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Short Review:

If you are in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, you can call into the real Boardwalk Bar. If you're not, you can still get in but from a distance. You do this with a membership to Boardwalk a site that's a mix of advertising for the club, live cams from the club. It's a pretty old-fashioned looking site that could do with some updating, and there are more bonuses and non-exclusive content than anything else. You have access to BadPuppy, a mega-site with over 1,000 videos, plus another bonus site.
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Monthly 29.95

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Our total rating: 61/100

Detailed Review:


I have to admit, it took me a while to understand what was going on at Boardwalk Bar. There was a distinct lack of information, and all I knew from the tour was that I was going to be able to see some live cams and get access to On entering the members' area, I then found the menu which set everything out for me. Events are listed, both weekly and 'special', there are four cam areas to tune into, some bonus galleries and access to the bonus site, plus access to Club Amateur USA, a VOD area and the bar's dining menu. On first glance, you might be forgiven for wondering what you've come to.

Have a look around, though, and you will find a bit more going on than just a menu and list of events taking place at Boardwalk. The bonus galleries, for example, numbered 76, mainly solo guys, the strippers who appear at the bar. Although some look only 18 and are not built like your classic stripper or pole dancer, it's a nice line-up of cute amateur guys, fit and slim, mainly, black and white, cut and uncut and they pose, showing dicks soft and hard and sometimes rolling back to show you their asses too. A little more information would be good. The images are downloadable, one at a time, which is also how you have to navigate them, and they came out at 400 x 600 px ins size. Average quality but not bad, there were around 40 pics per set.

The live shows come to you from four cams, one in the foyer, one at the cage and two at the bar. These are switched on from 3:00 pm to 2:00 am EST every day, so you'll need to be online at the right time and work out the time zone difference. You will need Flash or iOS to play the streams, and the page does tell you that the cams are currently videos only - I'm not sure what that means. A recording of previous cam action? I can't tell you what that action might be as the cams weren't running and there were no recordings playing. However, you can also access BadPuppy for its live cams.

Actually, when you look at it, Boardwalk gives you some info about the club, some live cams from the club (for so many hours per day) some 76 galleries of guys who have appeared there, and then access to BadPuppy and that's really where your value lies. The site is really just an advert for the bar, and your porn comes from the bonus site and its plugins. There were 64 feed sites, the usual contributions from Jake Cruise, Elite and Falcon plus many more, so at least you have a fair amount of streaming videos to watch in loads of different categories. Many of these are in HD at 720p or 1,920 x 1,080, but I wasn't able to download them.

As for the actual BadPuppy site, the last time I was there a little while ago, they had over 1,520 exclusive videos, many in HD, some smaller, mobile downloads and streaming, plus 2,800 + image sets of all kinds of guys, 63 gay feeds and the Roku channel you can link up to if you have Roku on your TV. You have another bonus site, Club Amateur USA which gives you loads more bonus content with a model index, amateur USA guys stripping and jerking for you, and it now holds over 620 videos and galleries.

Features & Navigation:

There was one thing that really bugged me about Boardwalk, and that was navigation. I would also have liked to see some more information and guidance for members, as I wasn't sure what I was becoming a member of, and every now and then, I'd go to a new menu item and find myself out on the tour. I'd then have to log in again to get to where I was going. Some extras, like the bonus sites, opened in new tabs, which was helpful, but the galleries didn't come with many viewing tools. You can click through and then head back to the main gallery page, but there were no slideshows or zip files.

There's no model index here either, and although you see pics of the club dancers, you don't know who they are, how old they are, if and when they will appear again and so on. You're not even sure, unless you strike lucky and find the cams working, what you're going to see on the cams, as once again, there's very little or no information. Mind you, it's fine if you want to check out the menu and decide what you're going to have for dinner.

As for the cost of this mix of a site, the monthly membership stands at $29.95 and basically, you're paying that for access to BadPuppy and Club Amateur USA, so that's worth it. The non-recurring cost for a month at $49.95 is clearly designed to put people off, but the longer-term ones at $69.95 for three months and $119.40 for twelve (equates to $9.95 per month) are better value because your bonus sites do update and, assuming all works well at the Boardwalk Bar cams, you will have changing content daily.


Boardwalk Bar struck me as a site that is there to advertise the bar in Fort Lauderdale and show you its live cams. It's like a home site for the business, with a couple of gay bonus sites tacked on. Luckily, they include BadPuppy so you will get over 1,000 porn videos and hundreds of galleries and guys, plus their own live cams and other extras. But the main site needs revamping, and navigation could be better, there's very little info, and it doesn't really inspire me to visit the actual club.

Pros & Cons

+ Live cams from a real bar
+ Some exclusive galleries
+ Access to two good bonus sites
+ Handy for club activities

- Poor navigation
- Lack on information
- No porn on this site
- Old-fashioned
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