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Short Review:

Like Em Straight as content dating back to 2003, and it is still updating, proving how popular it is with us guys who like our meat straight. The guys who come along to be filmed for this site are, were told, 100% amateur, genuine, straight men who want to earn a buck by jerking off for the gay cameras. We, as members, get great viewing options, loads of content with over 420 scenes, images, and even extras and bonus sties. There are also downloads to be had and a model index.
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Our total rating: 80/100

Detailed Review:


I mentioned 420 movies and that's the right number, in fact there will probably be more by now as the site updates at least once a week. You can see on the index pages, the upload dates for each scene, plus some other information and you get a sample pics showing you roughly who is in what scene.

Not all of these scenes are simply jerk-offs though, oh no. You've got good variety with the action. Sometimes it's a straight guy whacking one off and watching a porno, and sometimes the main man, the director Brendon, will appear and lend a helping hand. Some of these str8 men aren't too sure about that at first but they soon give in and let their cocks get touched. Or sucked, as the action can heat up. And then there are the times where the guys seem to actually enjoy the other guy interfering with them and they let him rim them while they jerk. And, on some occasions, such as the most recent movies (during my visit) there is full on fucking involved. So, it's a great line up of all kinds of things and you never know from one week to the next what treats you are going to get.

Another good thing about the Like Em Straight movies and scenes is that you have a chat with your man before the fun starts. There is some on the couch activity with a hello, then some background and some questioning. This is important as it helps you make up your mind as to whether this model is indeed straight, and that really sets the tone for whats to come. Some scenes also have more background information and after-shoot chats too.

You get to stream the scene in three qualities and download in six or so versions. I found high WMV files, high Quicktime ones, and some medium and some lower, and then various portable versions too. It seems to depend on the film as to what options you have, but each film had many, and that goes for the original movies, so there are no viewing issues there.

Each scene comes with photos too and these are accessed from the main video viewing page. Sets are large and arranged with thumbnail index pages leading to decent sized shots that have slideshow functions attached. There are also easy navigation tools.

So, overall you've got good quality here and more importantly you have what is promised to you on the tour. And that is, real straight men of all sizes and types turning up for a jerk off or a suck session, or to be uncomfortable while a gay guy blows them until they blow their loads. You've got great viewing options, plenty of choice for files and the like, a model index where you can select what you see by who you see, and weekly updates. Like Em Straight does really well on content count and quality.

Features & Navigation:

Select a scene from the well laid out index pages and you find a good sized screen in which to watch online. You can jump through his with the slider, go full screen and adjust the volume. Beneath it you find the downloading options with descriptions beside them. There are also linked tag words to take you to the same models other shows, or to similar scenes and you have those handy updates you might like functions as well. Members are able to rate scenes as they go through, and read and write comments. So you get as interactive as you like when you're viewing.

The top menu also takes you to the model index, which you can arrange in various ways, and each guy is listed with a decent photo. There is not a lot of info about each guy (because they talk and get interviewed on video) but each one has his appearances listed and you only need to click a pic to get to the video.

The About page is special, it's not your standard thing but a set of serious descriptions about some of the scenes, with an interview with Brendon, the genius behind the site and others, and there are previews of some of his other works here too. But for bonuses, you've got three sites to click into, by using your membership details, and these are Brendons Basement, GayYo and Straight Cock Lab.


This guy really knows what he is doing and he really knows what we like to see when it comes to seeing straights do gay stuff. It's not set up, it's real and it all comes across naturally and well. The quality is good, there are great viewing choices, well stocked galleries and a huge amount of content to watch already. The guys are nicely varied, they have fun, they are natural and they are all straight apart from some of the gay one who come to lend a helping hand. And, it's great value.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive content
+You get exactly what is promised
+ Good value
+ Regular updates
+ Extras and information

- I had a little trouble navigating the bonus sites
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