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There's something totally different abut Bath House Bait, and it's to do with the way their exclusive movies are made. They are natural, hand-held, on the spot kind of films, and they leave nothing out. You've got different locations here, a bath house or pool, backroom or sauna, and you have a roving camera. It does stop, and when it does it concentrates on hot bodies in hot sex scenes. There are also many bonuses, a good design, galleries and a great service from a top network.
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Monthly 17.95

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Our total rating: 81/100

Detailed Review:


Slipping into the members area you come to a set of sample pics from all of the sites in The Gay Room Network. Bath House Bait is a new site in their list and as such it doesn't have a lot of its own content at the moment. But it is being added to regularly and what content there is so far is pretty hot, I can tell you.

I used the drop-down list at the top of this network-wide home page to find the site I was interested in, and then I found the list of 12 scenes. They are each sampled with many a good shot and a clear link, plus descriptions, updated dates, length and details about the number of pics. Click the one you want to see and you come to a viewing page. Here you have a stream available to you in High Definition. There is also a trailer if you want to get a quick sample of whats to come. Beneath the big screen are download options and you've got some large files here so watch out. But the good news for those on slower connections is that you also have clips to download and these are beneath the main screen too. Three minute sections of each 30 minute film, each with the same viewing and downloading options as the main attraction, and each shown with a good sample pic.

That's a decent arrangement of viewing options and they are all easy to find and use. When you do start streaming you find a good quality production. It's clear and focused, if there are sometimes dark moments in backrooms and so forth (it depends on where they are shot), then these are intentional. Most of the time though you can see everything very clearly and the atmosphere is spot on, it really is like being there and all your wild sauna and group sex fantasies are well played out here. Id say that all of these scenes are group and orgy ones, that's kind of one of the overtones of the site; group sex and straight guys involved. That's a bit harder to pin point. The tour shows arrows pointing to guys and saying straight and they may well be, but it's hard to pick them out in the writhing, sweaty orgies that take place.

Movies have two galleries attached as well. You've got a large selection of screen caps that open to sizes of 850 x 477, and large sets of HD images that open to 1503 x 1002 if you use the enlarge button and then the magnifier the default size is just right for the screen and even at that top, huge size the images stay clear and non-pixelated.

So good quality, great orgy scenes, hot guys, well put together and great content to view. And on top of it you get a load of other content thanks to the bonus sites. There are nine sites in total included with your membership, though one of them is the Gay Room itself which is a collection of all other eight sites in one place. Content theme varies from big dicks to interracial sex, to office sex to wild hazings and fun pranks, and several straight men make gay appearances too. Whichever way you look at it, you get a large stock of content with this membership with over 4,000 original scenes in total.

Features & Navigation:

Bath House Bait, and every site that comes with it, is nicely interactive too. It has a dark and yet clear design, all the links work, there is a sensible top menu, a drop-down list of sites, a search box and not too many adverts, though the ones at the top of the page can get a bit repetitive. But to the side you have search and filter options so you can select just about anything you can think of from the thousands of scenes and galleries. But you can get involved more deeply, by rating the content and seeing how you affect the rates, and by leaving comments beneath each video.

Check through that top menu to find index pages of all Scenes, and then a model index of Guys (168) where you can click the face/body pic to go to his contributions and see what sites he has appeared on. Then you can click on to a page which shows you a little more detail about each of the sites you can access and which allows you to jump across to each one very easily. There's no need to re-enter passwords and stuff here, it's plain sailing all the way.

For further searching and filtering you've got a category page with all content arranged in 23 sets, and then you menu takes you to live cams, dating and special deals pages. These are all about third party sites and joining them will require more payments to get complete access, but they are handy to have on hand should you fancy a change.


Bath House Bait is another good, original and horny offering from The Gay Room, a network which is fast becoming one of my favourites. You get easy navigation and good interactivity and you certainly get loads of varied content. Whats really neat is that they come up with new sites quite regularly, add them to your existing membership and then update them so you get excellent on-going value.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive content
+ Great site/network to use and play with
+ Excellent value
+ Very sexy guys and movies
+ Great quality
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