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Gay Violations is pretty unique, and it's not anything like your usual adult site. Don't panic that there isn't much porn here as you get to access a network of sites when you sign up for this one, and you do get flashes of cock and some sex going on. But it's actually all about playing tricks in a way that's fun and horny for us viewers. You'll have to read on to find out exactly what goes on, but rest assured, it's HD, it's exclusive and it's like Candid Camera with cock.
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Our total rating: 77/100

Detailed Review:


So, what's it all about? Well, it's about playing pranks on people for our amusement, but these pranks are all sexually connected somehow. You've got guys caught jerking off, the camera bursts in as they try and zip up quick; you've got guys caught fucking in dark corridors, in cars and parking lots, as the hand-held camera gets closer and they realise they are being filmed. You've got guys happily reading in the toilet when someone bursts in, or throws a bucket of water over the wall, and you've got innocent yet sexy guys walking through the park or on the beach and suddenly whoops! There goes his pants and there's his ass and cock on show. You get the picture?

And you get to view these originals by way of a large, HD Flash screen, which can take a while to get doing, so the faster your connection the better for that; there is also a variety of downloads, and you can easily take the full scenes, though not at a very fast transfer rate. The scenes are really clips, some are very short and others are a little longer, and that's due to their content, but the quality is fine and they are easy to get to.

Along with all these public sharking and mad moments where we get to glimpse a flash of straight (or gay?) cock on film, we also get galleries to flick through where each clip is taken apart into screen caps or digital stills. The image quality is high here and the screen caps are not bad, though I did come across a frustrating problem: there were lots of missing images and I don't know why. You may find the problem has been fixed when you sign in, but I found X after X in the galleries and on some of the index pages, and I couldn't get any image to fully load. You can though take a zip file download of the sets and hopefully find your images that way.

You can expect a new clip every few days, the update schedule is at least once a week, and these are shown on your home page in chronological order. When you fist log in you actually come to the Gay Room home page, that's your network centre, and from there you head off to Gay Violations via a drop down list.

So, what you have here then are 51 short clips of guys having pranks played on them, flashes of dick and ass, nuts and nice bodies, some fun and some vaguely horny voyeuristic moments to. It's all good quality, as a good a quality as you would expect from on the run filming, and it's all easy to access. Sort out the missing images and wed be totally happy.

Features & Navigation:

Gay Violations and the Gay Room network are both easy to navigate. You start from a network home page with all the recent updates to the four sites, you've got a model index with all 55 guys from all sites so you can browse that way, and you have a drop down list to take you to the site you want to go to first. Once there, you have a simple navigation set up: when you are viewing a stream you can see what site, episode and place you are in and easily click back to the main page or the photos, or wherever. There were no problems getting around.

You've also got good search options in your main home page, and there are linked tag words to help you find more of the same kind of content. You can rate everything as you view it, and you find the basic, but good, information comes with each movie. Galleries are also easy to navigate with thumbnails leading to larger pics (when available) and the same links to get you back to home or to the video you've just been watching.

The top menu will also take you to all scenes, to dating and cam site ideas, to some special deals, and there are links to help and support at the bottom of your main pages if you need them. The site is well designed and should present you with no problems when it comes to navigating and finding what you want, or when you star to view the content.


It's fun and you will have a good laugh, though you may find the joke wears thin after a while. Which is why it's such a brilliant idea that Gay Violations comes with access to the other sites in the network; Damn That's Big for huge cock sex, Massage Bait for erotic and hardcore sex scenes on the massage table and Out Him for some straight guys going gay. It's a good mix, there's lots of content, it's great quality and easy to access and you get good value for money.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive clips
+ Good fun
+ Regular updates
+ Good quality
+ Easy to navigate
+ Good viewing options
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