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It's always good to find something different and a bit inventive, and Hollywood 201 is just that. In this unique site we learn all about real life in (gay) Hollywood, with twinky stars who get up to all kinds of things, including some horny hardcore sex. This is part of the Gay Life Network and there are several bonus sites attached to the membership. The movies are exclusive, there's lot of outtakes and backstage stuff, photos too, and an excellent collection of extras and bonuses.
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Trial 1.95
Monthly 24.95

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Our total rating: 79/100

Detailed Review:


I've been to the Gay Life Network before so I know my way around, but if it's new to you, you will have to find the Hollywood 201 content from the drop-down list for Videos in the main menu. Do this, and you should see at least 103. After a quick look around I can tell you that these are not all sex videos, there were many short behind the scenes videos and other outtakes and bloopers, but there were 12 episodes of the reality TV-style series, plus many galleries. I need to explain about the reality TV thing

What Hollywood 201 is, is a kind of spoof reality series. Real life just way more gay, as they call it, and there are 12 episodes in the one and only series. That may be the end of it actually as the site had not updated for a year when I was there. There are good, horny sex scenes to be found, you just need to scroll through the pages and look at the sample shots and runtimes. Some clips are one minute in length, other movies are 40 or so, it depends on what the movie is about. It's fun to find all the off-camera stuff along with a few well-made gay hardcore movies with horny twinks. But the site is a bit of a one-gag show if you get me, and it looks like its run its course. Not to worry though, you've got loads of bonuses.

When it comes to viewing, you will find four streams and four downloads, all Mp4 with a top resolution at 1,920 x 1,080 HD. There's also 1,280 x 720 and two smaller sizes, one of which should be fine for mobiles. The quality is good, there's a good atmosphere and sense of fun to the bloopers and the sex scenes are also fine, in a nicely laid-back style. I reckon out of all the movies, Episode 12 was my favourite: a hot three-way with some very big-dicked twinks, which is one of the videos shown on the tour; there are several others like it.

So, the videos are fine though there's not that much hardcore in the 103 movies. Actually, I say 103 movies, some of those listings are simply galleries, so it's more like 80 + movies and the rest are picture sets as it looks like they are all mixed in together. That's fine though - remember the bonuses, and we'll get to them in a moment - and the images are also a decent quality and fun to see. These are digital stills, at 750 x 1,000, and you can easily browse them online, or take zip files of full sets. Again, you need to check which are sex shoots and which are behind the scenes photos.

Okay, so to the bonuses. This is the thing that makes the membership really worth it. Hollywood 201 is fine and fun, but you want twinks and hardcore and sex and more than 12 episodes, no matter how entertaining and good fun they are. So, use that Videos drop down again, and you find 14 sites to check out; some of these are non-exclusive bonuses, others are whole sites, like Beddable Boys and Lollipop Twinks, and you can list all the video content in once go if you want, and in this case you have 2,175 movies to check out, mostly with galleries too. Older ones may not be HD or have four option for stream/download, but newer ones do, and viewing is no hassles. There's a good mix of action and boys, many are twinks, some are older, there are solos and hardcore and behind the scene movies too. So, plenty of content for your sign-up fee.

Features & Navigation:

Hollywood 201 and the Gay Life Network are full of interactive options and neat tricks to make using the site easy and also fun. Run along the top menu, and you find a set of interviews with some guys, and then the model index with hundreds of guys to see. Not all have stats or details, but they all have links to their videos from across the network. It's a good way to browse. Head to a video viewing page, and you've got rates, comments, playlist, info, details, linked tag words, links to pictures and everything you need. Navigation is simple, there are superb filters and search and sort options, and the site is nicely designed.

As for any issues that I had, well, there are no longer updates at Hollywood 201, though the network is adding new content every week, sometimes two or three new pieces per week, so that's fine. I got totally fed up with the advert for the video at the top of every single page, it felt like, but I got used to that in the end. Those were about my only gripes.

As for the cost, you can take the trial offer and see the site for three days, and it will automatically renew at the standard monthly rate of $24.95, which is not bad for all this content and over 10 sites. Obviously, the three-month option at $49.95 is pretty good value as well, you save a lot there and still get access to everything. Watch out for a cross sale on the join page when you sign-up.


Hollywood 201 is/was a good idea, and the main episodes are fun and horny, there are loads of backstage clips and some photos as well, but the site no longer updates. However, your membership which is a low price, includes access to many bonus sites, updates, HD videos, exclusives and bonuses and the site is a dream to use with loads of interactive functions and good details. I love the network more than the site I was looking at, but that's ok. It's all yours when you join.

Pros & Cons

+ Network access
+ HD exclusives
+ Some cute twinks
+ Network updates
+ Good price
+ Great user interface

- No longer updates
- Many short clips
- Adverts in the site
- Cross sale
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