them really are huge. You have over 150 movies here (I hope you are keeping count of all this content!) and each one brings you different guys in hard-core sex scenes that are well made and totally watchable.

Did I mention His First facial yet? Another 40 movies with ordinary amateur guys from the street being paid to do some gay stuff. They fall into it really easily and have a great time but little do they know whats in store: Each video finishes with a facial and some of these guys really don't want that. Don't cum on my face to late, he he! It's great; the boys are hot and we just love seeing once-straight guys get a face full of jizz.

Twinks For Cash has been around for several years; I remember viewing it years ago when I got my first internet access. Since then it has grown to be one of the best reality sites out there and you get to access it with all those other sites. There are over 100 movies here and they all feature young and sweet twinky boys. The two guys who run the site pick the boys up off the street, persuade them to strip for cash, then tempt them further and the boys end up blowing two big cocks before getting fucked, usually over the desk or sofa. It's great reality entertainment and a site I always look forward to coming back to.

There are a couple of new bonus sites at the bottom of your list of content. Hot Muscle Dudes is the latest offering from the production team and it's not been around long so there are only 13 videos at the moment. (Only! You've already got over 500!) The thrust and grunt of the site is musclemen of course and there are sexy and toned black, Latino and white guys doing all kinds of great gay sex in solo and duo action scenes.

Features & Navigation:

I promised to mention the technical details so here they are: Each of the bonus sites runs in more or less the same way. You click the video link by the screen shot to open the video page. There you will have various viewing choices depending on the age of the video when it was uploaded. On the older versions you have three streaming speeds: Windows Medial Player, 320 x 240 or 640 x 480, and Quicktime Player at 320 x 240. You then have a choice of 56 kbps dial up connection, DSL or Broadband. The clips stream on line in a viewer and you can easily jump from clip to clip and watch in full screen mode.

For the more recent movies the options have been updated. Here you have a choice of dial up, DSL, Broadband, T1 and the new High Definition version. (1080 x 600 @ 2600 kbps.) You can also download these clips too and each one can be rated. You can also view the image galleries that come with each movie and the picture size here tends to be 600 x 800 which is a perfect size for downloading.

Now then, you remember all that time ago when you looked at the turn pages there were eight sites on offer? I've mentioned the bonus reality sites which is the main content but there are still more to come. The tour mentioned some Hentai and Musclmen XXX content and you will find this, and more, in the left menu. Open Gay Hentai XXX and then go to the pictures page in the new window to access hundreds of sexy toons and drawings. The same process works for Muscle Men XXX and the others on the list, click videos for the feeds that contain movies and pictures for those that contain galleries. There are 17 such sites in that part of the menu and a further 50 or so beneath them: some of these are straight and Bi sites so you've got plenty of variety. The gay ones feature all kinds of hot sex genres like twinks, bears, studs and military. They each have their own navigation and viewing formats but if you're not sure what players you need then check out the list at the bottom of your All Gay Reality Pass home page. There you will find the necessary information and links to the free downloads if you need extra software. The movies and other content can be viewed on Mac or PC so whatever your set up, system, connection speed and so on you shouldn't have any problems viewing all of the great content.

I could go on for hours here but I don't want to keep you from making the most of the great offer currently available to you. I will just mention though that navigating around the site is simple, everything is clearly laid out, the links are all easy to find and you'll have no problems accessing any of the content. You can search the site by genre or by a models name if you now one and, when you find a site you really like, you can add it to your personalized favourites collection. There is regular news on what's coming next and what's been updated to what site and, with so many sites available, there is something new practically every day. There are also clear links to customer support and help should you need it so, as a member, you feel like you're really looked after. Not only do you get masses of good content but you also get good assistance.


Signing up for All Gay Reality Pass will be the best move you make this week. You sure do get access to (at least) eight great sites when you join, many of them are reality sites that feature sexy first timers but there are others too. The technicalities all work well and there are great viewing options for the movies and images. The quality is good, you can find your way around this mega-site easily and there is good customer care. In short: Hours of hot gay sex and excellent value for money.

Pros & Cons

+ Loads of sites to access
+ Goo quality content
+ Hot and sexy guys from many genres
+ Excellent value for money
- Can't think of any cons!
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